Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Information, Early Sponsors, Pitch Me Form (Sponsors Wanted) #holidaygiftguide

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Hey Everyone! I cannot believe that it is already time for Holiday Gift Guide 2016. I decided to start a bit earlier than usual this year, because I had already started to receive pitches!  I am thinking of starting in Mid August instead of October this year. This is my main post that will have all the information, my early sponsors (they get extra love and shoutouts) and of course a form to pitch me! My blog turned 6 years old in May and I had an AMAZING time doing my gift guide last winter! I am not in the reviewing for just whatever I can get for free, and I also write very in depth reviews and not just copy/pasted information from the products site or press release. I will totally update this as needed between now and the start of the guide, and then when the guide goes live I will have this post linked up to the guide which will be pinned to the top of the blog until the new year! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift … [Read more...]

i’m trying to get back into the swing of things!

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Hey Everyone Well today has been a fast day even though I am still fighting this funky funk - I have to say it is not near as bad as when I had that peritonilar abscess a few months back thankfully, so I keep trying to stay up beat and positive about that!I really want to feel better because as much as I love vegging out and not doing anything at all I was hoping to make a come back by now! Goodness knows I have plenty reviews to get done, lots of random things to write, and I would love to get back into instagram too- and even sharing pics here on the blog for that mater not to mention get back into reading and playing hay day and such! Oh and I would love to find some writing prompts and what not and maybe even get to the point where I have content actually scheduled out! Ever since I calmed reviews down early in the spring and I just haven't seemed to have much OOMPH it is like everytime I think I am going to get going something crazy happens and I keep putting it … [Read more...]

the weekend wasn’t long enough- and a new version of sick

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This weekend just wasn't long enough by any means! David spent Saturday dealing with trying to get his phone a sim card since he changed to one that had a different size and apparently somewhere along the lines we got rid of the adapter kit that we had. That and the fact that it was an act of congress to even get the phone because we didn't have our mail girl and the person that put the mail up put it in the wrong box and we got lucky that someone was honest enough to take it to the office! I had beerfest that afternoon but with both of us recovering from colds and what not and with the 94 degree heat we didn't stay very long at all. Yesterday we went to meet someone that David was selling something from craigslist and they were late and then we had lunch and walked around the mall and stopped by walmart on the way home. lets just say I was totally zonked and so was he- I don't think we think things through sometimes lol. Then he ended up going to his dads and I stayed here and … [Read more...]

this fine fall morning!

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Hey Everyone :) I was sleeping nicely until David came home about 7:45 and it kind of dashed me so..I went ahead and gradually have got up- well kinda lol. I am not feeling well thanks to this allergy/cold/sinus infection whatever the heck and I am actually nauseous a little bit so I am just going to chill in the bed with the laptop and watch tv and see what I can manage to get done blogging wise today! Hopefully some pre writing of reviews and all of that kind of thing! It is a perfect day for it because it is dreary and such too. David went and actually had an xray yesterday and he doesn't have actual pneumonia like we thought -just some funky cold or sinus infection. I think that whatever he has isn't even what I have because mine has been a mild sore throat ,that low funky I don't feel good feeling,a headache with a bit of nauseousness that comes and goes. I hope it wears out its welcome soon for sure and I really hope it doesnt get worse. David actually came home from work … [Read more...]

Rest is the word (and happy official start of fall)

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Hey Everyone Well... yesterday was interesting! First of all I kind of had a wonky/off kind of feeling about my moms surgery and I didn't really know why because it isn't like it was a big surgery- just on her foot and she has had surgery several times before. So when David left for work I kind of hoped that If I could I would wake up early enough to be able to try to talk to her beforehand. I was actually considering getting up because David hasn't been feeling well and I have had a really low annoying headache/nausea thing for a few days and am starting to get a sore throat. Anyways I am kind of drifting in and out of sleep and everything when lo and behold David comes back home from work around 630 because hes sick. I am like ok whatever and kind of drift in and out of sleep for a while and when I go to check my moms facebook it said that there was a water break somewhere up the road from my house and that her surgery got cancelled -which is crazy because we have been having a … [Read more...]

just touching base

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Hey Everyone! I have been fighting a headache since yesterday afternoon and it SUCKS. It kind of comes and goes since about 2:30 and advil doesn't quite touch it and then I have had nauseousness and even ended up throwing up half the night. The best sleep I got was the 45 min before David's alarm went off at 4:45. Meh!Hopefully I might be able to shake it soon! My mom stopped by with 2 pairs of PJ's that she had got from my grandma and couldn't wear and I was hoping maybe since Today was her last day before her surgery she might want to grab lunch or go to the thrift shops or something but no such luck on that front either!  Which might be for the best since I am not really up to par! I don't plan to do a whole lot of anything today- probably just chill and watch tv and see what I can get done if anything. I know right now I am wanting something to eat but every time I think I know what I want I end up getting nauseous all over again so.. i'll just play it by ear. We were … [Read more...]

[Holiday Gift Guide Review] Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed Vacuum #review #sponsored #holidaygiftguide16


As you may well know, or well if you don't you will now :), David is a certified OCD cleaning freak! I will say all the time I don't mind being clean, and I would rather have someone who is willing to clean and keep things ship shape than someone who is not, but I think you have to have a balance too. Thankfully he isn't as bad as he used to be, but he still has his little routine and whatnot and I just let it be. My dad is always saying we are going to die from something crazy because of him cleaning away the good bacteria and what not ;) When I had another chance to get something cleaning related to review from my good friends over at Shark I was hopeful that they would offer me a vacuum cleaner this time around because that is something David has really been wanting ( I honestly miss when we only had a rug to vacuum! I hate all this carpet!) Luckily that is exactly what they had in mind and they sent me the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed!   We have basically … [Read more...]