Nichole and David’s Myrtle Beach Adventure Fall 2017 #myrtlebeach #sponsorswanted


      I am very excited to say that I will be doing another sponsored trip here on the blog! This has been 3 years (give or take) in the making, and I had all but given up and decided to give it another go- because I don't give up very easily! I have got a lot of NO's along the way, but it just pushed me even further!  Of course my last trip was to TN and it was really awesome, for the learning experience that it gave me when it comes to doing these kind of sponsored opps!   This time around I am hoping that everything goes a little smoother- last time I was sick the first day of the trip, David had just started having anxiety attacks (we didn't know what was going on at that time) and I overbooked our activities, and it was unseasonably hot! It isn't to say we didn't enjoy that trip because we did.. I am just hoping for good health all around and a little less stress :) I am putting this post up as a pinned post with my sponsors until after … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017:Looking For & Early Sponsor Shoutouts #holidaygiftguide


  Hey Everyone! I cannot believe that it is already time for Holiday Gift Guide 2017. I decided to start a bit earlier than usual this year, because I had already started to receive pitches!  I am thinking of starting in Mid August /Early Sepetmeber. This is my main post that will have all the information, my early sponsors (they get extra love and shoutouts) and of course a form to pitch me! This post will be pinned for a while, and then I will switch over to the actual guide being pinned at some point, with a link to this post of course! My blog turned 7  years old in May and I had an AMAZING time doing my gift guide last winter! I am not in the reviewing for just whatever I can get for free, and I also write very in depth reviews and not just copy/pasted information from the products site or press release. Actually, my last two guides went fairly well- and I did realize that a few of the reviews for the guides didnt' get tagged for guides so I will be going back to fix … [Read more...]

T.I.G.E.R.S Doc Antle’s Myrtle Beach Safari #review #ad #sponsored #myrtlebeachsafari


I  would like to say if you are a person who might have something less than nice to say about this experience - about the treatment of the animals, etc I can understand your concerns, and you are certainly entitled to them! I am writing based off of my experiences and what I saw when I was there and I have no reason to believe that these animals are mistreated in any sort of manner. In case you didn't know, in October of 2017 I got an awesome trip to Myrtle Beach S.C and pretty early on in the planning stage, I got connected with an experience to review that I never thought would be something that I would ever get to do- T.I.G.E.R.S(the institute for endangered and rare species) also known as Doc Antle's Myrtle Beach Safari! I had saw this when I was looking for things to do when we were at Myrtle Beach, so when I had the opportunity to do it I literally rushed to email back and say yes!  This is for most people a bucket list item, and it is truly a once in a lifetime experience- I … [Read more...]

Vacation Myrtle Beach Hotel Blue Review #review #sponsored #ad #hotelbluemb #vacationmyrtlebeach


So.. In case you haven't been following along.. or haven't looked around on the main page.. I went on this big trip to Myrtle Beach October 8-12th! It all came together very nicely, and of course the foundation of getting the trip together was finding a hotel- then the rest came from there!  I was lucky enough to get 3 of my 4 nights at the hotel in exchange for review thanks to the lovely folks at Vacation Myrtle Beach. (The extra night came into play because I had the Myrtle Beach Safari (T.I.G.E.R.S) for Monday and had to be there really super early!) If you are interested in a little bit more background of how everything came together and such, you can check out this post I wrote with that sort of information: How My Myrtle Beach Trip Came Together! It has all kinds of good information! So I picked Hotel Blue from a list of about 14 different hotels that Vacation Myrtle Beach represents! Of those 14, they out right own 3 of the hotels including Crown Reef Resort , Hotel Blue, … [Read more...]

keeping the writing spirit up today (I hope so anyways!)


Hey Everyone Well After I was so darn rambly yesterday it was hard for me to wind down and go to bed. I actually was drinking a beer after 11 on a week night (i'm bad I know!) I had actually considered staying up and keeping up my good work but .. my comfy bed won in the end :) I just hate that because David was so busy yesterday evening that we didn't get to watch any t.v. together. We have been bingeing Roseanne on Amazon for a month or so now! He had ended up wanting to go to gamestop and of course I was in my big writing mood- Oh and I Had washed my hair and there was no way I was going anywhere with a wet head so.. he ended up bringing me a sub back from Firehouse and they actually OMG made it the way I ORDERED it this time! I have half of it laid out on the counter getting room temp so I can have it for lunch- as far as dinner goes i'm gonna make that leftover soup I was talking about and i'll likely finish up the last Hobo meal since I didn't yesterday! I haven't had … [Read more...]

The writing bug found me! :)


Hey Everyone Well.. I have knocked down some posts today! 3 reviews, a mini review(part one of the hotel review) and 3 ramble posts if you count this one! I am about to take a chill pill though I believe... It is almost 9 and I need to wind down a smidge.. but I might sit here and see what I can churn out on the 2 reviews I have left- I totally am shocked - I didn't think I would get any done at all this week and figured i'd be more into next week before I even got started- and figured it would be more towards the end of the month before they all got up so I am VERY happy with myself. If I can get the Hotel & TIGERS done by Friday that would pretty much put me one week post trip (I don't count Thursday - I didn't get back until late afternoon and then had to stalk the post office for a package, pick up the dog and get settled lol) and that would be AMAZING(oh and you can't count the weekend.. right? ha ha) but WOWZERS I am darn proud of myself today for sure. You know though … [Read more...]

Review: Croissants Bistro & Bakery #review #ad #sponsored #myrtlebeach


  I have always been a person when it comes to food that likes really simple things (I know you thought I was going to talk about how weird/picky/my food allergy thing!) but I like simple things, and then if you just put a tiny twist on something common or simple I think that is awesome! When I was putting together my Myrtle Beach trip, I got connected to the lovely people at Croissants Bistro and Bakery, and I was happy that I did! Now...I will get into that whole thing about how I am considered a picky eater -just in case you might be new around here an not now- I am allergic to a ton of random things, I also don't eat certain things because of religous reasons (mostly not that I still go to that church, I just don't have the desire to eat them), and by the time people get through that list they don't even care that I am just like other folks and have things that I don't like to eat just like everyone else- so this has dubbed me as being picky! I promise though, I … [Read more...]

Review:Legends In Concert Myrtle Beach #review #sponsored #ad #legendsinconcert #myrtlebeach


I had never really heard of Legends in Concert before I started working on things to do while we were in Myrtle Beach, but it seems like ever since I got in touch with them, it has popped up quite a bit in my world, including watching an episode of Roseanne! This is another awesome thing that a really awesome PR gal that helped me with getting TIGERS (myrtle beach safari)and the restaurants that I am doing reviews for.She happens to be best friends with the owner of the Myrtle Beach Legends in concert. I am so grateful because other than getting the hotel to start with I didn't have a clue in the world what else for us to actually DO while we were there or anything like that! A lot of that was because I hadn't been to the beach in so long, and then the things I was coming up with were some of those dead ends and mean NO's! When I first had the chance to go to Legends in Concert I wasn't really sure if it was something for David and myself because.. well.. David and I like TOTALLY … [Read more...]