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Having a cleaning obsessed husband- I have learned to deal 😉

Many of you might know that David (the hubs!) is really into cleaning! I mean.. I don’t want things to be gross or dirty or anything, and even when I lived on my own at my apartment when I was away at college I like to think I was pretty organized and clean- I even had people tell me that before. However, David takes cleaning to a whole new level!

I mean he might be cleaner than my mom/grandma are, or even my great grandma ever was- and she was so clean I think you could have ate in any surface in her house even when she got to where she couldn’t do anything else she would sit in a chair at her dresser and dust all her stuff! My dad is constantly saying that we are going to get some kind of weird sickness because he cleans away even the good bacteria too!

He has gotten a lot better with being so obsessive with this- but sometimes he can be really crazy about some cleaning. Like I say I don’t knock anyone for being into being clean- I prefer it as to being flithy but… there is a happy medium lol.

One thing about the cleaning that has began to bother me more recently- ever since I started having all the allergy related asthma is the smell of cleaning products- it is actually another one of my triggers, especially if you are knocking around dust and pet hair and whatnot. Some things are worse than others- especially this one window cleaner he uses.

Hello, Shark Blast and Scrub 2 in 1 pocket Mop!


Anyways, when I had a chance thanks to Shark to review again for them and they offered me the Shark Blast and Scrub 2 in 1 Steam pocket mop I was pretty excited, and I am not even the one doing all the cleaning ha ha. When I told David he was pretty excited too because he had been wanting to buy one and we had actually pushed this one around in a shopping cart at walmart before and then changed our mind at the last minute. Oh, and my mom started rambling off all kinds of things that you can do with it as well!

The Shark Blast 2 in 1 Steam Pocket Mop can be used for SO Many things I can’t even begin to name what they all would be. It is not only a steam mop, but you can easily convert it into a handheld steamer to clean things like your shower, outdoor furniture,etc. Oh and you are only using STEAM- so it doesn’t kill my asthma!

You can also use it to get stains out of things- we actually used it a little bit on our new couch because it is white and had a few spots (of course that was to be expected. We also used it as I had mentioned for our outdoor furniture which had the winter grime on it -some bugs and dirt and what not and it was VERY easily cleaned up- probably in less than 5 minutes for our 2 chairs and the white table that sits out on the patio!

Accessories & WASHABLE MOP PADS!


It comes with SO many accessories it is crazy- To start with it comes with 2 Rectangle pocket WASHABLE pads- which I LOVE because we are used to using a certain floor cleaning thing that takes pads you have to buy both wet and dry if you know what I am saying- also since it uses cleaning solution if you want to spray that- you have to buy all of the above and it def. gets expensive. So being able to wash the pads is a HUGE plus, and not having to buy any sort of cleaning solutions is not only great for the asthma but also good for the wallet.

As far as other accessories that it came with they include: Steam Mop Handle, Steam Mop Body, 1 rectangle mop head, 1 scrub blast accessory, scrub blast pad, ez reach bending duster accessory,ez reach bending duster pad, accessory hose with direct steam nozzle, fill flask and blast and scrub pad. In other words they provide everything but the water!

How To Use:

It is so easy to use, that even I can do it, lets just put it that way 🙂 All you have to do is attach the packet pad to your mop head and fill in the water tank to the fill line and plug it in.. in about 30 seconds you have steam, so you will watch out and not get scalded obviously! You will hear a “hissing” sound and see the steam- if it runs out of water you will hear a gurgling sound – if you do run out of water be sure to unplug it before you refill! It is also recommended you use distilled water- which I didn’t notice until just now but that is just a recommendation. I actually buy distilled water for my purmist steam inhaler so I did find that interesting!

Steam of course sanitizes and doesn’t have all the yucky chemical smell, and doesn’t leave residue- which is something else I like.

You can then select a hi or lo steam, and start mopping away!  You can flip over the mop head and use both sides as needed!

To convert to the steam cleaner, the only thing you have to do is hit the release button, take off the mop head and go to town!

Summing it Up:

I REALLY loved the Shark blast and scrub 2 in 1 steam pocket mop , but it has actually been David being the one that hasn’t came around as much. He has such a mad love for chemicals he won’t believe that it is clean just from steam even though he knows steam sanitizes and that it is visibly clean! He is coming around a little bit more and more but he isn’t there quite yet. I love it- I can breath easy and I can see things are clean and the dirt on the pad- though well not a lot of dirt on the pads because hello mr obsessive compulsive cleaner!  I look forward to using it more in the future and I might even let my mom borrow it because they just put in wood floors at her house!


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Brown Like a Leaf in Fall

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

Well Wed evening I sat out to go tanning – granted I knew it had been over a year since I bought my package but I kept being assured that it would be able to be used by one of the gals out there via their FB page. Anyways of course when I get out there there isn’t a manager in sight and the gal that is out there can’t even be bothered- acts like she can’t find my file and says she’d have to go through ALL this paperwork- and points to a stack of about 5 pages laying on the counter. They don’t have computerized system – anyways she was totally unhelpful and unfriendly so we left. I am going to be in contact with someone about getting my $40 back for sure.

I came back home with the pretense of I had lotion on and if I didn’t I would go out to the other tanning bed and get a mystic tan but since I already had lotion on I couldn’t because that would likely not work. Anyways we ended up going out there anyways and david ended up getting me their highest package which was only like 50 and it includes all the beds and unlimited mystic!  I told the girl I didn’t want to play around I wanted color so yeah.

Then she asked me about lotion and even though I had noticed they had my fave brand there I have been using cheap walmart lotion for a while- which really I knew isn’t that great. Anyways when she asked me she was showing me a lotion from the brand I like and she had a pic of how tan the gal had got after like one visit in the upper bed with that lotion. I also had a 40% discount for that day and a $25 credit for lotion so.. yup I got that too!

I laid in their best bed for 5 min and I got a hint of color so for only 5 min I was impressed. Usually I lay in those crappy 20 min beds and use crap lotion and never get a tan. Yesterday  I went back and laid 7 min in a different bed and My legs and arms are def. showing color! my stomach/back aren’t so I guess I need to work on that a bit but I am impressed so far.

Anyways- Yesterday I had every intention to write a review and … well My mom happened lol. We ended up going to the thrift shop that I don’t really like but they had a really awesome couch. The couch David and I had was my moms reject one and it was pink believe it or not and it was cute but it was fake leather or whatever and it had started to split especially on the arm part/cushion on my side.  Anyways we ended up getting the couch and we were going to get my dad and David to go pick it up on Sat but since they will load it onto your truck or whatever we ended up going back and picking it up.

Before that though, we actually took the top cushions with us when we left and we ended up going to the thrift shop right up by the house and I got a few things … Then we had to go in harris teeter and then to my moms to get the truck. By the time we went and got the couch and I had been trying on clothes I was so hot I thought I was going to pass out. Then.. we carried all the cushions up here and cleaned them up a bit.

When David got home we went up here to the Pizza party for the Apt place and I went tanning. When we got back my mom and dad brought the couch over and took the other couch away. Fun stuff!

Well.. I need to get a review going- I got up early to specifically work on it but my mom has had me playing tech support all morning- remind me to hide on FB lol

more later!

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Today has been a “house” day!

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone

Well I have mostly took today as a day to get things done around the house! I managed to clean up the 3 messiest drawers in my dresser and most of the drawers in my chest.  I also took a quick dash through my closet in the guest room and well.. it still needs work but at least I can get in there now lol.

I have also already made dinner – Pasta Salad it is in the fridge getting all nice and cold! I also put away some clothes and washed up some dishes. The only thing left to do would be to clean out the cubby things in David’s closet that I use/ make the bed. I am likely to make the bed but I think the cubby things can wait until another day. I am currently burning up, kinda tired and sitting up in my bed with marley and the fan!

I also need to do something to my hair like run my straight brush through it again- it is NOT IN A HAPPY mood. I am gonna get my mom to color it and cut it a bit /layer it more but that won’t likely be till the weekend or next week at some point

I suppose I am going tanning when David gets home. Like I say I want color, don’t get me wrong but I just am NOT feeling this at all. I guess we’ll go when as soon as he gets home from work and come home and eat the pasta and then sit in the bed and watch tv while I tablet it- I might work on a review if I can get the basic frame work for it started on the computer- sometimes pics and such are easier that way.

I had forgot that soon I will be able to go up to the pool late in the evenings and relax as well. I just need to remember what time it was I was going last summer /spring when no one was up there .. I think it was around 830 or so.

Well , I am off of here- I might take a chill with Marley- and Sam – where ever he might happen to be lol I think he is under the bed on my memory foam pillow!

later gators

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Sits Girls Writing Prompts:What were your three favorite children’s books when you were a kid?


This image is courtesy of the sits girls. I like to write along with their prompts to add some variety to the site sometimes!You can check out the sits girls and the writing prompts by clicking the image above!

This was a really easy post for me to come up with the 3 books. As soon as I saw the prompt when I was scrolling through – I just named them off in my head right off the get go! Now you all know I am a book freak and I have well over 1000- that would not include the books left over from my childhood – which are very numerous and includes the top 3 of course. I also have a huge collection of childrens books that I have acquired over the years especially when I was doing things related to Elementary Education at Appalachian!

I would like to have been able to take pics of the books and add them to this post- or at least had my mom do it for me if she could dig them up but I don’t have the books at my house and they might be stored away at my moms- though I might have her dig them up for me so I can bring them home.. anyways here is the list- and a brief description of them from what I can remember

Panda Bears Paintbox: this one is a cute story about a panda bear and he learns to mix colors to make other colors with his paintbox he has got. it ends up with him in a bath watching all of the colors go down the drain

Spider Cat- I can’t remember this one in as much detail which is part of the reason that I wish Ihad it so I could re read it and all of that. I know that the cat goes through imaginging what it would be like to be a spider but that is all that I can come up with!

The Spoon Necklace: I can’t remember as many details about this one either – I know it is about this little cat that looses her necklace that is a spoon all the time and ends up having it made into a necklace.

Again I hope I can find my copies of these books and re read and look at them again sometime soon- If I have time I might even end up updating this post.



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when you want to tweak, but there is a problem!

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Hey everyone

I am wanting to tweak my theme here on the site -simple things that are not very involved that with my limited knowledge and experience can fix but for some reason the appearance< customize menu on the back end will not load. I am thinking I am going to have to start disabling plugins and see if that is a problem- a rogue plugin. If not I guess I will eventually find some other way to fix it /figure it out

David and I ended up going to McD’s for dinner and by walmart for a few things. God knows I still got to get to the store to do grocery shopping at some point *sigh* lol. We got some gift wrap for my tablet that Iam going to give my grandma and a bag for it too. I just need to get it cleaned off and set her up an account!

David got me a pouf so I will scrub myself silly and start tanning tomorrow I suppose…;)

I am SO happy to have finished another review while ago.. while sitting in bed watching gossip girl and enjoying my fan :)the fan seriously I couldn’t have got it at a better time- I am melting the last few days except for that cold shower this morning. Which I had David check into that and now the water is just fine. uh huh- lol stuff that can only happen when you are me I swear!

I am gonna cut this extra special short and go see if I can find a writing prompt to write about tonight while I sit here and chill for a little while. If I Can’t well.. I will catch you all tomorrow. I might see about working on my ultimate home bundle post or something!

more later gators


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Review:Color With Music Coloring books with relaxing Cd’s #ad #sponsored #review #colorwithmusic


Have you all caught the Adult coloring bug just yet? I guess I have always had it! I have for years bought coloring books and colored them- I always say it makes me feel precious and childlike. So when this whole Adult coloring thing came along I was pretty excited for some more interesting things to color-and maybe a little more- intricate on some level I suppose- I mean I don’t like really really in depth things to color- you have to have a balance! I have even seen studies about how coloring is actually really good for you – it can mimic the affects of therapy and it also helps with expression, just to name a few things.

I was really excited to get to get the chance to get some of these coloring books to review from the great folks over at Color With Music!  They had a few coloring books already available but I held out for the newer ones that were about to be released because they were really exciting to me! Not that the ones they had before weren’t but I like things when they are all brand new and I am one of the first to get them and all of that. Plus, several of these really called out to me!


Color with Music are these awesome coloring books that are different than your standard adult coloring book- I have had a few and believe me there are several differences! First of all the major  one is that they come with a CD of relaxing music for you to enjoy while you color, and well of course you can enjoy them whenever. I was pretty excited to find that each coloring book features a different soundtrack, that way if you are buying multiple books you can have multiple experiences.

Of course if you want to you an mix and match the CD’s as well. I thought that CD aspect really set these books apart because I haven’t saw that option before. I can’t think of anything that would be more relaxing than to color and listen to something calming (and maybe drinking a glass of wine) It is a great way to unwind – and I think that in this day and time that is something that people don’t do enough of. It is just a great simple way to unwind when you might need it, for whatever reason you might need it!

The other perks of these coloring books vs some of the other ones out there include:
-Protective inlay card which acts as a tablet
– Top-bound binding, perfect for both right handed and left handed artists
– Detachable pages for easy framing and sharing


There are also 48 pages for you to color in each book. Now – there are def. a variety of books for you to choose from-  As you can tell I chose Owls, Cas, Biblical images, patterns and spring!

I went to work right away and colored this page from the biblical one-I was so in to it I finished it in one evening and of course I enjoyed the music too!


I am very much looking forward to coloring in these books and listening to them in the future! Another neat thing is you can download the Color With Music CD’s on Itunes and then you can download printable pages to color as well!



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Reviews Coming Soon!

Soltado Tequila
Kobrand Wine #3
Thinkx Period Panties

*I am slowing reviews down for the summer, however if you are interested in my reviewing your product please reach out! I am only slowing down (more like a 6-8 week schedule) Also Holiday Gift Guide Season will be here before you know it!

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