a late start even for me!

Hey Everyone! Yesterday was for the most part a pretty good day, even though I got a late start on things.. I am talking about a late start even for me lol. I kinda sat around till lunchtime thinking Dav was going to bring me something from Wendys but he ended up not doing it after all, so then I ended up eating ramen noodles at like 1 lol. Anyways.. I am on the hunt for my missing 32gb flashdrive. The luck I have I had it stuck in a kleenex box and it got threw away or something. I have a habit of sticking things like that in my kleenex box beside the couch because it keeps sam from getting it, and then at the same time it is convenient lol.I am sure it will turn up but I have been semi searching for 2 days and haven't found it just yet :( I don't even honestly know the last time I had it. I knew we were planning to go eat at the pizza buffet right out here from the house... AKA the one I don't care for. I like the one up the road a little ways because it is about 3 bucks … [Read more...]

@thebesociety 5-7/31October Writing Challenge- Fall Wardrobe /Fall Crafts/Musical Instruments#besociety #beoctchallenge


These posts have really short answers , especially for me so I tried to just lump them together :) and. .be proud i found related pics :)   5. How does your wardrobe change for fall? First of all I am not one of these people who sits in the house all dolled up for the most part lol. I mean unless I am leaving to go somewhere I am sitting around in either shorts or sweatpants and a shirt! When the weather gets cooler I might switch up to a hoodie or a long sleeve shirt As far as when I go out of the house I have some nice sweatpants that I sometimes wear that are more thick or whatever but for the most part I guess my wardrobe doesnt' really change too much! I do tend to wear long underwear and boots and long socks a little bit more I suppose :) I don't really wear shorts and even capris are long on me since I am so short lol. Here is a picture of me, big boy and one of my favorite hoodies. It is an appalachian state one of course. ... and my favorite pink sweatpants … [Read more...]

@thebesociety Fallish October Blog Challenge 4/31- Leaves


Do you rake your leaves or let them lie on the yard? Since getting married David and I have always lived at apartment places where lawn care is provided/ leaves wouldn't really even be around. Over at the old place we did have some really nice old trees and we did have leaves in the yard but the folks we rented from never bothered to ever consider bagging them or blowing them away or anything like that. It was always fun year round to try to walk in the yard if you had to (and you know after killing my foot I was really not so enchanted with that idea anymore) We always had sticks/twigs/old leaves/acorns and when it was wet boy was it slick. Always best to stick to the sidewalk if you could! I am not sure if here we will really have leaves around since we are kinda away from the wooded areas.. I guess I will know before too awful long! There is a picture of me as a kid on facebook in leaves that My grandpa raked up just for me to jump in. I have shared it here … [Read more...]

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Fall Day here in the south!

Today is a Nice Sunny with a few stray clouds in the sky, cool fall day! It is absolutely gorgeous and we even have the patio door open (with the screen in place of course). I just wish that there was some way that we could get into something awesome today! Going to get David's brother does not fit in that category.. and that best not be happening lol. I want one weekend where David isn't volunteering at church or running to get his brother... just a weekend for us!  I don't even care if it is something as simple as helping me clean in my closet or organize a few random things.. I think we need some time for ourselves. David had a semi panic attack last night which put us both in bed a bit later than expected .. then I was awake at 330 this morning because sam hopped my bedside table and had my ipad knocked in the floor. I guess I am going to have to start charging my stuff before bed and just putting it up somewhere because he won't quit doing this. He gets in these moods sometimes … [Read more...]

@thebesociety Fallish October Writing Challenge 3/31- Fall Treats #besociety


Your favourite fall treats. Include recipes if you have them. I have so many things I really like in the fall. I am one of these people that was into fall and fall things and pumpkin stuff before it was trendy! First of all my mom bakes up so many fall things for thanksgiving it is insane. I am talking Pumpkin Rolls and Pumpkin Pies.. She also makes peanut butter no bake cookies (well for me she uses soy butter or almond butter). She makes Pecan pies as well but those really aren't a favorite of mine. (I am trying to include pics on these posts as best I can this month.. This was the only pic I could find of the pumpkin rolls. the one without nuts is my personal one because I only like almonds lol. Also it has vanilla icing instead of cream cheese) I know a few of these things I will mention won't scream FALL for you but like I say we go all out for thanksgiving and a lot of these things are things that we only have this time of the year. Sometimes I think people get … [Read more...]

BE Society October Writing Challenge 2/31-Fall Decorations


Official Prompt (I usually shorten them for the titles lol) Your favorite way to decorate for fall. I usually go all out for fall ..When we lived at the old place I had more room to decorate as in having a flower bed and I used to put stakes out with fairy wings and leaf garland:   I also had little scarecrows around and cutouts of different fall things that I would put on the door and I even have pilgrim magnets that permanently stay on my fridge! I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do over here with decorating just yet! I know my mom is supposed to be making me a new wreath that I am going to hang out on the patio. I took our one on the front door off when they painted and I never even put it back. I do have a hello kitty Fall Flag that I am going to try to put in its place :) (Looks like some more decorating for fall pics post might be in order.. lol).  Most of my stuff is pink and green and totally doesn't mesh with a fall theme but I am not gonna … [Read more...]