Writing from the cozy perch :)

Hey Everyone I am writing you from my cozy perch- AKA my bed :) I have really got in the habit of getting in the bed around 8 and watching tv, burrowing, reading, playing hayday and whatever else I feel like doing (email,chat, hayday,etc) on the ipad ...it has resulted in lots of peaceful deep sleep, and waking up feeling so peaceful and relaxed!   Last night when I had the headache/nausea I did a bubble bath and some sleepy tea so that was nice too :) Today turned out to be a pretty good day all around. .I got up early and got my blogging done (even started working on another review! ) got tons of house stuff done and honestly before lunch was even here I was done with everything that needed to be done and was kind at the point where I could do what ever I wanted which is always fun! Thats why I REALLY like the spring :) David came home at lunch to snag one of the free chicken sandwich coupons we had - I seriously snagged 18 of them out of the top of the trashcan at the … [Read more...]

Look Fabulous This Holiday Season at Your Office Christmas Party With 5 Tips

The holidays are not exactly around the corner, but if your like anything like me, you are already probably day dreaming about outfits and occasions you can dress up for 6 months ahead of time. For many people, the holidays mean a month with many parties to attend, and some of those parties may include office holiday parties. Many times, you can bring a guest to your office Christmas party and you will want to show up looking polished and professional, but stylish at the same time. The holidays are actually a great excuse to look your best and perhaps treat yourself to something new. You may be feeling lost as to what to wear to your office Christmas party, but have no fear. Here are five tips to ensure you'll show up looking stylish this coming holiday season. Plus you can repurpose of bunch of these for even summer occasions. Ill get to that in another post. 1) Look the part with bold holiday colors. Think ruby reds and emerald greens. Black is always a win-win color as … [Read more...]

Sunny & Bright & All is Right? :)

Howdy Everyone! I am up and going bright and early this morning because.. .. IT IS ACTUALLY SUNNY AND BRIGHT :)  Also, they are supposed to be coming by today with those cheap air filters for our apartments and even though I was on the list of folks that do not need those, because hello asthma and a cheap filter they change twice a year is a nightmare... but since we have new twits in the office I figure they will show up .. and I am right there is one sitting by my door right now when I had to take Marley out just now so.. yeah... I figure it won't be long now lol. I would love to buy a washable filter but that hasn't been something we have managed to be able to get just yet.. but something we have actually been considering since before we moved. Over at the old place we would have had to have had two because we actually had 2 air drawbacks. Anyways I have already washed a load of clothes, folded a load of towels, washed a load of dishes , done a tuesday 10 post, watched some … [Read more...]

Tuesday Ten: 10 Things I would like to buy/spend money on :)


This week the other linky I usually link up to for this is writing about 10 of your favorite memories, which is awesome but I felt like being a little bit different and writing about the top 10 things I would like to buy right now! 1. Renew Autumn-Rain.net ... It expires May 03 so this one is a MUST :) 2. My Itworks wraps are bogo until tonight at midnight. Unfortunately David won't get paid until thursday because we are switching banks so he will be getting an actual live check! 3. A Define Water Bottle. With the recipe book and the pink crochet thing. Maybe :) 4. Spend my Chloe and Isabel Jewelry credit. I need the money for the taxes on it! 5.It Works Berry Greens 6.Lily Bloom cross body bag 7. Dress/Leggings for my grandmas anniversary thing next weekend. I have leggings but mine are fleece lined 8.Whatever I might happen to need at the grocery store :) I managed to of course forget a few things last week-mostly can stuff! 9. 10. well I totally … [Read more...]

Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul & Zaycon Foods


  You may or not remember a few years back I got the chance to review for the Amazing folks at Zaycon Foods! You can check out my review of Zaycons Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts!  This time around my review is about their new partnership with Chicken Soup For The Soul! Check out the awesome goodies that they sent me:     A cute cup with a spoon , broth, bbq sauce, a meal builder for meatloaf, a book (of course) and a set that has a potholder, oven mitt and an apron- branded with chicken soup for the soul of course! There were actually two sets but my mom snagged one of them :)I also received a box of Zaycon foods boneless skinless chicken breast (40lbs) as well! My mom and I have ordered from them SEVERAL times along the way and when I had a chance to review for them in conjunction with their new partnership with Chicken Soup for the Soul I was BEYOND excited!  Also, as a side note I will be writing another Zaycon Foods related review in the coming … [Read more...]

I can tell it is monday- so much to do!

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and all that kind of thing :) I ended up deciding to wait on my yardsale for a couple of reasons because I wanted to be able to go through EVERYTHING in the house and not just half do it! I also tend to do better when I don't have competition of course!  I am also excited that when we have a yardsale next I will be able to use my paypal card reader thing - which might inspire folks to buy a little more :) Oh and did I mention it has been raining like mad too? My allergies started bothering me a little bit on Saturday so I ended up taking a nap while Davids mom came over lol. I seriously didn't know she was coming over until I was nearly asleep and I was like OH WELL ...just shut the door to the bedroom when she gets here lol. It is mostly my eyes that were bothering me so I just didn't feel like fighting it! she didn't stay long but pretty much just long enough for us to not be able to go to church- so we ended up watching … [Read more...]