No seriously this day is flying by!

Hey Everyone!

Well it it seems like I have been busy as a bee since I got up this morning!  I have already started dinner (had to boil some chicken for a casserole) made some garbonzo beans that I found a recipe for on facebook last night (they are good but they aren’t what i thought) and made a sandwich for me to have for lunch! I have started a load of dishes in the dishwasher, did a few blog posts and well here I am an it already almost 2? WOW. David came home and had leftover spaghetti for lunch and yeah… today is just moving fast for me!

I am thinking about getting a little more domestic and putting away some clothes, sorting some clothes to wash and making the bed here in a few and maybe even shaving but I am not sure about the shaving just yet lol even though I need to! I most likely will so don’t worry- It won’t be poor David sleeping with a pine tree lol.

I am also thinking about going back with office hours and designated times to work on different things at least through the summer since things are getting SO busy for me and aren’t showing any signs of me slowing down!  That way I can get a little more things done and not be as hodge podge, even though hodge podge is fun!

I would also like to find some sort of writing challenge to participate in because I was looking back at the ones I did throughout last summer and they were really fun and I had content generated every day and some interesting topics- so we’ll see if I can find one ! With having Southern-Belle needing some lovin (majorly- especially it being a year old lol) and The Social Blogging Society needing my attention I need to keep them all flowing as good as I can!

Today in a retrospect sort of situation is a good day because 1 year ago today My 2 year old drama ended! 🙂 That is a great memory and has really helped with my mood and all that good stuff so YAY 🙂

I was just thinking yesterday about me and my sleep issues and in the summer how they get crazy- I either become a morning person or a late night person and I don’t get to choose- it has to do with the heat and whatever .. anyways this year it is looking like I might be a nighttime owl. Which is generally how I am anyways .. but this way I stay up a little later and then sometimes I can still get up a bit early.. so we’ll see how that goes lol at least i don’t nap as much as I used to anyways and I get lots more done. .. thanks no more stupid drama from almost 3 years ago now 🙂

Anyways I am out for now to see what else I can get into before the day gets away from me!