Look Fabulous This Holiday Season at Your Office Christmas Party With 5 Tips

The holidays are not exactly around the corner, but if your like anything like me, you are already probably day dreaming about outfits and occasions you can dress up for 6 months ahead of time.

For many people, the holidays mean a month with many parties to attend, and some of those parties may include office holiday parties. Many times, you can bring a guest to your office Christmas party and you will want to show up looking polished and professional, but stylish at the same time. The holidays are actually a great excuse to look your best and perhaps treat yourself to something new.

You may be feeling lost as to what to wear to your office Christmas party, but have no fear. Here are five tips to ensure you’ll show up looking stylish this coming holiday season.

Plus you can repurpose of bunch of these for even summer occasions. Ill get to that in another post.

1) Look the part with bold holiday colors. Think ruby reds and emerald greens. Black is always a win-win color as well, as it’s slimming and classy.

You can never go wrong with black. In fact just about any occasion you can take the black route and have it workout.

Men can pair black dress pants with a red shirt and black tie. Ladies can don a red blouse and black skirt or go for a little black dress complemented by ruby red accessories, such as a red clutch purse or red shoes. Don’t be afraid to go for other shades as well — jewel toned shades such as deep purples and blues also look beautiful and very appropriate during colder winter months. Since you’re showing up to celebrate the season, bringing a little holiday color with you to the party makes perfect sense.

2) When in doubt, dress to impress. Perhaps you’re not sure if you should dress up or down for your holiday party. If you ask around and are still unsure of what others will be wearing, it’s better to dress up than to dress down. In other words, it would be better to show up being dressed more formally than others than to show up in jeans when others are dressed more formally. You may want to dress business-casual, but step it up a notch with accessories or a pair of heels you may not normally wear to work, for example.

If you really looking to impress, I have a few cheats I have used in the pass admittedly. I once have rented a car for the evening as most of my co-workers didn’t know what I drove, and I got something real fancy to impress. I also have used an luxury tour bus I rented with other co-workers to really spice up the party. In both cases how you arrive can influence perception just as much as what you wear.

Lets be honest, we all like to be the life of the party, or the center of attention every once in a while. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep it in moderation and keep a level head about it.

3) Keep warm! Since it’s the holidays, make sure to dress weather-appropriate. It is an office Christmas party, so you may be tempted to dress in that snazzy little dress with the bare shoulders, but you may end up regretting it if the weather doesn’t permit (even if you bundle up in your warmest wool coat on top of your dress). Although you want to show up looking your best and may want to push the envelope a bit, comfort still needs to be kept in mind. Also avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, since office Christmas parties may involve standing and mingling with others for hours.

4) Leave your large handbags at home. While you may opt to bring a large handbag to work every day that can keep everything you need (and then some) within it, you won’t want to bring this to your office Christmas party. If anything, it will be in the way. Opt to carry your belongings in a more compact option such as a small baguette handbag or a clutch. Money, lipstick, keys, and your cell phone should be all you need to bring to the party.

5) Accessorize your ensemble. Spice up your little black dress with a bold statement necklace. Complement your outfit with a silk tie in holiday colors such as red or green. Wear glasses with a sophisticated, beautiful frame. Look into buying glasses online because you will get a huge selection of sophisticated and stylish options. You will definitely showing up looking the part as a stylish professional at your holiday party with stylish glasses that help pull together the overall look for one of sophistication and class.

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