Holiday Gift Guide Review: Edible Arrangements Reindeer Sleigh Ride


Ahh the Holiday Season is definitely upon us! I know I started to feel it right around thanksgiving and then it will continue right into the new year. I know when it comes to the holiday the two things I think of are being around family and big meals. Presents are in there but in my world those are far and few between. I am usually lucky to get a trip to the store from my mom and a couple of boxes of random household stuff from my grandma, but I am totally fine with that, it shows that the gifts are something useful for me!


About Edible Arrangements:

So,When I recently had the chance to review for edible arrangements I was ecstatic! I had experienced them in the past I think it was for my and David’s second anniversary, and I was really impressed and I had always hoped that I would get a chance to sample on of them again, but it just hadn’t happened quite yet.

In case you don’t know Edible Arrangements is like the MOST AWESOME alternative to flowers, because well.. it is pretty but you get something more out of it, like awesome fruit to eat. You don’t get quite that much out of a flower arrangement just costs a lot and dies 🙁 Also you generally in my experience get a nice little keepsake with the Edible arrangement like a basket or something that the fruit was arranged in!

So, What Did I get?

I received the Reindeer Sleigh Ride arrangement and it arrived right in time for me to be able to take it to Thanksgiving at my mom and dads so that I could share it with them. The arrangement included Cantaloupe, Honeydew,Strawberries, Grapes and reindeer shaped pineapple dipped in semi sweet chocolate. It comes in a ceramic sleigh to add that festive touch as well. I know that I like that we can use the sleigh later on to decorate throughout this holiday season and others to come.


The arrangement arrived on late Tuesday evening,and thanksgiving was on Thursday. I quickly ushered it off to our refrigerator and was pretty sure that even though it says you should take it apart off of the skewers with in 24 hours and everything that it would surely make it till Thursday…I even consulted with my mom who assured me as long as there were no bananas that it would. I don’t recommend that you take the chance , since that isn’t what the company recommends but I do know that it worked for me, so you have to use your own judgement on that one!


The arrangement was big, pretty and all wrapped up in my fridge, and it was so tempting to steal a nibble, but I made myself hold out until Thursday morning. My mom was really impressed with how big and pretty it was and we set up on the desert table among the pies and cakes she had made! It was really nice to be able to have a healthy snack to nibble on amongst all of the sweets and heavy food of the day.

The fruit was totally fresh, tasted awesome, and there was enough left at the end of the day to split with my parents so we could all enjoy it for a few more days. I left the sleigh at my moms so she could use it to put her cloth napkins in and she loves it. I think we might alternate the custody of the sleigh from year to year!

My favorite was the honeydew and grapes. My mom liked the chocolate reindeer but I am not a big pineapple person! The cantaloupe and strawberries were awesome as well. There were no complaints at the end of the day!It was just such a fresh and festive addition!

Finishing It Up:

I really enjoyed being able to share this with my family, and maybe in the future I can take one to one of our bigger family events in Virginia. Unfortunately with the weather at thanksgiving and the way that Christmas falls this year we won’t be able to make it there for the holidays this year. However, at least we aren’t totally alone and are able to enjoy it and make the best of it.

I look forward to experiencing edible arrangements in the future. They have SO many options! Ahh..Until We meet again, I will enjoy the memories of this latest fruit bouquet!