Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Information, Early Sponsors, Pitch Me Form (Sponsors Wanted) #holidaygiftguide

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Hey Everyone! I cannot believe that it is already time for Holiday Gift Guide 2016. I decided to start a bit earlier than usual this year, because I had already started to receive pitches!  I am thinking of starting in Mid August instead of October this year. This is my main post that will have all the information, my early sponsors (they get extra love and shoutouts) and of course a form to pitch me! My blog turned 6 years old in May and I had an AMAZING time doing my gift guide last winter! I am not in the reviewing for just whatever I can get for free, and I also write very in depth reviews and not just copy/pasted information from the products site or press release. I will totally update this as needed between now and the start of the guide, and then when the guide goes live I will have this post linked up to the guide which will be pinned to the top of the blog until the new year! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift … [Read more...]

glad it is friday

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As you may remember yesterday we got HALF of our bed that we had ordered. It is a Ghost Bed, and no it isn't for review- we took advantage of the payment plan/0% interest/101 night trial thing and when David gets his Christmas bonus/extra $$ we will just pay it off. .. ANYWAYS... David got home around 5:15 and we didn't get through till a little after 8:00 because first of all they sent the wrong screws- dry wall screws and not wood screws so they weren't long enough so david had to make a trip to lowes. Then... we had two slats that were bowed and they wound up breaking so we had to go over to mom and dads and have my dad cut two more slats! We had heard putting the cover on the frame was the hard part but it was actually the easiest thing for us lol. Today I just got the Mattress.. the way it was packaged it was easy just to roll it in the house and I rolled it in the extra room. I am going to go in there and move some random stuff out of the way so when we get ready to move the … [Read more...]

half of a shipment

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Hey Everyone Well.. I got up early this morning expecting a shipment from fedex- did I mention we are getting a ghost bed? it isn't for review we are doing the payment plan but anyways, long story short the foundation showed up a bit ago but I can't get it in the house because it is so heavy. I was afraid it might fall standing up against the apt so I laid it in front of the door and gave enough room for Marley and Me to get out and back in later... However, the bed /mattress part didn't show up and I am not sure why they weren't together but.. I guess it gives us time to build the foundation and then put the mattress on it tomorrow? I think my mom is coming over with some random stuff... I had to get a set of sheets from her because I have always had a full size bed and this one we are getting will be a queen.  I think she was gonna go to the grocery store and get some stuff first though so who knows when she might roll up! I don't have much going today- got some towels … [Read more...]

water like milk?

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Hey Everyone Well... lets see.. I managed to clean out a bag of papers just off the coffee table pretty much yesterday afternoon! I wanted a sub so bad I finally just talked David into picking me up one on his way home. He had to stop and put airs in the tires too so I don't know what that was about- maybe some temp. changes were causing them to fluctuate or something? We ended up going to walmart for a few things and when I got back it was pretty much time for the liars. while I was watching David was taking a shower, then he gave marley a bath- she smells so pretty and feels so plush!  We were getting ready for bed and I was going to try wearing my ear phones so I could listen to the roku and BAM would you believe my 24/7 friends channel/ and my 24/7 frasier channel were down? I had the notion to wear the ear phones instead of my head phones because I can just wad them up and stick them under my pillow case so I don't have to get up and put them in the bathroom because of Sam … [Read more...]

wish the “mystery package(s)” would hurry up and get here!

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Hey Everyone Well I am stalking for fedex this morning for those mystery packages that don't match up with anything I expect. Honestly the only thing I expected the day they were sent was a ROKU and I already had tracking for it so..I guess time will tell! Usually when I get Fedex out of what I will call "the north" the packages tend to get here a bit earlier...usually around 9 or 10 ..but usually before lunchtime so here is hoping. I really hope it is lots of nice goodies that I can actually use and not something totally ridiculous!  I have only ever had a package come one time before that I wasn't expecting that I didn't know what was in it and it turned out well- it was my sephora from years ago that I featured in my HGG! I am trying to square up pitches and stuff for my holiday gift guide but I think I am pretty well on that note so I will likely have lunch, and then try to clean out some stuff in the house. I am kind of in one of those I sit in the house all day and … [Read more...]

Must Be Monday

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Hey Everyone Well I am currently sitting here stressing because I got a yes on a pitch and when I sent the link to the gal I had been looking at two comparable items- except the one was a countertop version- which we have NO counterspace available and don't you just know I sent her the link to the countertop one and I didn't realize if for over an hour. Now I am freaking out that she won't be able to fix it :( I even considered calling her and seeing if she maybe checks her voicemail before her emails. I am keeping my fingers crossed because the countertop wasn't what I was going for at all.. *sigh* it must be monday! Tomorrow I have a set of Packages coming and I don't recognize the name on the shipping label, I am not expecting anything and its 3 16lb boxes for a total of 48lbs and I am at a loss! I even contacted the company on the label and they ran my name address and all 3 tracking numbers and can't figure it out! Should be interesting for sure. I found out one reason … [Read more...]

I reveal the vague thing from a few weeks ago!

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Hi Everyone Well Today is getting gone fast!  I know last night I slept really well because David let me go watch tv in bed instead of having to stay up in the living room! I always tell him if he was REALLY tired he'd go on to sleep= which he usually does anyways he just likes to fight me on it lol. I don't know how many times he has fallen asleep and I stay up a while watching whatever and it never bothers him! Anyways he was asleep well before I turned off the tv at a whopping 1030 so there! I decided to tell you all what the "big vague thing" was from a few weeks back. I am going to try to make this as short as possible - basically mom and dad wanted to try to get us a house - seeing as how we have crap credit and whatnot for various reasons. We are actually not far off on having the appropriate credit for a house but- its gonna be a while and our lease would be renewing soon and all that kind of thing. I still find it amazing I have a 22,000+ car sitting out there that … [Read more...]