Let’s hope for some blogging mojo through the weekend :)

DRlogofor AR

Hey there Everyone!  I was hoping to get really into some blogging today but .. let me back up to last night and maybe you will understand why I didn't so much! When we got back from eating I wasn't really feeling so awesome. I ended up going to bed about 8:45 by 10:15 I was up with weird cramps and nausea. I kinda was up and down and was playing on the tablet on The Social Blogging Society facebook group and even on different instagram collage/pic apps playing for most of the night because David was up playing his war game on the phone.  It was probably well after 2 before I even got to sleep- hence feeling drained most of the day I spent the biggest part of the day watching Pretty Little Liars and then took a huge nap!  This evening I have been playing around with my 3 reviews I want to get written so they can go up as needed for the last little while - all at one time! I kind of just write a little on each and kind of just keep going and before I know it they start all coming … [Read more...]

Excited to go out to eat- yes sometimes it is the little things!

Hey Everyone Well the first part of today didn't seem to move and go anywhere fast, but David came home as a late lunch at 1ish and ever since then.. it seems to have started to pick up!  David wants to go eat at my favorite pizza buffet tonight because I actually got paid from some of my paid work so I guess we are going to do that. I got a coupon for two buffets with drinks for $17 and I am not so much going for the pizza but they have THE BEST wings on the bar and an awesome salad bar as well, so that is worth it for me. I know one of the last times we were there I ate like ...15 wings lol. I hope they do a little better with putting out food at dinner than they do at lunch because they are kind of not so good about it during lunch! I just knew David would wait until I washed my hair before he wanted to go do anything lol. I don't have a blow dryer anymore (which my hair and a blow dryer doesn't work out so well) but anyways I am hoping my hair can get good and dry so I can re … [Read more...]

No seriously this day is flying by!

Hey Everyone! Well it it seems like I have been busy as a bee since I got up this morning!  I have already started dinner (had to boil some chicken for a casserole) made some garbonzo beans that I found a recipe for on facebook last night (they are good but they aren't what i thought) and made a sandwich for me to have for lunch! I have started a load of dishes in the dishwasher, did a few blog posts and well here I am an it already almost 2? WOW. David came home and had leftover spaghetti for lunch and yeah... today is just moving fast for me! I am thinking about getting a little more domestic and putting away some clothes, sorting some clothes to wash and making the bed here in a few and maybe even shaving but I am not sure about the shaving just yet lol even though I need to! I most likely will so don't worry- It won't be poor David sleeping with a pine tree lol. I am also thinking about going back with office hours and designated times to work on different things at least … [Read more...]

goodnight everyone

I just wanted to take a minute and check in before I  go to bed.. i actually started to go to bed an hour ago because i got a headache but i still havent managed to wind down! I had planned on staying up and working on  a few things while I was on a roll but unfortunately that didnt pan out for me...in the long run today was a good day and i hope to get tons done tomorrow :) Hopefully i can get some of my paid post work paid for so i can drag myself to the grocery store maybe Thursday. ..i dont think going with my mom is going to happen lol Anyway  goodnight. .i am writing this on the tablet that only has a touch screen keyboard right  now. ..plus it needs charged   … [Read more...]

National Senior Health & Fitness Day- May 27th 2015

Best nursing home logo

“Mom just got a hip replacement. She has to be out of the hospital, but she’s too sick to go home. What should we do?” “Dad has dementia, and his health has declined to the point that it’s unsafe for him to be at home. Help!” “I need somewhere to recover from heart surgery. I don’t want to be a burden to my kids and wish there were somewhere I could go with advanced medical care. Do I have any options?” Sometimes you need medical care that can’t be taken care of at home … or in a hospital. We all know that home health companies can come in and take care of the basics. But if you need more advanced medical care, help is available in what is called a “post-acute” care center, also known as a “nursing home.” Nursing homes have gotten a bad rap over the years. But what most people don’t know is that there are really good ones out there—rehabilitative centers that look and feel more like hotels than hospitals and give you more personalized therapy and attention than if you were in … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping Needs Done & This heat already?

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! I know I worked on several blog related things that I had been meaning to work on for a while , and I got several things done in the house as well. I worked on my media kit but I didn't finish it (maybe today?) and I got lots of things done in the house too :) I am up and going this morning on the pretense that I kind of want to see if my mom can take me to the store. I was trying to hold out on a couple of paid posts so I could just go on my own later on, but it seems like everything is held up and I probably could make it through with "real food" like dinners but as far as lunch stuff /snack stuff we are basically out. I would like to go today or tomorrow and I would like to go before it gets absolutely scalding outside. It was 86 Yesterday OY! I would like to point out I didn't really complain when it was cold lol. I totally don't mind hoodies and burrowing ! It isn't nearly as hard to get warm as it is to cool down! … [Read more...]