consider it a spring cleaning start

Hey There Well I didn't actually intend to blog today....I actually started a post early this morning but I didn't like the direction it was taking so I just closed out. I am NOT feeling the webs today AT ALL for some reason. I had truly hoped that by this time in the year I would be a little bit more into things.. but.. not yet. I know it will come back to me I just hope it is soon! I have spent today going through old magazines and tearing out recipes and whatever is in them that I happened to want to save. I will put them in a folder and then later on a notebook :) I have went through a big stack so far and I will probably continue this evening since it is kind of what mood I am in. I guess we can consider it a start towards spring cleaning? :) I am thinking about spending a day in each room and seeing what I can come up with to clean out... We did finally make it to church yesterday! I was SO excited! I wish I would have knew we were going Saturday night because I wouldn't … [Read more...]

Oh, You think I don’t have goals? I have goals! :)

I can already tell today is going to be one of those days where I start 500 things and probably don't get anything accomplished lol.. Well I hope I at least get something accomplished- my main goal is straightening my hair lol. Who says I don't have goals? lol. If you can't tell I am in a really good mood which if you would have seen me mopeing around yesterday you would be amazed that I have perked back up! Tuesday I went to my moms to get my hair cut and colored.. I had originally planned on layers but I changed my mind. Also the color went back to some weird dark shade so that sucks but at least I do not have grey roots anymore :) I wanted to get it straightened but since I opted to let it dry naturally that was not an option - my hair takes an insane amount of time to dry!  So that's why I am trying to get it done today-- or early in the morning. We'll see how it goes :)  We had dinner and came home and - well I won't go into details but let me just say David had forgot to take … [Read more...]

Luckily, No one was hurt, killed, ended up in the ER Or Jail! :D

Hey Everyone! Well Yesterday quickly evolved into one of those days where you , at the end of it, are shocked that no one ended up in the ER or in Jail or maybe even both. I would go into details but honestly.. some poeple just need to grow up, get a life, and pay attention!  *sigh*  Even with that all aside when David FINALLY got home after dealing with drama at around 830 we still had to go out to walmart to get sam some food and some drinks for the house. I felt like I had heartburn before we left the house but it quickly evolved into some wheezy asthma mess - I have been doing REALLY well since we changed air filters, bought the air purifier and I have a my purmist with the scent pads and everything! I also slather myself with vicks vapo rub too! Well.. the my purmist is awesome but it is NOT portable so after the "attack" comes on full fledged there is not a whole lot to do to stop it other than take a nasty primatene ! I was wheezing and whatnot the entire time david … [Read more...]

Busy Busy Week Ahead

Hey Everyone! I had to get up not so bright, but pretty early to go follow David to take the car to drop it off to be inspected and drop him off at work.  We are having trouble deciding if we want to sell it to someone else for MORE money (probably about double) or even keep it since it only took $145 to get it fixed (100 of that was a battery). I really would like to opt to sell it to this guy that bought my other car and make more money but we'll see how it goes I guess. I don't think it is a good idea to sell a 1990 model car that has sat for 5 years to someone in the family, especially someone who knows NOTHING about cars. I just have this feeling that anything that goes wrong we are going to get nit picked to death and such.David wanted me to come eat lunch with him , so when I did I just had him bring me back home and let him take the car ...that way I don't have to be out in 5:00 traffic!  He will just leave the car out at the gas station and then I guess tomorrow he'll have … [Read more...]

I entered a photo contest that ends TODAY! Please go leave some lovin? Lake Norman #1 Grapes Boone-BR Train Water Scene Sunset Fall 1 THE sunset GSMR 2 I entered these 7 Pics in a Photo Contest for Pics around N.C.  I have entered last minute so I don't even know if I have a chance in the world to win the voters choice prize, but there is a comittee of 5 photographers that will be awarding some cash prizes to their favorites so maybe I will luck out one way or another. The contest ends today so if you could stop by and leave some vote love that would be great! Thanks!! … [Read more...]

goodbye car that betrayed me(no not the honda civic lol)

Hey Everyone! Seriously the weekend is already almost over? where did it go? Yesterday we went up to the lake again (back by where i used to live) and it was o.k but it wasn't that warm and I kind of got bored really early on! We had to go way up the road to get some bait, because I told David this little place right there where we were going had bait (or they did when I was little) but he didn't believe me lol. Anyways come to find out not only does that place have bait, but so does this little sports shop they put in there as file that away for next time right? Davids brother was up here this weekend (since Friday) because he was going to buy my red car.. let me refresh your mind on the red car story. It is the car that betrayed me on the day of my great grandmas funeral :( We were half way from home and my grandmas on our way home and the thermostat got stuck and we cracked the head gasket or whatever. it was NOT a good day all around needless to say. We got it … [Read more...]