Can You Travel with your pet dog in tow?

When you get a pet dog, you might think that that is it for travel or road trips for a while. It can be hard arranging care for them in a kennel, or you might not want to even leave them behind. But the good news is, that many dogs are happy and able to travel with you. It can be like travel with children, though, as there are certain things that you should or shouldn’t be doing. It can take some planning too. So as long as you’re willing to put in some legwork, then it is easy and relatively simple to take your pet dog with you when you travel. Here are some things that you should be planning and thinking about if you are planning a trip.




Collar, Lead and ID Tag


These things are fairly standard when you’ve got a dog. But you need to be able to keep them in control, especially if they are in unfamiliar surroundings. If they were to run off in a new place, they would get lost for sure. So make sure you have an up to date ID tag and a good collar and lead for your pet.


Food and Water


You don’t know what you will find along the way, so having plenty of food and water for your dog is a must. Some treats wouldn’t go amiss too. They will be in unfamiliar surroundings, so you want to make them feel as happy and safe as possible.


Old Towels or Cloths


If you are going on a vacation, then the chances are that there might be water and sand for your dog to explore in. There might even be muddy forests or dirt tracks that you’re going to be walking on. So to keep the home you’re staying in, as well as the car, looking as clean as possible, have plenty of rags, towels or cloths to wipe them down with.




You might see plenty of dogs in the movies in a car, driving along with their head out of the window. But in reality, this isn’t the best of ideas. Like with a child, if it is roaming free, it could be fatal if there was an accident. So the majority of the time, they need to be in a crate to secure them really. It will make it easier for them to sleep in that kind of space too. So if you don’t already have one, where should you look to find a suitable one? You could look for a ‘best dog crate guide’ online, for example. Then you’ll know what you might be looking to spend on it.


Plenty of Stops
If you are planning quite a long road trip, then it is important to factor in plenty of stops; for you and your dog! If they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom regularly, it will make the rest of the journey easier for you. So do plan in some stops along the way.