31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts Day 2:How will you be celebrating the 4th of July? #VerifiedMomBCN‬


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Right now I am REALLY not sure what we are going to be doing for the 4th here are some of the options that we have bouncing around right now- and first of all let me just note we don’t know if David has to work half a day on the actual 4th or not just yet… so that kind of makes things even more questionable lol

Davids Dad & Bro over here for Pool & cookout- I am not feeling this AT ALL. … especially since they are so tight with their money and we are scraping it right now for real. I don’t feel like feeding and buying alcohol for people who aren’t aprpeciative. Plus they spent ALL of last Saturday over here

Go Over to mom & dads and have a cookout-  I prefer this option, obviously – don’t really have to explain too awful much lol This is the mostly likely thing that we will be doing….

Go to Carowinds for fireworks- probably won’t do this.. because I don’t want to leave Marley home and her scared of loud stuff like gun shots and fireworks. I could leave her at moms but it really isn’t any better over there …with them being in the country they actually are more crazy with fireworks in her neighborhood

last year I know we bought a thing of fireworks REALLY early in the evening but other than that I can’t place anything else that we did!

Then again something totally random might happen- around here you just never know lol


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    Sometimes it’s best just to play it by ear. By hats what my weekend will consist of anyway. My husband keeps tossing ideas around so I have no idea where I’ll end up!