Bad News, Cold Weather

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Hey Everyone Well today for me has been a little bit slow going and it seems like it isn't going to perk up either! I  know that David and Dad were on a delay again but with the way David kind of picks and chooses when he goes in (sometimes 530 sometimes 630) and what not he must have split it down the middle and went at the normal time! We ended up staying up WAY too late last night, and in my defense I told him at 11 it was getting late and we should go to bed but he didn't listen so... also , he lolly gagged around the house before we went to walmart/dinner last night until nearly 8 so.. yeah! I know that my mom made my dad go to the DR today because he was having some problems with his elbow/arm and well they have spent basically the entire day at the DR office and apparently it is broken /stress fractures and what not so they are referring him to a specialist, and have taken him out of work for a week.. I Know that my dad has oodles of vacay time that he can take but it … [Read more...]

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  I know it seems that everyone always does the whole "new year, new me" thing a the beginning of the year and most people come up with goals to be more healthy and work out and eat better and all of that kind of thing. I have to admit to being on that bandwagon a bit myself so when people knock others who have those sorts of attitudes and goals, i'm like well to each their own- which has became my attitude for a lot of things because what works for one person doesn't work for someone else in lots of situations!! David and I have had the goal to eat better /workout/loose weight for quite some time but it is very slow going for us... A lot of times I don't think it is so much of what we eat but the quanity of it /the not working out part! However, if you have noticed I have done little things to improve upon what we are eating and or what I am cooking with like the algae oil I reviewed and the low sodium and unsalted for broths- and even using my instant pot for most … [Read more...]

Early to bed- still late to rise for me- even though David had an hour delay!

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Holy Wow I went to bed WAY too early last night but I actually slept for the most of the night- except when I heard some crazy noise that sounded like glass breaking about 2 a/m but never could figure out what it was- I had thought Sam had got into something again because he was in destroy mode all day yesterday it seemed- I mean he was in the hall closet 2 shelves up asleep, and then he got in the extra room twice and tore up all the stuff on my chinese table so.. but he was asleep at the foot of the bed and of course Marley was asleep beside of me. I think maybe I had a weird dream and woke up when something went crazy in it, like glass breaking. Let me put it to you this way I haven't found anything broke yet so... I had wanted to read 30 more minutes- We had went to bed about 9ish and I was watching AW - well David fell asleep during it and when it was over I read for a few minutes. I had stuck my foot under his leg though and it had started to go numb so I Had to move it...and … [Read more...]

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Several years back when David and I had lived with my mom and dad there for a little while, we finally got out on our own again at these apartments that are kind of in the middle of my parents/where we used to live (and lived again later on lol) and when we lived there we had a heck of a time with the power bill being outrageous, and even involved an argument more than once with the rent lady /her hubs that my AUX and Emergency heat shouldn't be running constantly - we actually bought a heater to sit in the hall way to keep it from running 24/7! I am talking power bills up to $200+ at one point. We moved back into town in the fall of that year, and my grandma had already bought me an awesome christmas present, because she knew we were having so many problems with the heat and everything- she had got me this really neat fireplace heater, and the year after that she got me another one(one is red and one is black and they are totally different styles) We used to use one upstairs and … [Read more...]

The clean all the things mood

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Hey Everyone Well today I am in one of these moods where I want to redo everything in the house and clean out stuff, so I have been trying to do that!  I got the bathroom drawer cleaned out, the hall closet and this little rolly stool I have cleaned out. I mean I did give up on that stool but- lol It was something at least :) I want to do more but it is getting up in the day and I am afraid that anything I would start I wouldn't get done today and I don't like to carry that kind of thing over, because if the mood doesn't last - yeah. I think the mood will last though because I am just going through stuff, walking through the house like WHY DO I NEED THIS? WHEN DID I LAST USE THIS? kind of thing. Then I think about stuff in "my closet' and the outside closet and i'm like yeah- lol I am in the mood to do a little "office" again in the guest bedroom like I mentioned before. My mom offered me this horrible wooden box of a thing that she has in her driveway that we generally store the … [Read more...]

Don’t worry-just because I posted a church related pic- i’m not trying to convert anyone!


  Hey Everyone! Well I did get to go to the CD release party for church on Friday night- I didn't expect it to be quite as long as it was and they weren't really showing the main campus for the singing so we ended up leaving a little early on- thankfully we didn't have to sit on the front row this time- I am usually right beside the campus pastor and his wife no matter when we get there for a reg. service lol. Saturday we had planned to go for the 10 year celebration but those plans were quickly thwarted because Davids mom and brother decided to use our house as a halfway point because they were going to meet up to get his taxes done. Anyways they were gone forever and of course when they came back Alex decided to linger the whole darn evening. I will just put it to you this way I was already in a bad mood to start with on Saturday and that just made it even worse.I guess we'll just say I was sick of peoples attitudes and we'll just leave it at that! We had planned a … [Read more...]