Sprint, Your fired!

This morning I woke up to a phone that was half dead & subsequently would NOT charge leaving me with NO internet today!oh and ps: the phone isn’t even 2 months old!

well lets rewind a bit shall we…

last night when I unplugged the phone from the computer (because I tether my phone to my computer for the internet) It was totally charged. I disconnected pdanet (the app i use to tether, since it uses alot of battery if you don’t) went upstairs and plugged it into the wall charger (since I knew the charge would fall throughout the night due to apps running & syncing)

It never registered that it was plugged in. David thought it might be because of it being totally charged so we didn’t worry no more about it.

This morning I checked my email before he went to work and the charge was signifigantly drained. I plugged in, and went back to bed …didn’t pay any attention to if the lights came on.

When i got up, it was lower in battery. I thought ok. maybe it is the wall charger, or even the stupid outlet I had it in..so i tried 3 or 4 more outlets. Then plugged it into the computer…and ..nothing!  I then took the battery out..left it out tried again and ..nothing!

Then I called david.. he said to do a reset.. by this time the phone had already been in the yellow (right before the red when it dies) still nothing. after loosing all apps, pics and songs. (most of my pics were already on flickr /facebook and i had a list of my apps)

Nothing. Still not wanting to charge.

I call sprint and get some run around about how since I don’t have their insurance they cant help me..and because its the battery the manufacturer warranty  wouldnt cover that.. i am like i don’t even think so!! they couldn’t even tell me for sure it was the battery!!!.. I ended up hanging up …see we have had ANOTHER issue with sprint


now i don’t give 2 rats asses about their perfect voice signal. that is NOT why i have that phone. I have it for the net. and we totally have been 1 bar and roaming.. and its SHIT!

I have had a service ticket out for almost a week ..and it was only supposed to take 72 hrs..to find out if i could get out of the contract. they still can’t even tell me nothing about this ticket…ugh!

When david got home we took the phone to sprint and  they were totally NOT helpful. talking bout it would cost 35 bucks to replace under MANUFACTUER WARRANTY.. to which i told them HELL NO .. they say i can contact htc and i ask for the # for htc and get the runaround..oh and PS it is on BACKORDER

they finally gave it to me.

we went to bestbuy to see if they had anything that could solve the problem. NOT. I ended up getting a Samsung Intercept virgin mobile (still sprint i know) pay as you go android phone. I dont know but i’m gonna try to still get out of this contract and keep this, and/or if i have to take it back when we get this sittuation rectified. either way i have net/apps for now..for 25 a month!

Turns out when i got home this phone will work with PDA NET. i was like omg i can have what i’m paying 80 for for 25!! + we could get att dsl & hulu and barely crack 50! I am like omg cannot believe this!

anyways thats where i’ve been. I will try to get by to comment tomorrow. my mom & dad went on and went to my gma’s today so i’m here for the weekend!


ps: If i can get the phone fixed I can take it to bestbuy and get a 300 giftcard for it because it is through their buyback program…