Routines & Ruts!

Hey Everyone! I am in one of these habits of working on a blog post, getting into something else and essentially not posting!  I have to get better at it :) I want another one of those really awesome "I blogged ________ days in a row" I think my record streak was about 53 days in a row last … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wed- Marley & Her Pea Coat Edition


I haven't done a wordless wed in a bit- I guess no time like the present to try to get back in the habit! We got Marley the most adorable pea coat at petco the other day!  If anyone has any worldess wed linkys they can point me in the direction of please let me know! :) … [Continue reading]

lets get this thing started

Hey Everyone I hope the new year is going great for everyone, I can't complain! I just haven't really had a the chance to sit and blog in the last … [Continue reading]

Happy ’15


Happy New Year from The G Crew :)  I am so excited to make this a great year for blogging, and myself!  I am SO happy the winter blues hasn't been … [Continue reading]

Review: Erin Condren Lifestyle Planner & Other Assorted Goodies!


All Images except the top image are courtesy of Erin Condren, thanks to a camera mishap! Ever since I was a young child I have liked anything … [Continue reading]

Oh a second post in one day? why not?

Hey everyone! I thought I would take a few minutes and write again today whle I had a chacnce- I am just THAT interesting you know lol. Anyways it … [Continue reading]