Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Sponsors Wanted


  I have decided to attempt a holiday gift guide this holiday season! The first one I did was kind of a last minute decision and it was very tedious and time consuming in just a mater of weeks, so this time around I have decided to start several months in advance- actually I started pitching on my own back in the early summer for a few things! I am currently teamed up with what will be 99 other bloggers on the Mom Buzz Media to help promote my guide and will be promoting among other groups as well, I will be promoting the guide as a whole on social media , as well as each review individually on my own end from when it goes live (hopefully early in october!) until sometime around mid new years! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift guide- pretty well interested in anything except BOOKS (I LOVE READING, but HATE reviewing them) This blog is a lifestyle blog so the options are pretty well limitless! I love unique … [Read more...]

Why oh why am I even up?

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Well I did manage to go to bed early- I watched a little bit of Another World via my ipod/youtube/apple tv and by 11 I was like o.k. i'm going to sleep but.. at 6 this morning David was up swearing the bed is god awful and he can't sleep and his back hurts and what not so since I am not likely to go back to sleep I just decided to get up and I will def. be taking a nap later. I need to go over to my moms this evening for a few things so I might just see if she can do dinner for us and we go over there about 5 or so.. I know she and my dad are leaving in the morning to go up to my grandmas - it really sucks the way thanksgiving is laying out this year- but I think we already knew I felt that way. I guess it might be a good thing I don't have my reviews wrote because that will give me something to do on actual thanksgiving day? EH I am so tired I can't stand myself right now and my head is killing me but I am trying to make it until at least 1 before I go crash. ..but good grief … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Cruise For Your Next Holiday

Cruise holidays are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to vacation, as they not only provide guests with the ability to kick-back and relax amidst great luxuries and activities, but they also give you the opportunity to explore multiple destinations along the way. If you’ve been considering booking yourself a vacation and are wondering what the advantages are of choosing a cruise, then here are a few reasons why hitting the high seas is a decision that you will certainly not regret. 1. Visit Multiple Destinations One of the best parts of going on a cruise is that you’re actually visiting a mobile resort. Cruises have all the great advantages of most resort style vacations, including luxurious amenities, great activities, and delicious food. However, what separates a cruise from traditional resorts is that you have the added advantage of being able to travel to multiple destinations, which means you can explore different countries, cultures, and beaches along the … [Read more...]

Flooded Car Floorboard? Of course..

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Hey Everyone well I am trying my best to finish up 3 reviews but.. heaven help me the writing bug isn't really with me! I am finally getting 2 of the 3 to flow- one more than the other and phew- hopefully I will get at least 1 of them churned out here in a bit! I hate writers block. It isn't that I don't have anything to say about the stuff, it just isn't coming out the right way. Eh. I had one of them almost wrote on Saturday and hated it so I deleted it and started over- and I had planned to try yesterday but- that obviously didn't happen either. Oh well.. it isn't like I don't have plenty of time- so it will happen when it happens :) We have some sort of leak in the car in the drivers floorboard and we don't know what it is- and basically david had to tear the carpet out so we don't end up with mold. We think it might be the windshield but that will cost $100 for our deductible and we don't really have that right now. I do have some money that my mom is holding on to for me … [Read more...]

NaBloPoMo Prompts #9 November 2015-What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin? #NaBloPoMo


I am writing along with these prompts for NABLOPOMO and you can find out more about them if you want by clicking the image above! The first thing I do is usually get up come into the kitchen and check Marley's food bowl, put a cup of water in the microwave for my coffee, walk over to the patio door and open the shades,then go check on sam's bowl and put it up on the counter in the extra bathroom and then I give them food if they need it!  See it is all about the fur babes around here, and coffee in the mornings :) After that it is finding what I am going to watch on tv or whatever while I am doing whatever it is I am doing that day, I grab the computer and sit down and start checking my email and facebook and all of that good thing. Some mornings I grab something to snack on, and some mornings I might be going somewhere with my mom so I take marley out and put on "real clothes"  :) This has well been my routine in some format for many years, but especially since we moved here … [Read more...]

I am getting good at forgetting to name my posts!

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Hey Everyone Don't be alarmed my being up early on a Saturday and all lol. I just went to bed early as could be last night so - yeah. I  did manage to get a review up yesterday evening - I kinda had figured yesterday was a no go but I sat down right about 5 and started writing and next thing I know BAM it was ready :) now if I can get 3 more done and then I Have 3 more coming.. and I am actually already scheduling stuff into the new year wahoo- that way things don't die down and then when the winter blues come- if they come- which is likely I will be able to have things to do and all of that good thing :) Pretty well just what is here and the couple things coming in for gift guide- everything else is being moved to the early part of next year. There are a couple things that might end up worked in if I get yes' on them but I think it is time to wind down on that note because I don't want December to be overwhelming.. then again I don't want to be bored so we will see how it goes … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Kobrand Wines & Spirits #sponsored #review #ad #Kobrand #AlizeinColor #Caposaldo


Most of you probably know I have a tendency to enjoy adult beverages! I don't experiment too awful much, I kinda stick with what I know but when someone offers to send me some to review I am def. game! I have in the past had the chance to review wines and the like and have found several that I have ended up liking and then buying again in the future! I guess I like to try before I buy when it comes to those sorts of thing- better that than buy it and get home and be disappointed I suppose is my take on it! Anyways, you have probably gathered by now that I have had the opportunity again to review alcohol again, and you would be right!  thanks to Kobrand Wines and Spirits I got a box of awesome Wines and Spirits to review and include here in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! I was pretty excited to start with but I was really excited to see that they had included some liqours in with the wine- I just had said send whatever you have that you might need reviewed :) They represent so many … [Read more...]