A Cat’s Life: Be Prepared For Their Gifts





If you’re a lover of cats and you happen to own one, you may or may not know already what your cat gets up to when they wander off outside. Other than playing with others, getting some exercise, and basking in the sun, they are also out on the search to bring you gifts. Now as cute and moving as it sounds, it’s not always a good thing. Having said that, your kitty is just trying to please you, and they will be waiting for a pat on the head to say thank you.

If you’re not quite sure what gifts are to come – here’s an idea.


Ticks and fleas

Cats are prone to getting ticks and fleas and bringing them into the house. Now this isn’t their fault, and isn’t a gift for you either. The experience isn’t a pleasant one. They cause your cat to scratch and scratch until they’re left with irritated skin from being bitten. They feed on your cat’s blood and reproduce hundreds of thousands of more fleas. – It’s not pretty. It’s important to look at the best flea treatment available so you can nip the problem in the bud before they start multiplying.



Some cats tend to bring back leaves, and they’re usually dry ones. This is because they make a crispy sound that your kitty may enjoy. They’re light and easy to push around, and the noise can be a therapeutic one to some. If your cat does bring you a leaf, inspect it, because they chose that one for a reason. Think about all the leaves that are outside; they wouldn’t have chosen it at random; there would have been a reason behind it – even if you’re not quite sure what that reason is.



Mice, shrews, or maybe even a squirrel or two. It’s never nice having one of these brought back – especially if they’re still alive. Of course, death is sad, but when the animal is living, your kitty may let it loose in your home. Then it’s down to you to try and catch it before you cat gets it again and kills it. This can be quite a stressful experience, even more so when the animal is injured. The best thing to do is catch it and release it back into the wild. If badly hurt though, you should put it out of its misery if you can so it doesn’t suffer anymore.



Birds are a very common creature to bring home and is an extremely proud moment for your cat. If they bring you one home and start meowing, they’re saying “Look what I got! That thing that flies in the sky!” Birds are always a target for cats. They sore through the sky and chirp away – this all being a tease to your kitties, so when they get the opportunity to grab one – they’ll take it. Like the rodents, you’ll want to try and do all you can to save them, but if they’re too injured, then you don’t want them to suffer more than they already have.