Nichole’s Tennessee Adventure September 2014-Sponsors Shoutout


I wanted to do a little something special for any of my wonderful sponsors for my trip to Tennessee this September, So anyone who sponsors me will get a special shout out here in this post, which will be pinned to the top of my blog until after the trip!  As I get new sponsors I will add to this … [Continue reading]

c’mon phone! 17 herb chicken ..and.. more!

Hey Everyone! This not having a phone thing is starting to get on my nerves lol. I wouldn't even mind if it was a basic phone because let me telling you depending on facebook and gmail for conversation bites!  My phone should be here at some point today. Of course the whole order is whacked up … [Continue reading]

Dead Phone? I am *not* amused .. but it’s good..

Well.. Goodness ME! I kind of knew today wasn't going to be all that fetching with David being gone most of the day to volunteer at church. There is … [Continue reading]

busy all day. here n there

Today has been a busy one! First of all David wanted my mom to cut his hair so we headed over there around 9 a/m. I was up at 6 sneezing and … [Continue reading]

all the random. thanks sleep!

Hey Everyone! Well oddly enough when David left I was pretty awake! Since Sunday we have managed to sleep through the night Monday, Wednesday and … [Continue reading]

Nichole & David’s TN Adventure Fall 2014-Sunoco Sponser of My FUEL for the Road

When you are getting ready to go on a trip, there are a few things you have to square away before you go! It might be having someone take care of your … [Continue reading]

I am *cold* what?

Don't ever tell any of the people I went to Appalachian with but OMG the past two days I have been freezing lol. I think it has been the 60's pretty … [Continue reading]