Nichole & David’s TN Adventure Fall 2014-Sunoco Sponser of My FUEL for the Road

When you are getting ready to go on a trip, there are a few things you have to square away before you go! It might be having someone take care of your fur babes, packing, finding a place to stay and things to do but … there is one thing that you have to have before you go on ANY Sort of trip whether it be just to go to the grocery store or on a vacation and that is GAS (or whatever fuel your car runs on- I know my dads truck runs on diesel!). Without that you aren’t going anywhere- or at least anywhere very far!

I was happy as could be to be able to find someone to partner with me to sponsor my fuel for the road for David and My TN Adventure and that was the awesome folks at Sunoco! I have partnered with Sunoco a few times here on the blog and even have done a giveaway of a gift card in the past! So when it came time to find sponsors for my trip they were one of the first places that popped into my head!

Sunoco is a Gas Station that I had heard of before I worked with them and I knew I had saw out and about but I didn’t know exactly WHERE I had saw them or if it was even close by! Turns out we had one in town before we moved, and it also turns out there are 2 within 5 minutes of where we live now so we are def. using them more than before since we got a little bit more familiar with where they are located,and since they have been so generous to me as a blogger! I like to be loyal to those who help me along the way with various things here on the blog!

I love the idea of gift cards when it relates to a gas station more than you can even possibly imagine! I have always liked Gift Cards in general, don’t get me wrong! I however think that a gas station gift card is one of the most practical gift cards you can have because anyone that has a car (which would be most people) can benefit from the use of it! Not only can you use it for GAS (seriously, keep one tucked in the car for emergencies is an awesome idea)but you can use it inside for snacks and drinks as well.

We fueled up before we dropped Marley off at Davids dads. I don’t remember seeing any sunocos along the way,but it wasn’t a huge deal as my car gets awesome gas mileage. I think between getting there (about hours) and running from town to town while we were there at least 4x I only used a half tank of gas (if that). I would have been fine not even filling up again till we were back to pick Marley up! I ended up with a little bit of Money left on the card and I had David put it in the car so he can use it later on!  You can always find a Sunoco Location near you though! I think a lot of the ones on our route were just in small towns and such that we just weren’t familiar with!

I am as always satisfied with my awesome experience with Sunoco and I hope to be able to continue to work with them in the future!


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    Awesome post, loved reading it. Yes you are totally right, GAS is the biggest major concern and the most expensive part of the trip. Well I guess it depends how far you travel.

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    I recently got a Sunoco card – we don’t have as many around our City as we had in the past. It used to be a go-to service and gas station. I am glad to see more of them when we travel across the country. I think in this day and age, a Gas gift card is one of the best gifts you can give a driver!
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