#BeSociety #30DaysofPics Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.

Something I crave a lot? hmm. I have many cravings! Usually the top though, is wings and fries! I think I could eat wings and fries everyday and never get sick of them! I also tend to really like Salads with homemade ranch dressing!

I wanted to be able to include a picture, and something else that I have a mad craving for most all the time are HOMEGROWN tomatoes from my mom and dads garden! I love them with Rice, by themselves, on a sandwich with mayo, or even with eggs!
I really miss them when the season is over, and I am sorry but store bought tomatoes just do NOT compare. Also nothing compares to dukes Mayo!

Thanks, Now I am Hungry!


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    Holy moly! That is some size of a tomato! O_o I don’t think I have ever seen any that big before, certainly not in the supermarkets let alone homegrown 🙂 I have tomato envy lol