Respectful Comment Policy

If you leave a comment, please be respectful. You don’t have to like what I say or agree with what I do. Please keep in mind though that this is MY site. I am entitled to write as I wish! If you do leave a comment that I decide is disrespectful or otherwise not appropriate it probably won’t be approved, and most likely it will be ignored.

Link Exchanges/Affilates

I LOVE link exchanges & affiliates. I don’t care if you have a hosted site, or if your simply using blogspot or something of the sorts. you don’t have to be hosted to have an awesome site! some people might feel that way but I sure don’t. If your interested in exchanging links just drop me a comment on a post and ask.

I do check every now and then to make sure that people still have me linked, especially when they haven’t been around for a while. if you don’t then please don’t be offended to see me take you off my list! Link exchanges are that. and they are not one sided

the only thing i ask of my link exchanges/affilates is please comment!  I will comment at your site at least once a week. sometimes even more. 🙂 it just depends. please return the favor! you dont have to comment every entry I write, but please show up on a regular basis!