why should we choose rescue dogs

All dogs are equal. No I’m not copying a phrase from Animal Farm and no some are definitely not more equal than others. Whether they are picked up from the street, from the compound or bought, a dog in the end is just a dog; a companion, a comrade, a best friend.

So why go rescue? I hear you ask. Why adopt when you can just buy? It’s not like adopting children is it? Surely an old scruffy rescue dog is going to be vicious, untrained, savage so why go to all these risks? Well let’s say age just like with humans still has lots of beauty. Yes puppies are cute. Unbelievably cute. However, there is something extra special about an older dog isn’t there? Whether it’s maturity, wisdom or that life experience, older dogs are arguably the best companions for people. Older people especially will appreciate a dog that’s more placid and less attention seeking than a puppy would be. If the rescue dog is not trained (and a lot of them are anyway), then it will be fun coaching the wonders of the world to it or alternatively you can send it to ptsd service dog training.

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So you call yourself a humanitarian? Or should I say a dogitarian? Well if you are; you’ll have alluded to the fact that you are saving a life. Yes, if it wasn’t for you, then your new pet pooch may have been out wandering the streets alone and shivering in the cold night air…staring at a car racing towards it or having to be sadly put down for its horrific injuries caused by its horrible ex owners. However look who put on their red cape and saved the day? You. You did the right thing. Giving this delightful dog a lovely new home and cuddles for life. Pat on the back and three cheers.

Happy owner. Happy pet. This is how it will be. You’ll be delighted to meet your new best friend and to spend valuable time with it by taking it for walks and playing with it. Your fitness will improve considerably and you’ll have fun in the process. Your dog? Well those worries in the past will completely disappear as he regains his self esteem and does each day what normal dogs do: eat, sleep, run and have a whole load of fun.


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One more benefit about a rescue dog is the price. While breeders charge a fair bit of money, rescue dogs are notoriously cheap. Furthermore, many shelters provide neuters and vaccinations to dogs that come into their care so you’ll be receiving not just a new, happy dog but an incredibly healthy dog.

So go rescue. You will not regret it. Just one short trip into your local dog rescue can not only change your whole life but that of your new best friend. And let’s face it, our lives are miserable, laborious and short. O.k. That quote is from Animal Farm.