Accenting Your Face: 10 Fashion Personas to Embrace


If you’re looking for a makeover idea or you simply want to create a more cohesive style, then figuring out your fashion personality is a must. Whether you’re a laid-back tomboy, a boho-chic kind of girl or a studious smarty pants, your clothes will generally reflect that style. To bring the look together, however, you want to bring things up to your face. Your jewelry, hairstyles and makeup all help craft that fashion persona and create a complete and put-together look. Glasses are particular powerful in shaping how
other see you and if you purchase glasses online there is a myriad of choices to chose from.

There is a science of sexy toward your body shape, but your face is its own realm of its own. See which of these fashion personas best captures your style and then put all the finishing touches on your look.

1. Preppy Girl

If you love collared shirts, A-line skirts to the knee and pastel colors, then you might class yourself as preppy. Complete this look with plenty of pearls, the epitome of the preppy girl. Single studs or a thin pearl necklace are fantastic, as are ribbons in the hair and a soft, curled hairstyle that looks put together without being too flashy.

2. Studious Type

Would you rather spend time with your nose in a book than in the club? Then your style might be that of the studious chick. Since your clothing is probably pretty modest and simple, bring attention to your face with a funky pair of retro or cat eye glasses. Minimal makeup is often best for this fashion personality.

3. Sporty Tomboy

If your fashion style is more sweatpants and hoodies than ballgowns, you are probably a sporty tomboy. A slick bun or a simple ponytail works well with this style, but you can try out a half-up, half- down look for a more feminine look once your workout is done. Too much makeup will just smudge as you sweat, so stick with a cream blush and a basic tinted chapstick for a simple and sweet look.

4. Creative Art Lover

Creative types often like to express themselves through their fashions, and makeup, hair and jewelry are another chance to do just that. You can buy glasses online for a quick change of your style, or you could buy one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that steal attention and highlight your face. Long dangling earrings, loose flowing hair or even a messy topknot are all great ways to complement the fashion of a creative art lover.

5. Emo/Goth Style

If your fashion palate tends to be mostly black in color, then you might classify yourself as someone with an emo or goth style. Makeup and hair to match is all a part of the look, so dying your hair darker or applying black makeup might be popular. However, make the look your own by adding in something colorful, whether that is a red lip or a pair of blue earrings, to retain an approachable style.

6. Bohemian-Chic

Bohemian chic style is all about loose, flowing layers, an emphasis on hippie color combinations and a relaxed look. Long wavy hair perfectly fits that style, and you might even want to add in some thin braids to give it extra flair. Flowered accessories and patterned scarves are the ultimate additions for this carefree and effortless style.

7. Classic Traditionalist

For a classic traditionalist, taking gambles on trends is not worth it. You might fit into this fashion persona if you wear classic labels, tailored suit pieces and a neutral color palette. Typically, women who are classic traditionalists also embrace a neutral makeup style featuring mascara, a light eyeshadow, a pale lip color and just enough concealer or foundation. The aim is to look pretty without going overboard. Jewelry might include stud earrings or small diamonds passed down from generation to generation.

8. Glam Queen

If you’re a glam queen, then every day is a chance for you to star in a show all about you. Bold

fashions, bright colors and plenty of glitter are all in your fashion vocabulary. Emphasize your glamor by adding one bright element of makeup to your face. That could be a glittery eyeshadow for a night on the town or a purple lipstick for some serious wow factor. Costume jewelry in bright colors with plenty of shine are the ultimate accessories for this style.

9. Romantic Sweetheart

Romantic sweethearts are all about soft colors, flowing fabrics and lots of feminine touches like ruffles and lace. Peter Pan collars are the perfect accessory that brings attention up to your face while embracing this style. Romantics stick to soft pink blush, a light coat of mascara and no bold colors, while jewelry should be simple and minimal.

10. Bombshell

Want all eyes on you? Bright colors and figure-hugging clothes might make you a bombshell. Continue the look with long hair that has plenty of volume, a bright lip color and striking eyeliner and mascara.

Whatever your style personality, these tips can help you accent your face and ensure that your natural beauty shines through. You can take it even further by matching your interior decorating to jive with your fashion choices.

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