Must Haves for All New Puppy Owners

When you are shopping for your new puppy, it can be really fun. There are plenty of things to choose from too. There are so many places that you can shop too. It could be a specific pet store or the pet aisle of a supermarket or department store. There are rows and rows of different foods, dog beds, and accessories. You can get as much as you’d like, but there are some specifics that all new puppy owners do need to get. Here are a few of the essentials.




Collar and Leash


From day one, your new puppy will need a collar. So that is something that you need to get ahead of bringing your new pet home. It is important to have your information on there, should the puppy get lost or go wandering. So look for a collar that comes with a tag, then it can be engraved with the information that is needed. A leash is needed for walks. To start with, they won’t be all the time. But as your puppy grows, they will need to be walked at least once a day. So having one in and ready to go is the best idea.




Having somewhere for your puppy to sleep is a really good idea. They want to feel that they have some space that is their own, where they can rest and sleep. It might be a specific dog bed. If so, make sure that it is filled with layers to make it the most comfortable (it also makes things easier to wash when you do it like that). If you don’t fancy a specific dog bed, then making a little corner of the room just for your puppy is important. Make sure there are cushions and blankets there to make it nice and cozy.




Dogs are active animals and like to be on the move. Playing with them at home is a great way to keep them active, and it is also a great time for the two of you to bond. So an easy way to make play more fun, then you need to think about some toys that you can have in. It might be some bouncy balls or squeaky toys. It might be a small rope that you can play tug of war with. For the early days with a puppy, it might even be worth getting something like a dog playpen. It keeps them in one place, but they can still run around and play. It helps if you are toilet training them in this instance too. Then there will only be accidental mess in one area of the house.


Travel Accessories
From day one, you might need to have some dog travel accessories. It might be a crate to keep them secure in the car, or a smaller carry case to start with. Dogs rarely like to just be free to roam in the car. So having something to keep them in one place will actually help them to feel more secure.