sprint still sucks & other ramblings :)

I warn you all that there are LOTS of reviews heading your way lol. πŸ™‚ just so you know!

I still haven’t solved the sprint/screwed up phone sittuation. honestly, at this point i’m kind of like screw it and walk away. I mean HTC will probably fix the phone for me, and then I can sale it to cover cancellation…In Theory anyways right? though in my honest opinion sprint should let me out scott free when I was sitting in my living room with one bar of service and/or roaming. don’t worry i’m gonna be all over them like white on rice about the whole “72 hour ” crap

I want to say though about how i know it would look that taking that ps3 back would help this sittuation. In my opinion, it honestly wouldn’t. My husband works everyday and if he wants to keep a ps3 that he got an awesome deal on, it is fine by me. It isn’t like we have that much anyways. It isn’t his fault or place to have to take it back because of crappy ass sprint. (And omg have you EVER tried to take anything back to gamestop? we tried to take a ds that i bought back one time within a few hours just because I ended up not liking the color and they threw a fit!

<and we have bought like 4 value games that were like 20 that i can’t take back and won’t sale for very much>

Seriously though i’m sick of dealing with all that crazy drama. right now i’m trying to buckle down and write at least 2 reviews, and see about working some on ChaCha later on (maybe). I also need to come around and visit everyone and such πŸ™‚

more later


ps: i actually like this intercept TONS more than the Evo. david even managed to get my tangled theme back on it! + its small has a keyboard and reminds me of my mytouch. and works better. seriously!


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    Hey Sweetie!

    That sucks so hard about Sprint. I got screwed over REALLY bad by the AT&T people once on my first ever cell phone. The guy behind the counter added two of his buddies to his bill, and it took a HELL of a long time to convince AT&T that I, in fact, had only one phone. πŸ™ Ugh. I’ll probably stick with a SmartPhone forever, you know, the kind you just buy minutes for from Target? Lame.


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    What sort of error are you getting when trying to comment?

    My godparents are ok now, I think. It was over 19 years ago that it happened but it still must hurt every day.

    I hope you get your phone sorted out. πŸ™‚