31 Days of Summer Days 13 & 14- Freebie Posts :( #verifiedmombcn


I hate to take 2 days in a row as freebie posts.. but as I am behind I need to get caught up! I am back dating this post for Tuesday and Today is THURSDAY and this week just hasn't been my week blogging wise lol. Day 13 was for Monday and that was the day that I was all bah humbug and blue- the topic was one of those Day in the life of photo type deals which is something that I have always wanted to do- on a day where I am actually doing something beside being bah humbug.. there is a chance that since this is a post I had thought about doing before it could be something I work on in the future :) Day 14 for tuesday was related to sunrises and sunsets and I had planned to dig up some of my pics of sunrises and sunsets and whatnot but again- I am so behind I need to catch up - there is a possibility of me making this post in the future as well but only after I get caught up :) here is hoping I can not only get all the days in from here on out- maybe i can get a burst and … [Read more...]

cool & dreary i’ll take it

DRlogofor AR

  Today I am soaking up a cloudy and sort kinda dreary rainy day and I am loving it! I am not really what I would say up and going- I am having female issues (ugh tmi i know lol) but anyways I am drinking coffee and making the best of things. I need to catch up on my 31 days of summer posts- I didn't do them over the weekend- I had meant to schedule them beforehand and then yesterday I was in bah humbug blues mode for most of the day- but its good now :) My sunburn is peeling like mad- I didn't realize I burned up at my hair line- since I am doing the pulled back troll thing lately lol. I look like I have conditioner stuck in my hair or my scalp is dry or something like that! It is driving me mad! My hair in general is driving me mad- I can't remember if that was in a post that I posted or one in drafts but goodness it needs some loving lol. I am SO glad this is pay week and NOTHING other than our phones are due and since we have these crap phones and service--- thats … [Read more...]

David & I went on a Carowinds Bender- #caroblogger #luvcarowinds


I was provided 4 Carowinds Seasons passes as part of the inaugural carowinds caro blogger program, where I blog about various aspects and events at the park with my honest thoughts opinions experiences and ideas. all of these experiences and ideas are honest and my own. yours may vary. So as you well know I am part of the carowinds blogger program Caro-Bloggers and I am pretty excited about it, if you haven't been able to tell. when the passes came David took vacation day on thursday- I mean c'mon it was the day before their fourth of july vacation anyways so.. :) We had our "apartment inspection" that day and afterwards we headed out to make our seasons passes. We dropped Marley off at my moms sometime around 330 or so I believe it was. We made pretty good time considering it was Charlotte rush hour but we were kinda heading the opposite way of trouble for the most part. We did run in a bit of traffic at down towards the state line but that was to be expected ! We picked up my … [Read more...]

31 Days of Summer Day # 12 Staycation plans #verifiedmomBCN


Staycation - isn't that what I always do? :) I guess a few things that are close that would be a little bit special to go do like going up to the lake where I used to live right up the road and having a picnic and letting david catch rocks (we did this a few times back in the spring and I really liked it- I like picnics if you haven't figured out that yet lol. I also liked taking pics and just relaxing. It is pretty well too bright out to be using your phone or anything like that so really the only thing I could do was read /listen to my ipod and that was good enough :)  Other than that I can't really think of anything other than going up to the pool/chilling here on the patio which I already wrote about before! We are such home bodies though, I would much rather be out somewhere doing something even if it is cheap or free :)   … [Read more...]

31 Days of Summer Day # 11 Summer Drink Recipe


Now you would think with all the proclaiming of loving fruity mixed beverages I would have some awesome drink recipes to share? well.. not so much.. here are a few really common ones but these are the ones I usually go for - I kinda have been off the alcohol with the exception of a little wine and a few wine coolers for a good while now :) Midori Sour- 1 shot Midori Melon Liquor tons of sours mix over ice YUM-O lol. I kinda just use a regular whiskey glass for most of my drinks so I am unsure of exact measurements. I know a shot is usually about 2 oz Sangria- I go to olive garden and buy their sangria syrup- the red kind I buy any kind of table red wine you use a shot of water, a shot of the syrup and then use wine for the rest (I have a pretty big wine glass lol) then you can throw in fruit and such. there is actually a recipe on the mix as well as i remember. I haven't had it in a really long time So those are pretty common but they are the ones I like. … [Read more...]

Let’s go a bit more light hearted!

DRlogofor AR

Phew, I have to get us on a subject a little more "light" after that last post, which I still am not sure that I feel that I should have posted even though it was as vague as vague could get! Yesterday I had one of these weak episodes that I have every rare moon- I haven't had one for YEARS.. I used to have them when I worked at the Salvation Army and my mom would have to come get me and I would have to go home and sleep it off,and David would just bring the car to the house in the evenings- like back when we were dating. I also had one one time and ate an entire batch of fried chicken my mom had made for my dad and I for dinner before she went to work- because it makes me STARVED.. it is basically this feeling that all of your energy has ran out so you feel week, trembly, starved and maybe a slight headache to boot. I always swear it feels like my blood is running backwards- I know it is odd but if it ever happened to you, you would understand lol ... Anyways it kind of starts … [Read more...]