busy with something different than usual

Hey everyone! At least this is one week I can say I might not have spent it working on my blogs or in the house but at least I can tell you I haven't been being lazy. I have been helping out a friend with launching a virtual assistant paid portion on her blog. I will tel you more about that later on though! I have to say though it is TOTALLY amazing and there will be lots of awesome goodies added in the future , as well as a private facebook group! I think I have about 2 more video/pod casts to watch and 3 or 4 articles and I will be totally done. Not to worry though I will def. be going back through and taking more in depth notes :) My mom made it back home right around noon today, and I am REALLY excited. I want to go visit her but I am holding out and letting her have some alone time because I am sure she needs it. I was going to call her while ago but I figure she could possibly be asleep because she is so wore out from helping my grandma so.. I will just wait it out :) We … [Read more...]

Wordful Wednesday:My Grandma & Her new Kitteh!

#littlemomentsapp MY grandma broke her foot / ankle in three places last Friday and will need surgery. In the mean time my mom goes up to help take care of her and a grey cat arrives! It is a girl and they are going to name it tabby. the funny thing is my mom has 2 grey cats and my grandma says she wanted to have a cat again but their dog luke won't ever leave one alone! This cat takes up for itsself though :) What a cute time for it to show up! A photo posted by nichole g (@xxpollypocket) on Nov 11, 2014 at 8:01am PST … [Read more...]

bad things come in 3’s so I am worried..

Hey Everyone! Well.. My world went crazy on Friday kinda sorta ... When I called my mom she said she was waiting for "the call" I was like OMG WHAT happened? because it sounded ominous and everything. She said my grandma had fell and broke her leg/hip/ankle/foot at that point we really didn't have enough information to piece it all together at that point. My grandma is 75 and doesn't have a lot of health problems- mainly just diabetes and she has had a cold for like the last several weeks...I had just talked to her like last saturday or sunday.. I can't exactly remember which one. Anyways.. she hasn't ever really been sick or hurt or anything so .. plus I am SO VERY close to my grandma! It turns out she broke her foot/ankle in 3 places and it is considered a 360 degree break which is the worse sort of break! She will have to have surgery on it and such as well :( I ended up going over to my moms late saturday evening because I knew she was going to be leaving to go up to … [Read more...]

The original post for today!

Hey Everyone..Long time no update! Last week I had a cold ALL WEEK. Yup I sure managed to catch Dav's cold! I am pretty much still getting over it at this point.. I still have a bad cough going on!  I had a different variety of the cold EVERY DAY. Some days I had a sore throat, some days it was coughing, low headache.. just all kinda crazy stuff! I am happy that I have managed to fight it on off for the most part thankfully! This week is pretty ho hum for the most part.. I have been wanting to get into our storage thingy out on the patio but Dav won't move his freaking bike out of my way so I can get in there and I can't move it myself because I am sure something will get screwed up on it if I even breathe near it. I really need a few things out of there so he is just gonna have to move it for me at some point this weekend whether he likes it or not! Tuesday we decided to go to this special church service and basically Dav decided it last minute. We knew about it, and I had … [Read more...]

Nichole & David’s TN Adventure: Wilderness at the Smokies Review


A Little Bit of Background & Info Back in September David and I had the chance to get to finally get away and go on what I would call a REAL vacation! We haven't really been anywhere other than my Grandparents/a trip to the N.C. Mountains in FOREVER. Actually, I hadn't even been to those places in a while either!  One of our favorite places to get to go is TN (David has a real obsession with wanting to live in TN one day). Anyways, we had been twice in the past and I decided to see how far my blogging could take us with getting some things for this trip. We had stayed at Wilderness at the smokies twice before and really enjoyed it, so they were first in my mind to see if they would be interested to work with me! Generally David and I have only went to Wilderness in the winter time (I am talking about SNOW ON THE GROUND the one time we went!) I was excited when I got a "Yes" response to being able to go for 2 nights in exchange for a review of my honest thoughts/opinions and an … [Read more...]

just a post :D

Hey Everyone! Well things have been pretty mellow in my world since I last wrote.. that is kind of why I haven't took the time to write lol. This past Saturday made 1 year since we got Marley(Well we actually adopted her 6 days before, but we couldn't bring her home until they could schedule her shots and surgery and whatnot)  so that was sweet! We had her scheduled for a bath but it was SO SO SO dreary and cold outside ,plus David wasn't feeling well so .. I just rescheduled it for this weekend coming up! I had gotten up early saturday because I had to go pick up some chicken with my mom at 8 a/m!  ... Did I mention how icky saturday was? and to be up that early? ew lol. After I got the chicken, worked it all up + my moms (around 80lbs) We had a quick "lunch" at her house and then we ended up going to minute clinic at CVS to see if David had strep or whatever. The rapid strep test came back as negative and I don't know about the one they sent off yet! He also got his ears … [Read more...]