The Top Doggy Health Fears This Summer (& How To Avoid Them)




Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the hard work is not over. Yep, just because you have gotten past the new puppy stage doesn’t mean you are in the clear. In fact, the toil is only just beginning because now it is summer and pooches have whole different problems. Obviously, this is a concern for owners like you because you want your dog to be in the best possible health. Thankfully, the good news is that your dog’s health doesn’t have to be an issue if you know how to tackle problems. First, though, you need to know what they are.


Heat Exhaustion


In summer, the weather is bound to be hot. But, unlike their owners, dogs can’t just take off their fur and cool down. For canines, overheating is a real problem that they face on a daily basis as they aren’t great at regulating body temperature. Of course, you can leave them to lounge around and do nothing all day, but they still need exercise. The trick is to take them out in the coolest part of the day and keep them inside when the temperature rises. That way, they are in no danger from the sun. Also, a haircut helps if they have lots of shaggy fur.




Fleas are always an issue, but more so in the summer. The reason for this is that dogs tend to socialize when it’s hot. After all, there are lots of dogs out and about as a general rule, which is when fleas transfer from one pooch to another. The first port of call is to spot the signs, such as constant scratching. Then, you need to treat the problem. A good tip is to find the best flea prevention for dogs on the market and apply it to their fur. Finally, clean the house in case of any further infestations and buy a flea collar.





The Water


Because it’s hot and dogs love water, they will run and jump into the nearest feature. Although this is mainly harmless and funny, it can take a turn. For one thing, the water temperature may not be good for their health. If they are too hot, jumping into ice cold water isn’t a good idea as it causes the muscles to contract and stop working. Plus, there is no way to tell what the bottom of the pond or lake is like without one-hundred percent clarity, and tangles do happen. As a rule, don’t leave your dog unattended near an open body of water. That way, you are ready to jump in if there is an incident.


Raw Paws


The sun has a major effect on a dog’s paws because it soaks into the ground. As a result, the asphalt can get too hot and cause their pads to redden and crack. The same goes for the beach if you are lucky enough to live next to one! To avoid any unnecessary damage, try and walk your dog on the grass as much as possible. After all, it isn’t as hot, and it’s a lot softer on their paws.