busy with something different than usual

Hey everyone! At least this is one week I can say I might not have spent it working on my blogs or in the house but at least I can tell you I haven't been being lazy. I have been helping out a friend with launching a virtual assistant paid portion on her blog. I will tel you more about that later on … [Continue reading]

Wordful Wednesday:My Grandma & Her new Kitteh!

#littlemomentsapp MY grandma broke her foot / ankle in three places last Friday and will need surgery. In the mean time my mom goes up to help take care of her and a grey cat arrives! It is a girl and they are going to name it tabby. the funny thing is my mom has 2 grey cats and my grandma says she … [Continue reading]

bad things come in 3′s so I am worried..

Hey Everyone! Well.. My world went crazy on Friday kinda sorta ... When I called my mom she said she was waiting for "the call" I was like OMG … [Continue reading]

The original post for today!

Hey Everyone..Long time no update! Last week I had a cold ALL WEEK. Yup I sure managed to catch Dav's cold! I am pretty much still getting over it … [Continue reading]

Nichole & David’s TN Adventure: Wilderness at the Smokies Review


A Little Bit of Background & Info Back in September David and I had the chance to get to finally get away and go on what I would call a REAL … [Continue reading]

just a post :D

Hey Everyone! Well things have been pretty mellow in my world since I last wrote.. that is kind of why I haven't took the time to write lol. This … [Continue reading]