Server Upgrade & My Sick Marley

Hey Everyone! This has been one fit n furious week! I cannot believe it is already THURSDAY!  I know Monday night I Had a sick Marley :( She managed to get into sams food while we had went to walmart to take a movie back and then... apparently she GOBBLED it down. I didn't quite realize she had done it until Sam was roaming the house howling about 10:30 p/m and generally that is a sign he is out of food (that combined you can hearing him howling in the distance ..because he is sitting on the guest bathroom sink lol) Anyways.. David said that he thought Sam had food so I got up to check and lo and behold he was out. Then David said he knew that Sam had a whole bowl of food when we went to Walmart. Well.. around this time Marley started acting like she was gonna be sick so.. we grabbed towels and yeah.. you can guess where it went from there. EXCEPT that is not where it ended. she got in her bed and went to sleep and we just happen to peak at her and she had threw up all over … [Read more...]

Routines & Ruts!

Hey Everyone! I am in one of these habits of working on a blog post, getting into something else and essentially not posting!  I have to get better at it :) I want another one of those really awesome "I blogged ________ days in a row" I think my record streak was about 53 days in a row last year! I might have to get back into finding some writing challenges/and start doing some of the daily "memes" again just to keep things going :)  Have I mentioned that I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE TIME TO CHANGE !!! Sunshine & Warm weather .. Things around here are pretty routine.. well o.k there are a few developments that I just don't feel like hashing out on my blog- which I hate to say that because hello it is MY FREAKING BLOG but sometimes I have to keep things to myself even if it is hard with me and my big mouth! Things will work out, they always do :) I am working on doing all kinds of things in the new year - so far mostly online stuff. .. domestic stuff, reading more, watching tv and … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed- Marley & Her Pea Coat Edition


I haven't done a wordless wed in a bit- I guess no time like the present to try to get back in the habit! We got Marley the most adorable pea coat at petco the other day!  If anyone has any worldess wed linkys they can point me in the direction of please let me know! :) … [Read more...]

lets get this thing started

Hey Everyone I hope the new year is going great for everyone, I can't complain! I just haven't really had a the chance to sit and blog in the last few days. David was off of work from Noon on last wed and went back to work on Monday. During that time we just chilled around the house and didn't really get into a whole awful lot, but there is nothing wrong with that! We actual went late Friday night and picked his brother up and  then we had a little mini football shin dig on saturday with some beer and wings :) Sunday we ended up going to sprint to see what we could get done about our cell phone bill , because AT&T is SO expensive for no more than what we get. We ended up getting the contracts bought out (well- by the time we get said and done I should have quite a pretty penny towards the cancellation) and 3 lines transferred over (Mine, David's, his moms) and also new phones and 2 samsung tablets which were FREE. Also we went from 3GB of web to 20GB of web and will be saving … [Read more...]

Happy ’15


Happy New Year from The G Crew :)  I am so excited to make this a great year for blogging, and myself!  I am SO happy the winter blues hasn't been TOO bad on me. I have had a few moments where I think I need ST Johns wort, and I probably do-- but... I am making it :) Honestly I have been having a flood of thoughts and ideas the last few days for goals and what not and it is AWESOME :) I need to make a complete list and put it on here (well some things are private but for the most part). Last night we didn't want to leave marley for several hours at one time( there is another reason but I had a moment where I had forgot about something- i am getting there lol)I Could have probably left her at my mom and dads in a pinch but I don't want to leave her late because my parents go to bed and everything... anyways- We ended up watching a bit of random t.v and then we  started watching our churches praise party! I really wish we could have went... My friend Katie that works in the office … [Read more...]