Politely Pooping the Party: What To Do When You Have To Decline an Invite


Pixabay   Receiving a party invitation fills us all with so many emotions. Excitement! Curiosity! Anticipation! Regret! It's always nice to get that envelope in the mail and get to planning what you'll...   Wait, what was that last one?   Okay, let's be clear. When we react to an invite with feelings of regret, it's not because we dread the idea of attending and hate the host. At least, not usually. However, sometimes, the fact is that an invite puts us in the awkward position of having to turn it down.   There could be many reasons for this. A prior work commitment that cannot be broken (on pain of getting fired). Geographical distance that makes it impossible to be there.   It could be something more personal - for example, you have problems with social anxiety. Or one of the attendees is someone with whom you have a toxic history. You could physically be there, but the problems that would result would inevitably put a … [Read more...]

The Dragging Day- Cloudy and Long!

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Hey All! Well.. Today is DRAGGING along. I have been up since around 930 or so and it is just now 11:30? OY! It feels like it should be after 2 pm or something at the very least! I had a package for review that was at the door when I woke up but unfortunately it wasn't all that I was supposed to have gotten and it was liquid /glass and we had a breakage so I have spent most of my morning trying to get that all cleaned up! Hopefully they will resend everything and make it right! I can't ever say I Had a breakage before- and I think it was fedex rough handling stuff would be part of the reason - I see them slinging stuff and what not all the time. I really wish I had a blog project I could throw myself into but since I am on this little hiatus thing for the most part .. well.. yeah ha ha. I am mostly loving my "break" I don't feel stressed and I only really have one review that I need to write right now (+ the broke one, one on the way and another one that can wait) I know that my … [Read more...]

spots and dots and the troll hair triple play

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Hey Everyone Well.. last night was just not a good night for me -kinda one of those if it could go wrong it went wrong kind of things. I was also very emotional and yeah.. that never mixes up well. Needless to say I have a really funky headache today and basically I am writing to you all from a tunnel of spots and dots (and that is even with my eyes closed oy!) Everything is really O.K and I am alright and all that kind of thing it just sucks when everything goes wrong like that! I feel bad that David had to be up too late and stuff too but in my defense he did stay up to about the same time watching the nintendo announcement last week so.. yeah I think he'll make it through! I am actually sitting here waiting on my mom to come over with a few things and so I can give her the Angry Mama microwave cleaner that we got her - I haven't saw her since the day after Christmas believe it or not - since everyone has taken a turn being sick and whatnot!  She was wanting me to go to the … [Read more...]

Got a Destructive Doggy? He’s probably just bored!


Flickr Image A dog is a fantastic addition to any home! They’re also a tremendous responsibility. If you’ve got a dog at home, you should be doing everything to keep them happy. Pets can’t tell you when they’re bored. It’s your job to stop that from happening! If a dog has nothing to do, they become distressed. They also misbehave! If your dog gets up to mischief when you’re not around, boredom might be the problem! We’re here to save the day with a list of things you can do ensure your dog stays amused! Flickr Image   TOYS   Toys should be the first port of call. Just like children, dogs need toys to play with! You may not want squeaking toys all over your home, but it’s part of being a dog owner! If you can’t cope, try to keep one area of the house for toys. Even so, there’s no stopping your dog from moving them again! Toys are essential, especially if you’re not around as much as you would like. Dog’s are intelligent, and they need constant … [Read more...]

I have the moving bug again… majorly!

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Hey Everyone Yes, I hate to admit it , but I do have the moving bug again. We have right at a year left on the lease (ish) and I am ready to blow this Popsicle stand! I hadn't gave much thought to it other than being annoyed about random stuff that goes on here and how they don't do any up keep and whatever.. then we had the ice and they didn't even do anything for the sidewalk let alone anywhere else right here in front of my building. Well not that I was shocked. David actually started looking at random places online on Monday- we just kinda want to get us an idea of what is out there -that way if there is a wait list and whatnot we can get things rolling. Well.. Tuesday I got curious and started looking and found like THE PLACE. granted I haven't saw it in person but I don't think I would be disappointed. it is about 15 min away and fairly new. I am thinking it is new enough that it didn't even exist when we moved here because if it did I am not sure why we would have picked … [Read more...]


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Hey All Greetings from my Icy hell... well actually that is really mainly just a description of my parking lot- and only on the side in front of my building. Our building doesn't really get sunshine /heat and the rest of this part of the parking lot is melted ,and yesterday they even had a scrapy truck in here with salt, but they only salted the part where you turn to go on around the parking lot and they never scraped anything on this side - go figure! We got about 5-6 inches I would say of snow/ice/sleet. It actually started sleeting about 330 Friday so that kind of messed my whole run out to walmart and grab snack and such plans.  I personally have not been out of the apartment since around that time because I took Marley out but other than that I do not want broke ankle #3 or any other injuries related! David went out Sunday evening but other than that we have stayed put. He had yesterday off of work - which we can do o.k if he only misses one day on a check - but they did … [Read more...]