#CarolinaBlogging15 Carolina Blogging First Ever Meetup: March 28 2015


I have been looking for SOMETHING to pick me back up from the "Winter Blues Induced Blogging Rut" so I went a searching the webs to see if I could find any blog conferences or meetups even to help me out! I was stoked to find an event REALLY local to me in Gastonia, N.C coming up on March 28 … [Continue reading]

getting back on my blog bandwagon

Hey Everyone! Well.. The weekend sure did come and go awfully fast!  Nothing all that exciting happened- I had hope we could make it to church on Saturday evening but we ended up having to deal with Davids family (his mom and grandma) visiting + we had his brother here so by the time they left … [Continue reading]

birthdays. sold cars. unemployment.missed work.

Hey Everyone Well- I have started SEVERAL blog posts this past week but I get busy doing other things so I haven't managed to publish one! Ah... … [Continue reading]

Has the Boredom set in yet?

Hey Everyone! I think boredom has set in here in the G household! I am so wore out from so many freaking asthma attacks so I took an epic nap! I … [Continue reading]

lack of oxygen makes you see things

Greetings from the COLD south :) It is about 17 right now if that outside! I am not really sure what the low was.. when I got up about 8 it was 12 I … [Continue reading]

No work this week :(

Hey Everyone Well we got "That CALL" yesterday afternoon saying that David (And my Dad for that matter) won't be working ANY this week :( In all … [Continue reading]

Ice in the South

Hey Everyone Well we are having an ICE event here in the south! I know people make fun of the south when it comes to winter weather in the south. … [Continue reading]