Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Information, Early Sponsors, Pitch Me Form (Sponsors Wanted) #holidaygiftguide

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Hey Everyone! I cannot believe that it is already time for Holiday Gift Guide 2016. I decided to start a bit earlier than usual this year, because I had already started to receive pitches!  I am thinking of starting in Mid August instead of October this year. This is my main post that will have all the information, my early sponsors (they get extra love and shoutouts) and of course a form to pitch me! My blog turned 6 years old in May and I had an AMAZING time doing my gift guide last winter! I am not in the reviewing for just whatever I can get for free, and I also write very in depth reviews and not just copy/pasted information from the products site or press release. I will totally update this as needed between now and the start of the guide, and then when the guide goes live I will have this post linked up to the guide which will be pinned to the top of the blog until the new year! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift … [Read more...]

that what am I gonna make for dinner part of the day

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Hey Everyone Well currently I am in my WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE FOR DINNER part of the day, because this is generally when it is time to lay something out or put it in the slow cooker! We are having a party here at the apartments tonight but not really sure of the food situation, because the flyer mostly boasted free wine and beer - and you know i'm gonna go sot it up because we pay a fortune to live here so I might as well lol. I was thinking a pot roast but I can't find a seasoning pack like I usually use, and I don't have any onion soup mix so.. not sure about that. I laid out some little steaks I have and I cold either make beef stew, beef barley soup or even beef peppers and rice (if I have peppers? I don't even know) I really should get in the freezer and make heads and tails of what is in there! I worked myself silly yesterday managing 3 reviews and I can't even name what in all I got done in the house. I know it was laundry and putting away and straightening the living … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Ninja Cooking System 3 in 1 #review #sponsored


I am sure by now you realize that my favorite reviews generally includes something to do with tech,kitchen, or food or maybe even a combination of the above. Not that I don't love all the items I get to review, but it seems like these sorts of items just call out to me for some reason. I can remember when I was in college and I didn't even have a place of my own really- just an apartment shared with 3 roommates at a time and I can remember a friend of mine and I used to spend hours in the kitchen section at the small 7-11 walmart! (in other words it wasn't very big but I loved to dream!) You probably have also noticed that I have loved doing reviews for the the awesome folks that have the Ninja brand of products (and they also are the same awesome people I have gotten awesome Shark brand goodies from as well) so even though I had already featured an item from them this holiday gift guide go around, I had mentioned that if it was ever possible for me to get one of the Ninja Cooking … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: MyCharge Hubmax #review #sponsored


Think about everything you likely carry with you in a days time if you are out and about- it likely involves one or more devices that you have to charge such as your phone or tablet...and when you travel you are likely having to not only carry your devices and cords to perhaps try to charge on the go, but you are likely carrying other devices and cords that belong to other family members! I know that our car has a built in usb hub that you can charge things on if you have the cord with you- but first of all you have to have the cord which I sometimes do and sometimes don't- but it doesn't do a great job at charging either- I am talking you might get a few percent but that's about all...and like i say that is IF you happen to have a cord stuck in the car or remembered to grab it on your way out the door. That is kind of the way it is with most chargers. We have had the ones that go to the cigarette lighter and all that kind of thing but they are still inconvenient! Oh and how if you … [Read more...]


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Hey Everyone My word for today is DETERMINED I suppose.. DETERMINED to get things ACCOMPLISHED. SO far I guess I am doing OK.. I did get a review up but my actual review goal that I have is 5 all together so I am 4 off.. I have a few emails sent out with various questions so in reality I might be able to get the one that I do not have an email sent off about finished by the end of this day, so that will be great too. I want to catch up that way I can try to pitch for new things- I miss getting deliveries...and no, the one I got this morning doesn't count because it was Victoria Secrets stuff I bought from Cyber Monday lol. Which I did really amazing I got 10 undies and 5 full size body items (sprays and wash) - that was $60 but I wanted that tote bag so bad with the $75 purchase so I had to get a water bottle I didn't really need but it was o.k lol. I just wish the spray would have been the glitter spray but apparently that didn't even exist for some reason? My mom stopped by … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Squatty Potty #review #sponsored #squattypotty


The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on this web site. Never rely on information on this web site in place of seeking professional medical advice. I have an affinity for items that have been featured on Shark Tank- even though I am really behind on watching it! I think that I have brought you reviews for at least one item in the past that was featured on the show- if not more- and I hope to bring you more on that note in the future. I was thinking of something useful but kind of a little bit- well not traditional to feature for you all, when I had saw a friend of mine talking about a particular item on facebook and I was like - OH I had totally forgotten about that- I wonder if they would work with me for a review in the holiday gift guide and lo and behold they not only worked with me but they sent me an extra … [Read more...]

fall got the memo i believe

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Hey Everyone Greetings from the cool and rainy south! I think the weather must have got a memo that it is late fall and it best get in gear! I mean we have the blowing pouring rain that soaks even my window in the living room and even has came back on our patio which doesn't happen very often. There isn't too horribly much going on in my world- which I Have to say after all the stuff that has went on this year- especially the last 6 months it is perfectly fine with me to say that. looks like that peaceful december I wanted for me and my family might just end up happening yet! The weekend was pretty fast and furious. We went to eat at the mexican place saturday morning literally as soon as they opened because our road was getting blocked from 12:15-3:00 for a parade (don't ask me , lol) and we were coming back in about 11:40 and basically it was backed up through the main intersection so David just road the turn lane all the way up to the turn in for the apt place. Sunday I … [Read more...]