I want to run over the roku stick & other rambles…

Howdy Everyone!

Well.. Changing David’s phone was a royal pain in the butt! Had a gal get a nasty attitude because apparently she was lazy and unhappy to be working on a sunday(or maybe in general.. ) She actually had the nerve to tell David he would just GET USED TO the phone (as in she didn’t want to do her job and change his phone!) We had to come home and get the money since they charge a restock fee (though i know I have never paid one before and we have switched phones a ton!) and when we went back we got a gal that was really really helpful and nice.

After we got back home I didn’t get a darn thing done  that amounted to anything lol. I miss when Sundays were one of my most productive days!  I mostly dabbled over on the BE facebook group and that was it…not that wasn’t productive in my mind really, but unless you are in the group you don’t see the fruits of my labor lol.  Our Roku stick is acting a fool, and I swear I am going to run it over with the car if it doesn’t stop it so we didn’t really get to watch t.v. either! We mostly just listened to music and played around with our phones but it was pretty relaxing 🙂

I honestly don’t know what the heck is wrong with the Roku stick, but it has been acting stupid ever since we got it, but mostly when David isn’t around. Kind of like anything else .. you are by yourself everything acts weird and when you try to show someone it acts normal type of thing! Well yesterday it did it with David here. HA HA. So I don’t know what the heck is wrong with it. it just freezes randomly and doesn’t stream worth a crap. I can get the same stuff to stream on my ipad with NO problems. Go figure right? I think we should have just spent 50 bucks more and got another apple tv..eh!

I still haven’t decided which blogging challenge to do here, and which one to do on southern belle!  I kind of start wondering if I don’t overkill the BE stuff here lol I mean If I do, I do and I can’t help it…BE Is a big part of me and I spend lots of time working on lots of stuff for over there! I kind of feel like it is a trend that I have done the BE challenges here in the past so why break it up now?  Either way I need to get that worked out and get to writing !

I also need to get my Thirty One review up like.. TODAY or at least by Wed..I need to talk to my gal about something first and then go from there. I am also going to be doing a chloe and isabel review /giveaway and Facebook party in the near future as well… and I am really excited about it! Throw that in with trying to coordinate some sort of 1 year bash for BE.. I am not complaining though .. busy is fun for me especially after all those months I couldn’t get excited about anything and was burnt out. I constantly beat myself up for not at least trying to get something going in that time frame
but…it is what it is!

Well I am out of here for now.. gotta grab something to snack on and get the day started! I slept through David leaving this morning which was odd …then again I keep saying we aren’t getting in bed at a decent hour for anything lately so..

anyways…. I will catch ya later

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