Your Well-Rounded Fashionable Persona

Yesterday’s Fashion Requirements

Years ago women would put curlers in their hair to get the perfect fashionable style of the day. They would then select that just right little black dress to go with their hair, grab the matching pearls to go with it, add just the right clutch handbag and shoes and be the height of fashion. It is no longer the 1950’s and fashion in today’s world has radically changed. Fashion is now an integrated lifestyle which starts with a basic outfit while adding accessories like eyeglasses and necklaces that reflect lifestyle choices in both fashion and interior design.

The Evolution of Fashion

A basic outfit with matching accessories is still the norm. When rap became popular it started to be essential to match your clothing with your lifestyle and the music you loved. Rap was both a popular music style as well as a lifestyle. The gansta look matched the gansta sound. This integrated fashion with music and lifestyle on the outside of the home. Interior design has become more important in the eyes of those who study and apply fashion to their lives and has been added to the mix. A person must not only match their clothes and accessories to their lifestyle as defined by the music they love, they must also match their home and possibly their work place design into that lifestyle for true integration.

Today’s Fashion

These days one must start with a basic outfit matching their musical style. From there they must choose the appropriate accessories while residing in a home which has interior design to match. The Indie music genre is the perfect example. Integrating interior design with Indie music translates into bohemian vintage style. Barn door hardware would fit well with this style in interior design. Oakley prescription sunglasses as accessories would further enhance the image of a person whose taste in music ran to Indie.

How to Integrate Your Fashion Lifestyle

If a person wanted to go to this length of integration in their life how would they begin? The easiest way would be to identify the music artists which fit best with the lifestyle a person leads. Most musical performers have an on-stage persona which reflects the style of their music. Using Stevie Nicks as an example would mean dressing in layers for a unique look unknown to the regular fashion industry. She actually dressed more as an Indie artist than a rock star and was ahead of her time. Her outfits were meant to draw attention for being unconventional and bohemian at a time when convention was the height of fashion.

Once a person has the music, the artists and the basic clothing style chosen then accessories are the next feature to add to the mix. Shoes, belts, earnings, rings, perhaps a purse for a woman, and even a hat would need to match the style chosen. The Look is the key here and great care must be taken to make sure there is a cohesive whole, not just a collection of accessories that jar with the basic design of clothing.

Your vehicle is a very loud extension of your style. What and how you drive says a lot about you. Do you charter executive car services in NYCf or drive a 30 year old car even if you can afford a new one. Those are obviously both extremes

Integrating Lifestyle Fashion with Interior Design

Integrating interior design should flow naturally after a person has chosen their music and clothing style. Any piece of furniture or home accessory should be a natural extension of the expression of the music a person loves. If a piece does not fit harmoniously within the style of the music then it does not belong. It may take a bit of hunting but the overall effect can be achieved with a bit of diligence when searching through shops and stores for just the perfect furniture pieces and accessories.

Fashion no longer makes the person’s life; it is the person’s life as integration defines who we are clearly in all aspects of our life.

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