Throwback Thursday #TBT Nichole @ The Lake


Being up at the lake this week back where I lived as a child inspired me to go find a pic of the way the docs used to look, and I found this pic of me there. Stay tuned for some more updated pics. I know I took some last summer but I kind of did them as a college,so I will try to put a few bigger ones of those up and some newer ones too! … [Read more...]

Streaming & No Water Yet

Hey Everyone I am up- ish.. lol and trying to stay that way. By "ish" I mean I am in bed with my computer and the ipad and trying to get going but I really want to go back to sleep. Coffee kind of isn't an option for me with us not having any water right now. I have about 4 gallons that can be used for flushing and several bottle of spring water but I don't want to waste it because I am not sure when we will get water back, or even if it will be today! We went to my moms and got some water yesterday, and they left some water by our door last night...I can always get some more but I am still trying to be conservative! I have finally managed to get some tv streaming here this morning so that will help with staying up! I don't know why but my play on /one channel hasn't worked since the weekend and neither has my mom ...right now I am seeing if couchtuner will work on my ipad- because usually I get 20 min into a show and BAM it freaks out. Here is to hoping! I am having a major PLL … [Read more...]

Get Behind Me Devil

I swear today has turned into one of those days where I am about to scream "get behind me devil" because nothing is panning out for me! I went to find some business card templates that I had with flowers on them to work on my moms card for the blog meet up with. Apparently I either got rid of them or imagined them. Same goes with finding my little business card holder that my mom made me forever ago (and I actually have more than 1) It's always the tiny things that find themselves somewhere so random that you don't even know where to begin to look for them! To top it all off I went to wipe the counter and rinse out the sink about 1 and we have NO WATER. Now, we had got a note yesterday about not having water from 10-5 on THURSDAY so just to be sure I made a call to the office. They inadvertantly hung up on me so I went out with Marley to check the mail and had planned to stop by to see what was up. I Saw my neighbor that works here and the maintance guy working it... it is after 4 … [Read more...]

Got to Hit HIGH GEAR !

Hey Everyone! Well we ended up going to the lake last night- We went by Subway for some subs (the one in our walmart) and OMG my sub tasted so weird so I quit eating it early on. I figured I have gotten spoiled on Jimmy John's and Which Wich and such. Anyways ....While i was gone to the car to get some chips because I didn't want to eat my sub and there was this HUGE dog on the longest lead EVER and when David through his line in the water this dog about pushed David in! We stayed a good while but David kept getting his line caught on stuff and whatnot. I ended up swinging on the swings a little bit before we left and that was fun! I ended up watching the Pretty Little Liars episode last night and WOW it was crazy (as usual!) I made it in bed before midnight again so that was good. Anyways- let's get back to the sub thing. David was up around 4 and was SICK SICK SICK. He had told me when we went to bed he felt weird. Then I started not feeling so great- I think those freakin' … [Read more...]

Things are picking up and I LOVE it :D

Hey Everyone Things in my world have just been busy busy busy.. I finally have a few minutes where I should be cooking dinner (my pot roast didn't pan out - it was just entirely too fatty so I don't even know what to do at this point lol) but I figured I would just figure dinner out after David gets home and after I gauge how hungry he is and if he is going fishing or not this evening. That is his new thing i guess you could say is fishing. I don't know if I will go with him or not...just depends. It really is a nice day out- I have the patio doors open and I am not really sure what the temp is because my digital thermometer that I have had forever quit working last week sometime another :(I need to get a new one! Yesterday David had some dental work done and when he was through we ended up going to the lake. First go around we took marley and went over to this park near where david used to live- actually I am sure I have been there about 3x before- and I think it is where one … [Read more...]

New Header(BRANDING YO!) And a Theme FINALLY!

Well after a VERY Long time I finally got Autumn Rain a NEW header (Thanks To Miss Sarah- Dirty Fish Designs) and a theme that isn't the Pretty Young genesis child theme (Thanks to Charli - Soda Shoppe Designs!) I will be tweaking things , adding stuff to the sidebar, cleaning out minion links and working subpages in the near future! I am SO excited for the new look! I had been using a version of pretty young for about 3 years so it was def. time for a change :) I need to get me a button, a new siggie, and a watermark but that can be in the future :) I chose "Sunbonnet Sue" as the inspiration for the design because I just wanted something that said FALL and RAIN and I thought a girl with an umbrella with leaves and rain falling would be the perfect way to weave it all together.  If you don't know the story of sun bonnet sue (and I didn't) you should google it. It's really cute :) I have started my new blogger cards as well and they should be ready to order hopefully by the … [Read more...]