Holiday Gift Guide Review: Infinity Headband by Ambrosia Designs

You all already know that I am a sucker for headbands, so I will spare you the whole back story. Just know it all started with Blair from gossip girl, and that I hated headbands as a child. I think one of the reasons I hated them as a child other than the fact that I always said they hurt my ears, was because they were not nearly as pretty as the ones that you see today.


I was stoked when I got the chance to bring you all my most recent review, because Infinity headband from Ambrosia designs totally hooked me up with some goodies to review. More headband choices for this gal? I was all in!

A Simple, Basic Concept With Lots of Possibility:

Infinity headbands are different from any other headband that I have came across because they are totally customizable and you have so many options to choose from, because it is one headband that you can use to well, essentially have an infinite possibility of designs with!

The basis of the headband is a clear plastic headband with Velcro down the middle    and then you can choose different covers (the fabric) and flair (the “bling”) to go on it. Simple enough concept right? 🙂

 Cover Options:

There are TONS OF COLORS of covers to choose from. I received one from the Infinity Headbands  Holiday collection that is red velvet, and one in pink and green called sherbert swirl infinity. The covers have Velcro on them as well so everything matches up easily. I look forward to wearing them both in the future! They are both totally me! My mom always dressed me in red when I was a little girl, and of course I LOVE pink and green.


Doesn’t this just SCREAM NICHOLE to you? It even Matches my blogger cards and the site 🙂

I saw a black and gold one that you know I am going to have to snag as an homage to Appalachian State!

There is even a customized embroidery option that I am really wanting to check into. It would be really neat to have an autumn-rain headband like for blog conferences! Maybe even one with my name? The possibilities there are just as endless as the concept of the infinity headband itself!




There are bows, big ribbons,and even metal type embellishments. I received a white bow, but I really love the bigger pufier looking ones as well. There are even some beaded options. I also really love the holiday ones. I don’t think there were many there that I didn’t like in some way!


Putting it All together:

It is easy to get your cover and flair on your headband. As I mentioned before the covers and the headband are velcro enabled!  The best way to explain how to get the headband all put together is on the instruction sheet that is packaged with the headband, which i have taken a picture of and included below:


Final Thoughts:

I really love the whole concept of this headband because well, as a headband lover why would i not? it is honestly difficult for me to keep all of my headbands organized and just to have the strips of fabric and embellishments in a basket would be a ton easier than keeping up with a million and one of the actual headbands.

I also like how well the headband fits my head and it doesn’t stab my ears. It feels snug, and I don’t feel like it is about to slid out of my hair every time I move my head.I know i have several headbands I don’t really wear because they are too slippery! It actually has some “teeth” on the inside of the headband to help out with holding it in place.

And best of all The prices on the covers, the flair and even the  Infinity headband starter kit that you can buy(which includes one headband, one cover and one flair) are quite reasonably priced!

Oh and they are also made in the USA! 🙂

I look forward to adding to my collection in the future, for sure!



  1. Charli says

    I admit, I hate headbands. My hair is so darn thick that I can’t get one to stay in place, even if it has “teeth.” :/ But these look so cute, I might just have to give them a try.