Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Sponsors Wanted


  I have decided to attempt a holiday gift guide this holiday season! The first one I did was kind of a last minute decision and it was very tedious and time consuming in just a mater of weeks, so this time around I have decided to start several months in advance- actually I started pitching on my own back in the early summer for a few things! I am currently teamed up with what will be 99 other bloggers on the Mom Buzz Media to help promote my guide and will be promoting among other groups as well, I will be promoting the guide as a whole on social media , as well as each review individually on my own end from when it goes live (hopefully early in october!) until sometime around mid new years! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift guide- pretty well interested in anything except BOOKS (I LOVE READING, but HATE reviewing them) This blog is a lifestyle blog so the options are pretty well limitless! I love unique … [Read more...]

A forgotten title- Tea is Heavy(it isn’t supposed to be understood)

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Well- I kinda went to bed in a bad mood last night- and of course when I woke up I still was feeling a bit MEH. I was wanting to go ahead and get up but I figured I would just lay there and cuddle with Marley and see how it went as far as if I went back to sleep or not. They are working on 2 apartments here because our tattle tale neighbor moved and the Jackals on the 3rd floor with the honking dogs moved all in the same week wahoo! So anyways around 8 a/m it starts being a bit loud over here. Anyways, I was kinda drifting off a little bit and Marley got out of the bed and I was like o.k what is she doing.. anyways she wouldn't come to bed and ran to the door so I ended up taking her out and yah, it is a good thing I did she kinda having tummy troubles! I knew something was up for sure because she isn't in a habit of going out early in the morning like she used to, we kind of changed up her schedule a bit a while back. Anyways- we were off throwing her bag in the trashcan up at the … [Read more...]

Day # 3 #bloggerlifechallenge Handwriting Day #4 Cup and Day #5 Family


This one is one I am posting "behind" because I couldn't find anything that had any really neat something another to use for it and then I saw this ink pen that my mom had bought me at the DOLLAR TREE (I know right?) a few weeks back when we had went out and about and I just hadn't opened it yet, and I was like YES, that will do it :) HOWEVER- I am having a run of picture taking bad luck and I can't get a pic of it to turn out decently to sav e my life Day # 4 turned out great and the subject is CUP as you may or may not know I am supposed to be redoing the kitchen and get new dishes and this is one of the two sets of cups I have to choose from and likely the ones I will get because the others are online only and I am one of those people who want it now :) Day # 5 was FAMILY and I have this awesome pic of David and me and my parents on the train ride we went on in the mountains 3 years ago but every time I have tried to get a pic of it it is DARK and I don't know what is … [Read more...]

A case of the Mondays

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I know I am behind on my picture challenge lol. Actually I am missing Day # 3 because it is handwriting and I haven't came up with anything I want to post for it, Day 4 is on Instagram already because it was "cup" and with me switching up my kitchen and dishes right now that one was easy. Today is family and I have posted on that before so I am trying to find something different :) I will get them all up here in a little while Right now it is already lunchtime and I am like OMG where has this day went already? I had gotten used to getting up early/staying up when David leaves but today because it was Monday and dreary I thought i'd treat myself to sleeping late - kinda wish I didn't do that now ha ha. It looks like I might get to have my yardsale this coming weekend wahoo! I am hopeful!  I would like to have some spending money for random stuff since this is the "rent check" *sigh* lol. It won't be too bad but we have a class we need to take and a appointment a bit far away on … [Read more...]

greetings from the cool and VERY rainy south!

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Hey Everyone Greetings from the Cool (50ish degrees) and VERY RAINY south! I don't have very much at all going on today and I honestly somehow stayed up too late last night and I am just .. .yeah lol.I am also a bit wheezy and it is freaking me out because I am afraid I will have an asthma attack so I am about to go dig up my purmist thing with the essential oil pods that way I can ward it off and NOT have to take a primatene- because if I have to take one of those I am OUT for the rest of the day and tomorrow too! Actually since i Started writing this post it has seemingly gotten better- I think because when I think one might be happening I start really concentrating on my breathing and freak out and it makes it worse. I wish that there was something to "get into" but honestly who would want to be out in this weather? Not me! I had hoped we might be able to go to church but meh- I will just catch it online lol. We actually had thought we were going to have company today but … [Read more...]

#bloggerlifechallenge october 2015 photo challenge Day 2- Season


Today's Topic is Season, and as you very well know Autumn is my Favorite season! I took these pictures while I was out with my mom at the grocery store this morning :) … [Read more...]

Out and About

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Hey Everyone! Well Today started out with me checking my tablet around 9 a/m and I had a message from my mom from like 7 something asking if I was up lol. Anyways I decided to go ahead and get up because they were mowing here at the apartments so I knew I wasn't going back to sleep. I went and got the phone off charge and it rang in my hand- it was my mom ha ha... Anyways I went to walmart and aldi with her because I just wanted to get out and about :) by the time we got back home it was pretty much lunch time and then David came home. I was trying to get all my email and such taken care of and it seemed like it took forever!  Phew.. it always seems like when I am out and about and now I don't have a phone that things just explode online while I am gone. I swear if i was at the house no one would want anything lol Marley gave me a scare today that took several years off of my life! I think it was a sneeze fit but I still don't know!  I kinda thought she was having a seizure but I … [Read more...]