I am a VERY proud Carowinds Caro-Blogger :) #luvcarowinds #caroblogger


    I am part of the carowinds caro bloggers program where I received 4 gold seasons passes in exchange for sharing related posts of events,visits and the like and my honest thoughts, ideas and experiences with my readers. This post is part of working with that program! All thoughts,ideas, experiences, etc are honest and my own. yours may vary. As a special side note the caro bloggers program website linked below is currently being worked on and as of 1:22 EST Friday July 10th I am not on the page just yet, just so you know! This year Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C decided to branch out and make a program for bloggers  and I was VERY excited when I got invited to apply back in May and even more excited when I got the email that told me I was accepted!  The program is the Carowinds Caro-Bloggers program and  it could not have came at a more perfect time for me, because I had been looking to branch out more into blogging about things to do /events instead of just … [Read more...]

A long but entertaining week

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Hey Everyone Is it me or is this the LONGEST WEEK EVER? I don't know if it is because I am anticipating the Elevation concert on Friday so much or what but.. dude by the way I feel it should already be Saturday lol. I didn't plan to get up early this morning but Sam was being wild and crazy and ended up waking me back up right after David left/I went back to sleep so I finally just pushed through and got up. I have been working on getting various papers together for my lawyer and coming up with a list of questions a mile long at the same time of course. We will be filing this stuff on the 12th and after that I won't really have to be worried anymore thankfully :) like i say its nothing but a thing and it will be done and over in less than a months time so no biggie! Yesterday was kind of interesting I guess lol. I hit this sharp spot in the carpet in between our bedroom and bathroom and fell lol. it got me right in the soft spot of my foot. Thankfully no bruises or broken … [Read more...]

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Hey Everyone! Well.. At least last week got a bit better, especially with my mom! I was beginning to wonder! I had talked to her Friday morning and she was still acting weird to me and I was honestly SO over it at that point. I was considering sending her a message on Facebook to tell her when she was over what ever her issue with me was she could contact me.. but in the mean time she called and asked me to go to the library (I had been wanting to get a library card since I haven't had one since oh.. 2007 or so when David and I used to not have the internet and we went to the library to use it!) Anyways I couldn't go because I had told David to come home at lunch and I would make him some food. Well she was DETERMINED to go at 11:30 so I was like yeah, I can't go until at least 12:30 or so. David came home at lunch but he was running behind and it was probably 12:45 when he left to go back to work. Well my mom calls and said she never did make it to the library yet and did I want … [Read more...]


This Week- Really? lol

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Phew.. This week has been.. um.. busy? different? stressful? Monday was a typical monday for the most part...  I just was trying to get whatever done that was left over from the weekend. Oh and read because I was having my dork out over my books :) Anyways, I got some - unsettling news that afternoon. It isn't OMG HORRIBLE or anything- I mean it isn't good at all but yeah that kinda took the wind out of my sails. Lets just say I got some paperwork delivered to my moms (which is DUMB because I don't live there and they knew i didn't) but I had to get her to bring it over and call a lawyer. Tuesday I waited for my lawyer appointment pretty well all day. I wanted to get up early- I was wide awake but I didn't want to stress all day so I went back to sleep. My appointment was originally was for 1 and david was going to come home at lunch to take me so we could both deal with this issue but the appointment got rescheduled for 2. Anyways we got lots of answers and options and I feel … [Read more...]

31 days of summer Day # 20 Summer Foods #VerifiedMomBCN


Oh this is an easy one ... pretty much anyone knows I am what I would consider to be a seasonal eater- which means I like lighter cooler things in the summer and heavy goodies that are hearty and hot in the winter :) 1. Salad- Regular salad with lettuce and all that kind of jazz 2. Pasta salad- the kind my mom makes most of all but I also like one the ones that you get in the box at the store- :) there is even a recipe on there where you can put grapes and chicken and such and it is YUM- but I can't find the brand of poppy seed dressing I like anymore- the one i liked had a tang to it a little bit. 3.Sandwich- any sort of any kind. I especially like tomatoe and egg with DUKES mayo 4.chicken salad 5.potatoe salad 6.egg salad 7. garden stuff- like fresh potatoes and greenbeans and whatnot I think we were supposed to come up with 10 but if you count all the different variations of these things I mentioned we would have more than 10 :) … [Read more...]

Dorking out over my books :)

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Hey Everyone! This weekend was fast and furious but in a good way :) I ended up going over to my moms after all on Friday- at first I thought she had too much to do/going on but she ended up calling me when David was here for lunch and I was like well.. I think I will just stay here and go through some things for the elusive yardsale lol. Anyways I ended up calling her back and going over there anyways. Right before David and My Dad got off work I decided to get into my bookshelf and look for a few books and I ended up dorking out about it lol. I totally want to go over there and clean out all my books now- bring some home, put some in my sale and organize them and all that kind of thing! They are a mess :( *sniff*  because over time my mom has put other sets in there and just put them where she could fit them.. I ended up bringing home some of my fear street books - the collectors editions that have 3 books each in them and I think I have read about 4 of them so far! I know … [Read more...]

31 Days of Summer Day #18 Summer Money Saving #verifiedmomBCN


Oh I am so the wrong person to talk to you about saving money at anytime regardless of the season lol. I mean honestly I did pretty well on my own all those years, and then I got with David and it all went out the window. Well.. that is mainly his doing but .. yeah ha ha. I don't know I would just go broad and general and say look for deals on the activities that you want to do..there are lots of things out there you can do with a deep discount and what not if you are just patient and look! shop at thrift shops/yardsales and that kind of thing. Only buy things that you really NEED and can get lots of use out of when it comes to clothes and appliances and that type of thing!  Use coupons if you can- and find out when they double. Look for clearance sales! I would also suggest checking pinterest and searching for summer fun on a budget or something like that too because I know I have even saw some facebook groups that have fun and free things for different regions and the … [Read more...]