Restless & Busy

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Hey Everyone! Well I did NOT sleep good last night :( I went to bed fairly early but ugh so restless. I know I felt kind of not right yesterday and it took me most of the day to place what it was about but it was the anniversary of my big drama from 4 years ago so apparently that was in my subconscious isn't that crazy?  Then we got some news last night that I am not directly sad about, but I am sad for some of the people involved. I know so vague all around there but I don't want to talk about THE DRAMA. .. and the other is also private but unrelated. David had a DR appointment this morning but he had forgot to tell me so I kept thinking he'd be getting up soon. I was wanting something cold to drink and I kept waiting for him to get up because I figured it would be soon- this was at 4 something and I thought well 4:45.. then 530.. then 6.. I finally just got up at 550 and got some juice and he's like oh yeah I'm not getting up till 8!  I was like dude that would have been handy … [Read more...]

Yes, another update today!

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Hey Everyone Well.. I managed to get a few random house related things done- had to make the bed, put some dishes in the dishwasher, make some ranch dressing , take marley out and was trying to weed through emails and such and got a weird call from my mom that scared me to death! Turns out she is having one of her silent migraines- the first one in well over a year and I am having to keep a check on her- seriously she scared me because I could tell something was wrong and I could barley here her and stuff! I actually have to call her back in about 30 min. I feel so bad because there isn't a thing I can do for her and even if I could , I wouldn't have a way to get there since we only have the one car! I did a few other random things but at the moment they aren't coming to me.. I really need to work on some reviews... I am trying to clear up a couple things with 2 of them- that way maybe I can write them later on and jump straight into my biltmore house and the travel savvy … [Read more...]

Playing Catchup

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Hey Everyone Well I didn't feel so great when I woke up this morning - David is having to go in to work at 5 and I stayed up too long last night and all that good stuff. Anyways I managed to push through and my mom had gotten some garden tomatoes and I wanted one. She had to run out to the store so she swung by and got me and I went tanning, to her house for a few things and to walmart.  Of course when I got back home I had to get everything put away and all that good stuff. I had to freeze my tanning package since QVC snafued us up! I laugh because I was telling my mom that we wanted to get ahead on our car payment and she said everytime her and my dad make an extra payment somewhere something crazy comes up. I know that feeling well- not only did QVC decide to be cute, but we had to get a serpantine belt put on the car so there went that thought lol. Hey as long as I have food and a place to live it is all good though lol David had to get a new card - I just have to make … [Read more...]

Infographic: Monetizing your space- Tools to Monetize Extra Space in Your Home

As a gal who is always on the prowl to come up with extra cash for various reasons (tanning, etc) I found this to be a very fascinating little infographic! i know that I will be combing through the house to see if I have any of these things! Tools to Monetize Extra Space in Your Home Created By: … [Read more...]

get this day started!

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Hey Everyone Well I am here trying to get my day started! I have had a tiny bit of what I believe to be a kidney infection the past 2 days or so but I also think it might be just related to my female stuff in general - so I have been doing cystex and cranberry juice like crazy. Today was the first Day of david being back at work after being home for 9 days so I decided to just sleep in!  I also have either managed to sleep on my ear wrong or I am having the slightest earache but it is o.k- not feeling too awful shabby. I am trying to sort through emails because I did a horrid job of it last week. I know I had pitches and stuff that I wanted to follow up on and all that kind of thing but I didn't keep a list for some reason so... hello hot email mess! I will eventually get it all sorted out. I can already tell it is one of those days as in that David is at work just for the simple fact that Marley and Sam are acting foolish! Sam won't hush for some reason even though he has food, … [Read more...]

nothing to see here ;)

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Hey Everyone Well today we are not into too much - recovering from all that walking yesterday for sure. Oh and I think marley is having a country hangover from spending the day with my mom!  The only thing I am wanting to do is grab something to eat and then I don't care if I do anything else the rest of the day! I am trying to catch up on cleaning up and following up on emails but not having a lot of luck so far! It is my and David's 9th anniversary so I wish we could at least get something nice for lunch but I don't see that happening at this point lol. I guess we peaked too soon this week ha ha. I know that my mom and dad are going out of town tomorrow- generally this weekend is the big family reunion for my moms family - well it was when I was younger anyways and my grandma is wanting to have this big shin dig and no one is really able to come and she isn't too happy about it all lets just say! She kinda got cranky with me a little bit on the phone the other night- it was … [Read more...]