4:30 comes early

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Hey All Well.. David had to go in at 4:30 this morning so I am all kinds of out of whack lol.  First of all usually when he goes in like that I stay up a while after he goes to bed because he has to go to bed so early- well like i had mentioned I have been plagued with the headache from hell on Wed- which kind of briefly went away for a little while late that evening but it was back full force yesterday- I pushed through - took a tiny nap of about 20 min tops and then by 9 I was just feeling like crashing. I ended up laying in bed while David took a shower and watched the dual race thing and then I read a book for a little while while he went to sleep. I was awake a few times in the night and then I woke up before his clock went off at like 4..which is usually when I am awake so nothing new there. Then it took me FOREVER to go back to sleep! So now I am sitting here just doing some random things and re-watching PLL.  I am up to season 5 now ...YAY. I did finish cleaning the … [Read more...]

12 Commandments of Facial Care

12 Commandments of facial care   In terms of beauty, the face is the most important part of our body. Whenever we make a contact with another person, first thing they notice are our facial features. By looking sad, tired or simply downtrodden, you are leaving a bad impression on other people. This is why your face requires some extra attention. By investing just a couple of minutes each and every day, you are able to vastly improve your appearance. Here are 12 tips that will help you do it!   Make sure to apply facial cream at least 15 minutes after washing it. Layer of cream on moist skin can disrupt thermoregulation disturbing the natural processes. Just in a few weeks, the difference will be noticeable as you look into your wall mirror. You should never peel skin around your eyes. This area is especially thin so, by performing a peeling you are additionally thinning it making the blood vessels under it more noticeable. Air can have a really … [Read more...]

busy bee- love this weather- so inspiring!

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Hey Everyone Well I have made REAL progress in my closet the past 2 days believe it or not! I got back in there on Tuesday afternoon and managed to get one whole side finished (the floor area) and some of the other sides floor area. Yesterday David had a DR appointment and he didn't go to work and i had the headache from HELL and we ended up going to eat. By the time we got out I was crashing HARD and FAST and had to go lay down for a while.  I didn't figure I would manage to get any of it done! I fought off most of the headache and most of the weakness and around 7 or so I wondered into the closet and got to work for a couple hours! I completed the side of the closet, the back wall and started working on the top shelves. I didn't feel like going through clothes and the lower shelves so I went to the top and worked on that a little bit. I am not cleaning out quite as much as I probably should be , but I am making nice progress with straightening so I'm gonna go with it.  I hope … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye to your fury friend:Tips To Help You Through The Grief

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For a lot of people, their pet is a part of their family. And over time, they can become your best buddy. After all, pets are the best as they give you unconditional love. But there is one day which always fills pet owners with dread, and that is when it’s time to say goodbye. After all, as much as we want our pets to live forever, they do have to leave us when they reach the end of their life. And it can be a difficult process to grieve for your pet. In fact, here are some tips to help you get through the grief of losing your dear pet. Image Credit   Create a memory book   It’s always good to think about the memories when you lose a beloved pet. After all, the past few months when your pet was ill might have made you forget about the good times. Therefore, look through old pictures and reminisce about old times with your furry friend. You can even create a book where you put photos of the pet. You can then keep this book, and look back on it over the years … [Read more...]

Baby Stroller Shopping Tips

Baby Stroller Shopping Tips Having a baby is one of the important things in life which need to be budgeted for. Babies come with many responsibilities and you may have to spend a lot of money just to make them feel comfortable and loved.  One of the things which you need to budget for when you get a baby is a stroller. The reality is that your baby will only spend a few years on the stroller you buy. This makes it necessary for you to buy a stroller that is both functional and enjoyable for your baby to use during that short period of time.  When it comes to choosing the best stroller for a baby, most parents do not know where to start. Looking for something special yet durable may cost a bit of a fortune. However, with the right tips, you should be able to find just the right one.  Do a Test Drive  Buying a stroller, just like buying a car, is one of the crucial decisions you will have to make. When you choose a stroller, make sure that you take it on a test drive … [Read more...]

living the life

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Hey Everyone! Well.. Today is going by fast for some reason! I am trying to decide what to make for dinner right now- I had planned to throw some chicken in my ninja and use this crockpot sauce that I found at walmart the other day but now I am not sure if i want to do that or if I want to just make a PF chang frozen home meal thingy- I will likely opt for the crockpot meal though!  My ninja doesn't take long to cook from frozen AT ALL even compared to my crockpot. I know i have my pressure cooker but I haven't really tried to do frozen meat in it except for buffalo wings- and one time I tried frozen chicken breast but it didn't go well- which I have came to find out from experienced folks that chicken breast is like THE WORST to try to do that with. I actually have got to where I prefer chicken thighs because - they actually have a taste. I have a couple random bags of meat in my freezer that I don't know if they are breast or thighs so I think I might pop them in for this meal … [Read more...]