Maid Savvy -House Cleaning Service in Charlotte, N.C.


One thing I can honestly say is , that if David was not so nit-picky with having the house cleaned a certain way- and he is- it has to be done HIS way and BY HIM or it just isn't right- I guess there are worse things than being OCD with cleaning your house- even though my dad swears he is going to clean away the "good stuff" too at some point (lol) is that I would totally not mind having someone come in and clean up for us every now and again because I think that it would be a welcome break myself! One of the options in the Charlotte, NC area is called Maid Savvy, and since I can't convince David to let someone else come in every now and again and let them take care of things, maybe I should consider having him work with them on the weekends or something like that! Anyways one of my favorite things about them right off the bat is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CALL AND TALK TO ANY ONE throughout the process! I totally hate talking on the phone (says the gal who has at many points in her life … [Read more...]

Oh Hi there Saturday Work!

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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone has had an awesome week! I cannot believe it is already Friday! I just found out that They are going to start working half days on Saturdays at David (and Dad's) work. I don't know at this point if that starts tomorrow or not... or how long it will last! It will be nice to have a little bit of over time in though for sure.  It isn't like we do a whole heck of a lot on Satudays anyways.. unless David starts volunteering at church again .. .I know  they started doing Saturday work one time before but it didn't last very long. I also know they were working out there the other night- some of them till 1 a/m so.. I guess we will see how it goes! I had my creative blog burst early on this week but I am trying to get one right now and get some stuff F I N I S H E D!  I have one thing in particular but.. if i could get a little bit more than that I would be happy. I won a free domain/hosting for a year/theme and I am trying to figure out what I want to do … [Read more...]

accomplished for a “monday” on a tuesday :) (and after a holiday weekend!)

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When I woke up this morning, I didn't think I would accomplish as much as I have today! I generally don't do well if I get a late start, but somehow another things just have kept flowing and going and here it is almost 9 and I have wrote a sponsored post (it hasn't went up because I have to add something and I am negotiating a price too) 2 reviews (Well a review and a recap) and now I am sitting here writing you a general rambly post :) I am trying to work on another review, I have sent out several emails today about various things, put away a few towels, made dinner..and I don't even know what else! I don't know if it will be possible but I would LOVE to finish another review tonight if I could and then get about 2 done tomorrow. I might go ahead and schedule/post my wordless wed. Got to love busy days. I am not really able to concentrate on the review I am trying to write right now and I might just quit or start on a different one! I am SERIOUSLY considering getting out there … [Read more...]

Review: New Costume Sexy Beer Garden Gretel from Costume Discounters


Ever since i knew I was going to go to the Lake Norman Beerfest I had the thought in my head that it would be neat to wear a costume- kind of like the ones people wear when it is an Oktoberfest or a fall beer festival, and I finally started looking around to see if I could find something I liked. I didn't have too horribly much in mind except I wanted it to cover me up half way decently, and that I would like it to be a light sort of costume because I was sure by the time we had beerfest it would be getting fairly warm outside. I found something I liked on a random site, but I still wasn't sure!  Then I remembered that a few years ago I used to review for Costume Discounters,and I wondered if they would mind working with me again, especially since it had been a while! I sent out an email and they agreed... I didn't at first see the costume that I originally had wanted so I was a little discouraged and started looking for other ones and then.. I saw IT.. the original one and I knew … [Read more...]

Lake Norman Beerfest 2015 Recap


this is a followup post about Lake Norman Beerfest 2015. I received 2 complimentary VIP passes to attend and blog about the event! All thoughts, opinions ,ideas and experiences are honest and my own. Yours might vary. I am sure that if you have been following along on the blog for any length of time you have saw the pinned post about me going to Lake Norman Beerfest 2015  which I have been pretty excited about because I had planned to go to the Charlotte one last fall and didn't get to go. Anyways, I spent half of Saturday deciding what to wear. Yes, there was a costume I was going to wear and it was looking great until I took it off for lunch and with the heat I was swelling up and hot and - yeah lol. Anyways that will be a different post for later! It seemed like before I knew it , it was time for us to drop Marley off at my moms and head out! We ended up just going on our own because David wanted to do a few things before we went. He also knows to stop and not drink for a good … [Read more...]