Wedding Dresses: Big Decision, but doesn’t have to cost Big bucks!


I am pretty well known as the girl that bought her wedding dress at a thrift shop BEFORE I was even with a guy that would consider marrying me, and I also only paid $17 for it. It is one of my claim to fame (or one of them) I suppose! I just remember my mom and I had been there earlier in the week, and my dad wanted to go to a store that was nearby and I told my mom if they had that dress I was going to try it on, and bring it home if it fit. Lo, and behold they had it, and it was half price that day! Oh, and fit me PERFECTLY.

I can’t imagine having to actually PICK IT OUT like most people do! I can remember trying to get engagement rings and that was a mess! It wasn’t the price that was my problem, it was my small hands and these huge honking rings that David kept picking out! I can only imagine trying to pick out a dress  in the conventional way that most people do, to at least compare to my ring experience, or maybe even worse!

You can pretty well tell I am a girl that likes to do things the cheapest way that I can, and still get what I want. I have always had a lot of luck with that! I also happened to find this site DressFirst which is a website with a gazillion wedding dresses and even to some one like me,I think they have some amazing prices! They have a lot of ways to narrow down your search, and lots of options to choose from to find your perfect dress!


To me this would be the best bet for me if I was in the market for a dress again! Right now on the site they are having a big dress sale where many dresses are 60% off, and for the next couple of days they even have free shipping on all the dresses!


I know that people want a perfect dress, but honestly you will probably only wear it one time (it is sad, I know! I still have mine at my parents in my moms closet, and it doesn’t even fit me anymore!) So I say go out and find a dress that is affordable and YOU and spend the money that you saved on something that you could get more use out of, or even just save it away for later on! No matter what though, it is your special day, so make it right and perfect for you and yours, and don’t try to make everyone happy, because you can’t accomplish it! Believe me, I tried! 🙂