31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts Day 1: Reintroducing Nichole #VerifiedMomBCN‬


So I have been meaning to update my bio page here on the blog for quite sometime- I also kind of want to do one of those things on the side bar with a pic and a little blurb and link to that page as well- so hopefully this might inspire me to do so. Also, I have to come up with a 150-200 word blurb and a picture of myself for part of a blog thing I am doing this week- so maybe this will help get the ball rolling on that as well!

So- this is for all those folks who have been with me for a while and those who might have just popped by via this writing challenge too

MECOLLAGEMarleyPCoatsamdavidday4I am Nichole and I am a 30 something gal who has been married for 8 years! David and I met in January of 2007, got engaged in Feb of 2007 and Married in June 🙂 We don’t have any babies other than the fur babies just yet! The fur babies are Sam- Evil in an orange fur coat (cat) who we have had for 5 years and Marley who is our very loving dog who we have had for almost 2 years! We live in the Charlotte, NC area and I am originally from the deep hills of virginia. I am talking 45 min from the nearest STORE people!

I LOVE the colors pink, wine, headbands (epecially with the big flowers) blogging, social media, reading, watching copious amounts of t.v and being domestic in general! I know that we lived with my parents for about 9 months a few years ago and I missed having my own house and my own chores to do more than you would even imagine!   I am sometimes called a picky eater (Religious reasons, food allergies and then things I don’t like come into play) For example I don’t eat pork , I can’t eat peanuts unless I want to die and I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand the smell of cheese, let alone the taste of it!

David and I started attending Elevation Church in Charlotte N.C last August- which was something I would have never thought we would do because David has never been a Church/Bible person, and it was all HIS idea to go! I truly enjoy it- it is unlike any church experience I have ever been a part of and I have been to lots of churches over the years.

I started blogging back many years ago when it wasn’t called blogging. I used to do soap opera websites and migrated to personal blogging at some point along the way!  My site previous to having this one was pretty awesome and I had it for many years but I had a VERY nosey ex boyfriend (and ex-boyfriend at the time) who couldn’t stay off of it reading things and making a fuss, so I had to take it down. I went to using livejournal and myspace for several years. when I got married I decided to get back into things again, and then I started getting reviews and well the rest is history

well that is quite the annotated version of ME- which is hard because I want to just keep rambling- maybe i can make a random facts section in addition to that bio section 🙂

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    Very nice to get to know you Nichole. Thanks for taking part in my writing challenge too. And OMG, I too remember livejournal and MySpace! Eeks! lol I used to moderate message boards! Ha!!