Holiday Gift Guide Review: Floating Locket from NewCharms.Com


I pretty much keep it simple when it comes to jewelry, I only wear a cross necklace, 2 rings and a pair of ear rings at any given time. Oh, and my belly button ring.  It isn’t that I don’t care for jewelry, I just don’t have a whole lot to choose from, and I am not used to wearing a lot or having a lot of options, so I am o.k with that.

Recently though, floating lockets with charms in them have became pretty popular, and I had been looking into getting one myself. I know I have had several charm necklaces over the years, and even junk necklaces when I was a little girl (I need to write a post on those for those some time another when I can dig mine up!)

So when I got the chance to do a review for NewCharms.Com I was totally excited about it! I had been wanting one of these for several months!  My back story is that I heard about them from a gal in walmart one night who was talking to the cashier about her necklace!
I was completely overwhelmed at the assortment of the charms, and the prices that they had on them, as well as the locket prices. I would up getting a necklace with 8 charms, a chain and a dangle for what the locket would have costed somewhere else! Also ? They have options where the chain and locket are together so you do not have to pay a separate price! They had so many options to choose from I could have seriously made about 2 more necklaces!

Locket & Chain

So as far as a locket & chain I got one of the sets where the chain and the locket are made together. I got a silver round large locket that has cubic zirconia accents around it! It is very pretty, and very me!

The locket opens up like a regular locket does, where you just lift it open with your finger. I have heard some of the ones out there twist off, and to me that wouldn’t be as secure of an option like this is! I just picture charms falling out because you didn’t get it secure enough or when you go to open it charms falling everywhere!

With this locket you just lift it open, and then place in your charms. The large locket I got holds about 7 charms, and I did get an extra one but it was so tiny, I knew I could make it work …I think I MIGHT could have fit one more if it would have been small enough!


As far as charms, these are the ones I picked and a brief description of why I chose them!

BEE: The letter B has always haunted me for various reasons, and now of course I have BE society, and we use BEE’s for our logo. This was a tribute to that. Bonus? It is a pink Bee!

You Are My Sunshine: My mom sung this to me all the time when I was little.

Purse: I have a mild obsession with purses as you might know by now..I am talking about TONS of purses..TUBS FULL…

Cross: because I have a cross necklace, but I figure when I wear this one I won’t wear the other one, because that would be two at a time and i don’t like to NOT wear it.

Ring: I did this one as a symbol of David & I being together. You know like weddings and rings and such 🙂

Hello Kitty: I have mad love for hello kitty! we have a hello kitty shower curtain in the bathroom even. I also did it because of my love for my sammy!

Camera: because I love to take pics, even though I lack the motivation and a decent camera to take them with, and personally I think my phone pics only look good on the phone anymore. Thank goodness for the pic monkey!

Pearl: this is my tiniest charm that I added in because I knew that it would fit. My grandma’s name is Pearl, so yeah. That was just an awesome way to incorporate her into the necklace 🙂 I keep it nestled in  the circle part of the ring,which you will be able to see in the picture below 🙂


Owl: I love owls! I have a necklace that is a owl with a watch built in. something else really cute was that the owl has really cute green eyes, and my sam has really awesome green eyes as well. another little tribute to my kitty man!

Finished Product & Thoughts


As you can see the necklace turned out awesome!  I really like the charms I picked and how they all come together to tell people about me so to speak!  The only thing that drives me crazy is the charms move around, which is to be expected but I am a tiny bit neurotic that way 🙂 I also clink when I walk because the owl and the necklace lol.

The hardest part for me was getting all the charms to fit at first and everytime I would get them to fit I would make one move and then I would want to take them out and start over. It was pretty funny!  You just have to understand how oddball I am then you would just expect that from me.

Anyways, I really look forward to showing off my necklace some more. I get lots of nice comments when I wear it out! I wish I would have got a dog charm, but I didn’t know at the time we were getting Marley. I might have to get one at some point!

There are just too many choices, and I highly suggest you stop by and check out new charms floating lockets and pick something out for you /someone you are looking for a gift for!  You don’t even have to get a necklace they have keychains and bracelets among other things!

Stay tuned for an update when this makes it to my gift guide officially. I will have a discount code of sorts for you to use!




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    SUCH a cute necklace. I’d love the Hello Kitty charm (I adore Hello Kitty.) I’ve got to see if they have anything else I’d love…. LOL