Puppy Problems: The Most Common Issues New Dog Owners Face

Before you bring a new puppy home, you take the time to think carefully about every aspect of pet ownership, to ensure that you are ready for the responsibility that comes with owning a pet. While you can prepare for bringing a puppy home, there are some issues that you can’t always plan for, such as problems settling your pup into your family home. You may not think there will be issues, but puppies are full of surprises.

Understandably, it can take time for a new puppy to settle in and get to grips with their new lifestyle. The adjustment from being with their mother and siblings to living alone with you can be hard for some puppies, which is why there can sometimes be issues when a puppy first arrives in their new home.

To ensure that you know how to deal with all the most common problems that new dog owners face, below is a guide to all the most successful methods of dealing with these issues.


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Whining and crying

A lot of puppies will whine and cry when they first leave their mothers; this is perfectly normal behavior. However, what you don’t want is for it to become a habit and your dog to whine and cry constantly. The best way to help prevent whining and crying is to comfort and reassure your pooch, showing them love and kindness. The most common time when puppies cry is at night if they are left alone. To calm a puppy that’s whining and crying, wrapping a clock in a cloth and placing it in its bed is meant can help, as the rhythmic ticking is meant to sound like a heartbeat.

Having accidents in the house

One of the hardest tasks new dog owners face is house training them. To ensure that your dog understands that the garden is for going to the toilet and the house is not, it’s important to house train them as soon as you take them home, a good method for this is crate training. For puppies that are too young to go outside, using puppy training pads is your best bet. You can then move the pad outside once they are old enough to go in the garden, and teach them to go to the toilet outside. If you aren’t keen for your puppy to ruin your grass by urinating on it, using a dog fake grass mat could be the answer. By training your dog to urinate on a fake grass mat instead of on the grass means that your grass won’t be turned yellow by the urine and ruined.

Chewing things they shouldn’t

Puppies have a tendency to chew everything and anything, especially when they begin teething. From table legs to wires, puppies will chew just about anything. This can not only mean that they may ruin a piece of furniture, but also that they could hurt themselves, especially if they are prone to chewing wires. To prevent your puppy chewing anything that they shouldn’t, give them plenty of toys and chew treats, like rawhide if they are old enough to have it, that is. You can also buy special sprays that don’t taste or smell nice for dogs, which means if you spray furniture and wires with it, your pup should be put off of chewing them.


These are three of the most common problems that new dog owners face. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to combat them, allowing your puppy to grow into a happy and well-behaved dog.