Sleep So Deep

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Hey Everyone! This week is feeling like one of those weeks that just is going to fly by before I know it! I know that this is going to be a short guy for David because he managed to get Thursday off even on short notice so that we can go make our Gold Seasons Passes at Carowinds since our vouchers got here yesterday! Plus we are going to the daughtry concert there that night and if he hadn't got the day off/off a little early we would have been in a rush trying to eat and take Marley over to my moms and such. One thing that is kind of putting a damper on our plans though is that they are doing an APARTMENT INSPECTION on the same day and personally i don't want people all up in my stuff if I am not around, i don't care who you are unless you are my mom that just doesn't fly with me so hopefully since we are in the first apartment building we will get things going sooner than later.  I wish they could have picked any other day .. The things on the list they are checking are things … [Read more...]

The week of the 4th

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Hey Everyone I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine sure didn't go the way THAT I planned for it to! It is all good though! David's dad and bro ended up coming over Saturday and stayed.. and stayed..and stayed.. we were both like um... o.k please go home we have things to do lol. Yeseterday we ended up going to eat at Jimmy Johns, and then we went in Victoria secret so I could spend my gift card that I have had for a while there and then some lol. I ended up with several things but what sucks is the nightgown I got ended up having a hole in it so I have to take it back...I think it might have happened when they pulled the security tag out or something. With us having that concert Thursday evening this week I am trying to see if David can get Thursday off of work/ off early in general if that won't work... that way we won't be so rushed / maybe we could go to the park that day. I know it is short notice and all that but we will see! I also went to walmart yesterday and … [Read more...]

Daughtry Concert at Carowinds Thursday July 02 2015 – BEST DEAL EVER FOR TICKETS &ADMISSION

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This Post is brought to you as part of my participation in the Carowinds Caro-Bloggers Program! I received 4 gold seasons passes in exchange for doing various write ups about events and such at the park. All opinions thoughts and ideas are honest and my own. Your Results May Vary! I haven't wrote my whole "OMG I AM A CAROWINDS CARO-BLOGGER" post just yet- but I will.. in the mean time I wanted to take a minute and share an awesome event and an awesome deal on tickets that is coming up this Thursday July 2nd 2015 at Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C.  This Pic is from the Carowinds Site announcing the concert-click thru to visit & read their announcement I am REALLY picky about music- seriously I like A LOT of different types and artists (I am talking bluegrass, country,rap, pop,rock,classics, etc) One of my favorite shows to watch years ago was American Idol, and I can very well remember when DAUGHTRY was on there! I really .. really..really.. liked him and I was REALLY sad … [Read more...]

Review: Faery Kiss Naturals Soaps & More


  A few months back I went to a blog meetup that had several vendors, including my mom- actually I made it a family event- David went to help my mom with using the square reader, and my dad went with us to be supportive of my mom!  I was busy with trying to help my mom and I was also the person handing out swag bags & name tags & signing people up for headshots, so I kind of had the catch 22 of getting to at least come into contact with pretty much every attendee, but I didn't get to browse around or get to visit with the vendors! I had been REALLY excited about one vendor in particular because she was a local gal named Theresa  and she wasn't representing an actual direct sales company, kind of like my mom if you will. I had actually messaged her on facebook and told her how excited I was to meet her and see her goodies, so I felt REALLY bad when things got too busy and I didn't get to stop by her booth. My mom did get to meet with her, and kind of paved the … [Read more...]

Why,Hello there Blogging Mojo I have missed you!

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Hi There Everyone! Yesterday went really well for me on getting things done- I finally might have found my blogging mojo back! I love when that happens lol :) I am all over the place and it is really fun and a welcome change and I am going to go with it as long as it will last ! I hope it lasts a good while too. I finally got a "yes" on something and that is kind of what brought a change to my little world! I am going to do a whole post about that "something" soon(maybe later this morning) Right now I have well been awake/up over an hour and my Playon service that I use to stream is NOT WORKING well at all. I kind of wonder if it is not the internet having something to do with it because we were really glitchy there for a few days but everything else is doing o.k just seems like I cannot get anything to play right and at the moment I can't get anything going... which stinks because I pretty well always have the t.v on! I like background noise ..I could play music but I am … [Read more...]

Nichole Reviews: Fresh Preserving Store Goodies (aka BALL Brand)

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  Something that has been a "hobby" but a necessity at the same time in my family for generations, is not only gardening but preserving our own food in various ways. I know that back a couple generations it was more of a survival type of thing than a hobby obviously, but in recent years with the way things have evolved, it is still an old school type of thing but something that we still do. I am fascinated by canning and all that good thing, but I will at the same time admit to you that I am TERRIFIED of using your typical pressure canner & the like! I actually have a pressure COOKER in my cabinet that my mom left over here when we moved last year because I had her come over and cook something one day and she volunteered to leave it for another time, but it has never been out of the cabinet since then lol. I hope one day to either overcome my fear or get an electric one! Since it is something I am interested in , and it is something that my mom (as well as my grandma) … [Read more...]