Tuesday 10- June Goals


This week we are already talking about JUNE GOALS! I cannot believe it! I don't even think I accomplished any of my MAY GOALS lol. Actually, May was a pretty productive month and I did get a few things done that I wanted!  let's see what I can come up with for june: 1. Take more pics- I have got really slack with pics lately it seems. I like to update my instagram once a day. might I repeat to myself the idea of of a photo a day challenge or something like that? 2.I am hoping that by the time June comes around I only have 2 reviews to write ..I need to take it down a notch with reviews for a little while :) or not have them clumped so far together 3.START TANNING- I need lotion and goggles at this point. If i don't start I think I am just gonna go see if we can get the money back 4. blog from the patio :) it is always something I have said I wanted to do. Just on cooler days or in the evenings. David says he is gonna get me margarita makings so I can chill out there all day … [Read more...]

I’ll have my own cook out then :)

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HI Everyone! Well this weekend hasn't went the way I planned- They never do right? lol It is o.k though! I had hoped to get some things done before beerfest on Saturday but I ended up playing around with the costume I was planning to wear and then before I knew it, it was time to drop Marley off at my moms! I ended up not wearing it because when I took it off to eat lunch and then put it on later I must have swelled with the heat and from eating and nothing went good from there lol. Beerfest was fun and I should be doing a follow up post with pics soonest :) We were up quite late on Saturday night and I have been trying to "recover" ever since yesterday and today lol. Actually I managed to hurt myself twice yesterday! I woke up with the inside of my jaw chewed out- way to go right? Then- it gets better. We have cinderblocks that act as risers for our bed.. anyways I ended up scraping the HELL out of my toe with one of them - like the side of it.. and it kind of goes all the way … [Read more...]

Sneeze. Sniffle. Repeat- Allergies & Groceries & Beerfest

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Hey Everyone! Yesterday was a pretty great day! My mom ended up coming over around lunch time and brought me tons of goodies from her pantry and a few frozen goodies and then we went on a major grocery haul to Aldi, where I got like a entire cart of food, including hamburger , chicken tenders and more for only $80! Then we went in walmart and picked up a few things, grabbed some lunch to go at burger king, put everything away, ate and hung out for quite a while too! I managed to do tons of stuff in the house before and after she left, made enchilladas and worked on a review as well :) I was in a writing mode but I did really need to go to the store so.. :) I will do some work on them today-weekend and I hope I have a few to pop up in the next few days! I have tons of emails I want to send out too.. :) Today I am up and going already because it is starting to be really light already at 6 a/m and well. .why not? I have beerfest this afternoon starting at 4 so I will have to get … [Read more...]

I lured myself into staying up with an early night going to bed, ravenswood and coffee :)

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Hey Everyone! This week sure has flew by! I cannot believe it is Friday already- and Friday of a long weekend at that!  Last night we went to bed REALLY early and when I woke up when David was getting ready for work, it was already so bright outside just like it was midday or something. Since I felt a tiny bit rested I lured myself into getting up by promising myself Ravenswood and coffee lol.  It is probably a good thing I got up because they are mowing and weed eating outside so I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep anyways! I am pretty discouraged on the home buying or even finding an place other than here to rent at this point! I spent all of yesterday calling and emailing and what not and it just seems like there isn't much hope. Stinkin' credit issues- even though we have always paid our Rent FIRST .. that is why there are credit issues lol. Eh- As far as rent there isn't anything even remotely cheaper than where we are that would be worth the hassle of packing up and … [Read more...]

Moving bug has bitten again- sort of- I kinda just want a place of our own at this point in life!

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Hey Everyone Well according to my weather app it is 89 degrees today... and I totally believe it from when I was out with Marley just a little bit ago. I saw some people going up to the pool but I didn't think that it was open yet - I know we haven't got a note that said anything about getting a pool pass or anything- last year they were these orange bracelet things and no one ever wore them. with this being totally different chicks in the office who even knows! I also know that we  got a note about signing a new lease back in march or april and I haven't saw one yet. I am not going to say that I will sign it but it would be nice to have because we have to let them know by like June 30 if we are planning to leave or not. Also, I don't want it to come down to where we do the month to month because rent goes up almost 200 bucks. We SERIOUSLY want to try to get a place of our own but with our credit we are not even sure that it is an option.We have considered going back into town to … [Read more...]

Can’t wait for the Elevation Cd Recording Concert!

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Hey Everyone! well the weekend came and went in a flash! I did manage to write on all 3 of the reviews I needed to work on over the weekend. I kind of tag teamed them and was writing on them all at one time- I know it sounds weird but it works for me :) I hope I can get them up on the blog in the next week or 2 :) David took Friday off, not that I am really sure why- all he did was play his war game on his phone. On Saturday his mom had invited herself over WEEKS ago for his birthday and all of a sudden it was like a family reunion up in my house. To top it all of EVERYONE including his DAD went to church with us. I think his mom liked it , she seemed into it but his dad got up at some point and went and sat at the back instead of coming back and sitting with all of us. I had found out BEFORE church started that the church is doing a big cd recording concert again this year. We missed the one last year by 2 weeks because we started going to church RIGHT after they had done it. … [Read more...]