Keurig Brew Over Ice Goodies Review & Giveaway!#LoveBrewOverIce


Brew Over IceA couple of years back we bought a Keurig for Christmas,and my mom has gotten us a ton of k-cups over the years as well!   We decided after I went to bloggy bootcamp to upgrade to one of the ones that has brew over ice capabilities. We were just so impressed with the flavors that were available! There are iced coffee, various teas, and even Snapple options to name a few!

I actually uses the make your own K-cup a lot and do regular iced tea!  I don’t really know who was more excited, David or myself. I think maybe me, because I stay so HOT since it’s the south in the summer and I am always trying to drink more tea/juices instead of soda! I know that right now as  write this post it is 106 and the sun isn’t even hardly out!

I also have enjoyed how simple it is to make an individual cup of an over ice beverage!  It is basically a 3 step process, so easy that a child, or even a Nichole can do it!

  • 1.fill a 16 oz cup to the top with ice (you can actually use a smaller one, but 16 oz is best!  Also, you must use plastic!)
  • 2. use either of the 6, 8 or 12 oz options depending on how strong you want your drink!
  • 3. flavor it up with sugar,cream,etc or just enjoy it as is!

So when Keurig offered to send me some goodies to enhance my Keurig Brew Over Ice experience in exchange for a review and even offer a giveaway I was pretty excited! Because, Well the way that we use our Keurig you can tell that we are in love with it, and we show it off/talk about it to everyone that we know! It was a win win situation! I also love the fact that you can use it with warm beverages when you want to as well!


So what did they send me?


A whole box of Brew Over Ice goodies!  Including:

  • 3 Brew over Ice K-cups ( I was most excited about the Strawberry one)
  • Brew Over Ice tumbler(with lid & straws)
  • 4 Brew over ice coasters
  • 1 brew over ice light up Ice bucket & Ice tongs!

The Brew Over Ice K-Cups


I had already tried the Snapple peach k-cup and the coffee one beforehand but I hadn’t had the chance to try the strawberry one (because I am a strawberry gal!)so I was pretty excited about it! The snapple ones are o.k. I just don’t really like drinking anything that has phenephayline in it all that great! David is a HUGE fan of this one!

I also oddly enough have never really liked ice coffee (no clue why! I drink the other like it is going out of style!) but this variety seems to set well with me so that is nice! That way when it is a bazillion degrees outside I can NOT burn up and still help myself stay awake! Which is def. a plus not having to sweat like crazy just because I need my coffee fix!

The Tumbler:


The Tumbler is very handy so that I can take a cup of brew over ice goodness anywhere I go 🙂 I already had one but I was happy to get another that way that David and I don’t have to decide who gets to use it! 🙂 I also love the fact that it is plastic! Many of you know my total fear of glass dishes breaking in the sink, which has happened before. That and my total fear of knives.. Anyways I am totally loving the tumbler!

The Coasters:


Coasters are def. always welcome in our house! We have a really nice set that we use on the coffee table, but sometimes we need them upstairs and what not or we just simply don’t have enough! I really like the colors and designs of these! Really bright and matches the whole summer  time theme in my opinion! Also, since coasters are round these totally look like the tops of their retrospective K-cups!

The Ice Bucket

(This was the most difficult picture ever! I am still not happy with it either!)


I guess the neatest thing of all of the above though would be the LIGHT UP ice bucket! It also has tongs but they don’t light up. Anyways, I have kind of always wanted an Ice bucket because david and I buy huge bags of ice, and it gets all clumped up and it just makes a mess sometimes. With this bucket we can simply put most of the ice in it and let it set out for a little while! That way we don’t have to get out a 5lb bag out of the freezer every time we turn around! I don’t think t would be a good idea to set it in the freezer since it has batteries in the bottom!I really love the fact that it lights up! It is a blue light, and it totally reminds me of if you stand back and look up at the Keurig from underneath while it brews, because that is what is going on: a blue light!

The Tongs


Of course the tongs are cute as well, with the logo and they match the bucket. They are also handy for not having to freeze your hands off while getting ice!  Perfect compliment to the ice bucket!

Interact With Keurig Brew Over Ice Online

Keurig has lots of stuff going on online! They are a very interactive bunch!  Right now a few things you can do include

Play Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes 

Download a $2 off product coupon & watch the Brew over ice video

-Follow them on facebook  and  Twitter:


Also For the first time in FOREVER I am hosting a giveaway! It is going to be a quick and simple giveaway via rafflecopter because I got into the review and giveaway a little late, so I don’t have as much time as everyone else!  It is us only 18 and up!  You will win the items that I received above. Good Luck! And help me spread the word! 🙂 It will be open from Thursday afternoon-Sunday at 11:59 p.m!
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