birthdays. sold cars. unemployment.missed work.

Hey Everyone Well- I have started SEVERAL blog posts this past week but I get busy doing other things so I haven't managed to publish one! Ah... sometimes that is just the way the cookie crumbles! Yesterday David had another snow day. Thankfully this was a different pay period than the check where he missed 4 days!  Hopefully after this we won't have to be dealing with anymore missing work because of weather issues! David was going to try to take last week as his "short week" to qualify for unemployment but it turns out you CAN NOT do that anymore. Unless you are totally out of a job you can't file/qualify anymore .. you are just OUT OF LUCK. Thankfully we used my stored up money from childhood and ended up selling my 1989 Toyota Camry so we made it through with a little bit to spare. We are trying to sell my '90 camry that we used for parts too so we should be REALLY good after that :) We really didn't NEED two cars.. I can always get up and take david to work/pick him up … [Read more...]

Has the Boredom set in yet?

Hey Everyone! I think boredom has set in here in the G household! I am so wore out from so many freaking asthma attacks so I took an epic nap! I don't really nap like I used to and it had been a while! I get up and get going to find out David is going to go get his bro and bring him over- which I am not really ecstatic about because his brother is SICK and I honestly don't feel like getting sick! Anyways- I opted to not travel since it is cold as heck and I really just want to see what I can get into blogging wise since I am feeling a bit better. I don't know if I mentioned it but I have a steam inhaler that my mom got me called a My PUR mist - it works pretty good it just isn't instant. I think it works better as a preventive type thing if you use it a few times a day. I need to get some more distilled water to use in it. Somehow another at our walgreens this thing had been $150 and my mom got it on clearance for $50 and every where I still look it is $150 so I must be lucky. I … [Read more...]

lack of oxygen makes you see things

Greetings from the COLD south :) It is about 17 right now if that outside! I am not really sure what the low was.. when I got up about 8 it was 12 I believe... Yesterday I ended up going to my moms and having one of my fave meals- hamburger, gravy , biscuits and fried potatoes. I also got my emergency money out of the safe. We MIGHT end up making all the bills after all. Especially after I find out what the heck sprint is smoking because there is NO way with my credits from last month and such it should be as high as it I can always call and delay the payment for it..If I figure it out i'll let you know lol. I haven't had a correct bill YET with them. I did get my AT&T final bill and HA HA HA HA is all i can say on that note lol. This morning I was all muccus-y so I finally just got up and took a shower. It helped a bit .. then David actually gave Marley a bath! I was like I guess oxygen deprvation makes you see stuff lol. Usually we take her to my moms and give her … [Read more...]

No work this week :(

Hey Everyone Well we got "That CALL" yesterday afternoon saying that David (And my Dad for that matter) won't be working ANY this week :( In all reality they are not supposed to work if it is under 32 but a lot of times they do anyways...but combined with the refreezing and more perciptation expected..they went ahead and cancelled it. Let me put it to you this way. We do live paycheck to paycheck with little wiggle room so it is NOT a good situation.  Rent will be due, Car insurance, car payment and the power bill. I am not sure what else.. I know the phone bill but I could care less about if it is late.. I do however need a place to live, electricity and not to have the car taken away! I have emergency money that is stashed at my moms that I have had since FOREVER. It is not a lot but it might help at least with our rent. I have thought many times over the years that I would have to dip into it- even had it in my hands and then put it back in their safe... I am HOPING that … [Read more...]

Ice in the South

Hey Everyone Well we are having an ICE event here in the south! I know people make fun of the south when it comes to winter weather in the south. ... and generally when you are talking about snow I will laugh along with you! HOWEVER--this is ICE and that is just a bit more serious! With the weather not going to even get above freezing, what little bit might melt with the sun will be refreezing for the next several nights and we are expecting record low temps as well! I have drove in snow MANY times but ICE I do not toy with that! I am going to try to get some pics later on ... I might get david to take them when he takes Marley out-- as we know I don't like to be out in slick weather ever since 2 years ago when I tore the heck out of my leg/foot/ankle! It seriously was 2 years ago yesterday when I did that! Originally David was supposed to be on a 2 hour delay for work but it ended up being cancelled all together. He did go in though so he will get paid for 2hrs because of that. … [Read more...]

Cleaning up the blog & such

Hey Everyone! I have spent a little time cleaning up my side bar and footers today. Not finished just yet,  but thought they could use a little overhaul. I also am going to start with cleaning up the subpages- adding some new ones, editing some of the current ones and that kind of thing :) It really is the little things it seems like get let go the most!  I am also wanting to work some on southern belle- but I haven't decided EXACTLY what I want to do over there just yet. It is supposed to be my blog that is more for family/real life folks to read and I am thinking about using it for my VA website (in part) a little bit of local stuff, ramblings and even things about church and faith and all that kind of thing.... It was kind of an impulse buy because I loved the domain name, but I haven't managed to make it pop just yet- not to worry it still has that new blog smell and is such a blank canvas still. I LOVE THAT :) Not that I am going to neglect good ole AR here, heck no- put way … [Read more...]