Waiting on An Apt Inspection- Whatever that is lol

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Hey Everyone! Well.. I am up bright and early because I have NO CLUE when they are coming to do this stinkin' apartment inspection that I find absolutely ridiculous to start with! I have rented for 8 years- well honestly longer than that- even at nit picky off campus housing in college- and they never even did anything like this!  The things on the list that they are checking for are things that if I honestly had a problem with I would have already reported so.. I don't get it. I figure that they are bored and don't have anything better to do honestly lol. Before anyone says something sarcastic, I do realize that this is more common than what I am used to I just find it totally ..I don't even know what the right word is!  They have already been in here twice recently to mess around in the water heater closet so ?? I guess we will see. I am trying to do a picture a day challenge on instagram for this month, as well as a writing challenge here on the blog. I want to do one for … [Read more...]

31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts Day 2:How will you be celebrating the 4th of July? #VerifiedMomBCN‬


If you want to write along with us you should check out: 31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts by VerfiedMom.Com Right now I am REALLY not sure what we are going to be doing for the 4th here are some of the options that we have bouncing around right now- and first of all let me just note we don't know if David has to work half a day on the actual 4th or not just yet... so that kind of makes things even more questionable lol Davids Dad & Bro over here for Pool & cookout- I am not feeling this AT ALL. ... especially since they are so tight with their money and we are scraping it right now for real. I don't feel like feeding and buying alcohol for people who aren't aprpeciative. Plus they spent ALL of last Saturday over here Go Over to mom & dads and have a cookout-  I prefer this option, obviously - don't really have to explain too awful much lol This is the mostly likely thing that we will be doing.... Go to Carowinds for fireworks- probably won't do this.. because I … [Read more...]

31 Summer Fun Writing Prompts Day 1: Reintroducing Nichole #VerifiedMomBCN‬


So I have been meaning to update my bio page here on the blog for quite sometime- I also kind of want to do one of those things on the side bar with a pic and a little blurb and link to that page as well- so hopefully this might inspire me to do so. Also, I have to come up with a 150-200 word blurb and a picture of myself for part of a blog thing I am doing this week- so maybe this will help get the ball rolling on that as well! So- this is for all those folks who have been with me for a while and those who might have just popped by via this writing challenge too I am Nichole and I am a 30 something gal who has been married for 8 years! David and I met in January of 2007, got engaged in Feb of 2007 and Married in June :) We don't have any babies other than the fur babies just yet! The fur babies are Sam- Evil in an orange fur coat (cat) who we have had for 5 years and Marley who is our very loving dog who we have had for almost 2 years! We live in the Charlotte, NC area and I am … [Read more...]

Sleep So Deep

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Hey Everyone! This week is feeling like one of those weeks that just is going to fly by before I know it! I know that this is going to be a short guy for David because he managed to get Thursday off even on short notice so that we can go make our Gold Seasons Passes at Carowinds since our vouchers got here yesterday! Plus we are going to the daughtry concert there that night and if he hadn't got the day off/off a little early we would have been in a rush trying to eat and take Marley over to my moms and such. One thing that is kind of putting a damper on our plans though is that they are doing an APARTMENT INSPECTION on the same day and personally i don't want people all up in my stuff if I am not around, i don't care who you are unless you are my mom that just doesn't fly with me so hopefully since we are in the first apartment building we will get things going sooner than later.  I wish they could have picked any other day .. The things on the list they are checking are things … [Read more...]

The week of the 4th

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Hey Everyone I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine sure didn't go the way THAT I planned for it to! It is all good though! David's dad and bro ended up coming over Saturday and stayed.. and stayed..and stayed.. we were both like um... o.k please go home we have things to do lol. Yeseterday we ended up going to eat at Jimmy Johns, and then we went in Victoria secret so I could spend my gift card that I have had for a while there and then some lol. I ended up with several things but what sucks is the nightgown I got ended up having a hole in it so I have to take it back...I think it might have happened when they pulled the security tag out or something. With us having that concert Thursday evening this week I am trying to see if David can get Thursday off of work/ off early in general if that won't work... that way we won't be so rushed / maybe we could go to the park that day. I know it is short notice and all that but we will see! I also went to walmart yesterday and … [Read more...]

Daughtry Concert at Carowinds Thursday July 02 2015 – BEST DEAL EVER FOR TICKETS &ADMISSION

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This Post is brought to you as part of my participation in the Carowinds Caro-Bloggers Program! I received 4 gold seasons passes in exchange for doing various write ups about events and such at the park. All opinions thoughts and ideas are honest and my own. Your Results May Vary! I haven't wrote my whole "OMG I AM A CAROWINDS CARO-BLOGGER" post just yet- but I will.. in the mean time I wanted to take a minute and share an awesome event and an awesome deal on tickets that is coming up this Thursday July 2nd 2015 at Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C.  This Pic is from the Carowinds Site announcing the concert-click thru to visit & read their announcement I am REALLY picky about music- seriously I like A LOT of different types and artists (I am talking bluegrass, country,rap, pop,rock,classics, etc) One of my favorite shows to watch years ago was American Idol, and I can very well remember when DAUGHTRY was on there! I really .. really..really.. liked him and I was REALLY sad … [Read more...]