Friday the Thirteenth -I best lay low

hey everyone! well it is friday the thirteenth and with the week I have been having I AM LAYING LOW lol. Actually I should be asleep right now no doubt especially since I stayed up WAY to late for a weeknight last night!  It is cold and ominous looking outside too! We decided to take marley out later on this morning when I am "for real up" because of it! you just know i will have her in her pea coat too :) My parents /extended family did cancel their plans for going to my grandparents this weekend, I kind of figured that would happen though Yesterday I was an emotional roller coaster! I have NO IDEA what it was about either! I woke up in a really great mood, the weather was nice and sunny and what not and BAM I fell into a BAH HUMBUG mode and like to never got myself perked back up! Like I say this hasn't been a great week- Monday Asthma- Tuesday Asthma and Female stuff.. I don't remember Wed- I think it might have been ok lol. I am in one of those patterns where I cannot … [Read more...]

Late Hubs, Bored Me

So many updates from me in one day, I know everyone is dying of shock lol.  Right now I am sitting here BORED out of my mind because David decided to wait till the last minute to let me know that he is "on the road" and won't be home until "at least 630" We had planned to go out to eat, so everything in the house is frozen solid food wise, and I really haven't went and got many snack foods for us just yet, as he just got paid yesterday so.. BUMMER! I wish he would have let me known sooner- I could have went to my mom and dads or something, but I don't even know what they were having /they made enough for someone extra so .. I guess I will find something to nibble on until he can get home. I would just run out somewhere and grab something, but I know that he will be wanting to still go out when he gets here probably sooo...If I could get ahold of him other than the 2 texts he sent I would see what he wanted to do but no luck! The bored factor is HIGH! Not too much going on online for … [Read more...]

A birthday wish

My parents are planning, along with several of my aunts and uncles to go to my grandparents in Virginia this weekend and help with deep cleaning the house. As many of you might know my grandma broke her foot in about 3 places back on the Friday before thanksgiving!  She had to have surgery and all that kind of thing and is just now being able to get out and about on her own and everything. It is really awesome that she didn't have to have therapy for it as well. I got to thinking though about how long it has been since I had a birthday celebration there, and I honestly can't remember WHEN it would have been. Probably before College at the least. I know not since I have been married! I know a lot of the time weather plays a factor when it comes to having a celebration there, because winter in the hills is generally not a friendly time. I have a secret wish though for this year. I would LOVE to be able to go there even though my birthday is not until Feb 25, and have a little bit … [Read more...]

Fires,Asthma and Female Stuff


Hey Everyone! It has been a little bit adventurous since I last wrote on Sunday! I was waiting for David to come home around 3:30 on Sunday.. I expected him to be here around 4:15 or so..So I started making dinner. I had just finished up and was going to go ahead and have a bit of it myself- hamburger patties with rice and roast beef gravy..I sit down to watch some tv and eat and wait for David. Well- as soon as I got settled on the couch I just happen to glance out the patio door and I saw smoke.. I was like hmm wonder what that is? especially since it was so close to the house Here are some pics of when I first saw it and it progressing. The pics were probably less than 5 minutes between each one, I took them from the patio door: I started worrying about David since it was right around the time i Had expected him to come home. I called, facebooked and texted and couldnt get any answer! this went on for about an hour and I made myself sick with worry because i didnt know … [Read more...]

A sunny warm Feb Southern Sunday

Greetings to everyone on a lovely Sunday here in the South! It is 63 degrees- I did have the sliding door open for a bit but there are so many people outside (I think someone might be moving out )I decided to just try again later! David went to meet up with a Friend of his that he hasn't hung out with/ talked to in a long time - I am hoping that he can manage to get away soon because I am wanting to make some lunch/dinner and I want it to still be hot when he gets home- even though I am wanting it NOW lol. I am going to make HB patties, roast beef gravy and rice! I call it dirtying every pan in the house up lol! Thank goodness for the dish washer for sure! I have actually been re-reading the Pretty Little Liars books- I am trying to re-read the first 14 and then read the 2 newer ones that I haven't read yet (along with the 2 specials- though the one is so GOD AWFUL- which I do not say about any book hardly ever! I think it was ghost written I swear lol) Anyways- I am doing … [Read more...]

#CarolinaBlogging15 Carolina Blogging First Ever Meetup: March 28 2015


I have been looking for SOMETHING to pick me back up from the "Winter Blues Induced Blogging Rut" so I went a searching the webs to see if I could find any blog conferences or meetups even to help me out! I was stoked to find an event REALLY local to me in Gastonia, N.C coming up on March 28 2015! The event is the Carolina Blogging first meetup and I am really really really.. excited about it. First of all I haven't been to a blogging event in quite sometime I think the last one was in 2013! Also? I love the fact that I am going to get to meet up with local gals and meet new folks all at the same time. I think it is always a fun thing to know that there are people who live close to you that do the same thing as you (blogging & social media) that you haven't ever met yet! I also LOVE meeting new blogger folks! I have already joined up with them on their facebook group as well and everyone is really welcoming , friendly and nice so I know the event will be great! The first ever … [Read more...]