Review: Crunchmaster Snacks Box of Goodies


One of my favorite things to review are things that are food related! Who can get enough meat, drinks or snack food you know? A while back I had the chance to review for Crunchmaster Snacks- when they were first starting out. So when i got an email about would i be interested in working with them again, I was like sure! Crunchmaster was generous enough to send me a HUGE variety box that had nearly every goodie that they make in it! I am talking about all kinds of crackers and even chips! All of their products are healthy but taste awesome (and I have heard I am a picky eater so take my word for it)! I figured the best way to write this review is to simply write a little blurb about each of the varieties that I received. Let me just say that overall there wasn't any disappointment in the whole batch! Every time we tried a different snack David would be like "This is from the box of review goodies right? Where can we find some more of this? " I can def. see us getting some more of … [Read more...]

so, how have you been?

Hi There Everyone! Well.. I had another BAD asthma attack wed night. My inhaler has bit the dust- as you know it cost $50 at walmart and I finally had found some more refills for it. Anyways-I hadn't really been having any asthma symptoms for a while and well.. of course I started getting a little bit last Friday evening Anyways.. somehow another the seal has managed to break and causes all my liquid to leak out- I wasted about 5 viles of solution trying to figure out what was going on. I had originally thought that my batteries were low/it needed cleaned. Anyways about 10:30 or so I knew I was having some issues so I took a Primatene pill. I usually take 2 but last time i took one I had some flutters in my heart and rapid heart rate and stuff so I thought maybe I should only take 1. Guess what wasn't helping? by this time I was starting to panic which of course makes everything worse. I took another and then of course I had to wait for it to kick in. I was sitting up in the … [Read more...]

the busy times are the fun times

Hey Everyone Things have been a little busy around here-but i like it!! I figure we will be having a little bit of busy by some degree at least into the new year :) Last week of course we had the 2 Christmas Parties- David got an pretty alright christmas bonus at work ... it wasn't like the BEST EVER but it was better than any of the ones he had ever got before. Plus--- you know they don't have to take you out for dinner or give you anything so it is pretty awesome that they do! We are having a dreary day today , which of course I hate!  Yesterday was awesome.. .My mom is back from my grandmas since Friday and Marely and I went over there to visit for a while. My mom and I ended up going to one of the goodwills for a little while and I got several shirts and even 2 pairs of pants! I even got an APPALACHIAN shirt so you know I was excited lol. I am in one of these "DO ALL THE THINGS" modes which is awesome especially considering the weather and how I generally have been this … [Read more...]

Steak Dinner Tonight Bebes!

Hey Everyone! Well the volunteer appreciation thing for church was a total bummer :( I didn't really know what to expect but was really MEH! It was seemingly more aimed at the KIDS of volunteers instead of the volunteers/their spouses or whatever. It was basically just things like making a marshmellow snow man or a ginger bread cookie or making a paper star ... I don't know .. if I wasn't hungry as could be and we weren't having to put marley in her kennel I might would have tried to hang in there a bit longer lol Tonight is David(and my Dad) work Christmas party which generally means a nice steak dinner and then the Christmas bonus and what not so I am currently starving myself lol I will try to find something "light" in a little bit. They are actually getting off of work at 3 which I didn't expect so I probably won't get as much going as I had hoped (Was going to start a review and send out a few emails.. might still be able to swing that) I knew I should have got up … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Vollie Austin Toffee


I will be the first to admit that I am more of a Salty snack sort of person, over a person who likes sweets!  However, I do like the occasional something sweet so when I had a chance to get some toffee to try out for review, i was like sure send it to me! Especially since I have always liked toffee. Insert here that I had to explain to David it wasn't TAFFY!When I first mentioned it that is what he thought I meant! The toffee that I received to review is by Vollie Austin and it is available in 4 flavors: Original Recipe, Oregon Hazelnut, No-Nut Vanilla Bean, and Coffee Almond. I  was really happy to find out that even with all of my allergies that first of all they did have a no-nut variety and that luckily I can actually have any of the varieties because my nut allergies are to tree nuts like peanuts and cashews. Trying to pick a flavor  still wasn't easy, but since I really am a huge vanilla fan I did go for the no-nut vanilla bean! Before I get too much into what I thought … [Read more...]

can it be wed yet?

Hey Everyone! This week is kinda dragging along.. not too awful bad but can't it be Wednesday instead of tuesday? lol It might be dragging along a little bit so far, but this is going to be one busy week for me, especially in the evenings starting tomorrow. David has a volunteer appreciation thingy at church and he gets to bring someone (hello, me!)  and then on Thursday we have his (and my dads) work Christmas party (which hello huge meal and christmas bonus!) Friday they are showing the movie ELF at our church so I think David is supposed to volunteer for that or we are supposed to go or something- not really sure at this point! I love having the car here in the day time. my mom got a new tablet yesterday and Marley and I went on our first trip out n about by ourselves and went over to her house and visited for a bit. I did pretty good with driving but the part that scared me is when I left I went the back way and didn't think about making a left turn on to the main road … [Read more...]