Lake Norman Beerfest 2015


This post is written in exchange for 2 VIP tickets to the Lake Norman Beerfest 2015..All thoughts opinions and statements are honest and my own! So you may remember me posting last fall about being really excited to go to Charlotte Beerfest?  I was going as part of a review and getting the VIP experience package for me and David! You can read that post "Charlotte Beerfest 2014 " if you want to see how excited I was and then you will see why I was so bummed because... might have also noticed that I never posted a follow up to that post! What happened was that was the week David started really having panic attacks and he had been not sleeping , had a trip to urgent care and chest pains and all of that so we didn't actually make it to the beerfest! I was pretty bummed out but ... it was more important for us at that time to address those health concerns and get some rest. I figured I would try again for this year :) I also had no luck with getting us a ride back and forth at … [Read more...]

I’ll have my own cook out then :)

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HI Everyone! Well this weekend hasn't went the way I planned- They never do right? lol It is o.k though! I had hoped to get some things done before beerfest on Saturday but I ended up playing around with the costume I was planning to wear and then before I knew it, it was time to drop Marley off at my moms! I ended up not wearing it because when I took it off to eat lunch and then put it on later I must have swelled with the heat and from eating and nothing went good from there lol. Beerfest was fun and I should be doing a follow up post with pics soonest :) We were up quite late on Saturday night and I have been trying to "recover" ever since yesterday and today lol. Actually I managed to hurt myself twice yesterday! I woke up with the inside of my jaw chewed out- way to go right? Then- it gets better. We have cinderblocks that act as risers for our bed.. anyways I ended up scraping the HELL out of my toe with one of them - like the side of it.. and it kind of goes all the way … [Read more...]

Sneeze. Sniffle. Repeat- Allergies & Groceries & Beerfest

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Hey Everyone! Yesterday was a pretty great day! My mom ended up coming over around lunch time and brought me tons of goodies from her pantry and a few frozen goodies and then we went on a major grocery haul to Aldi, where I got like a entire cart of food, including hamburger , chicken tenders and more for only $80! Then we went in walmart and picked up a few things, grabbed some lunch to go at burger king, put everything away, ate and hung out for quite a while too! I managed to do tons of stuff in the house before and after she left, made enchilladas and worked on a review as well :) I was in a writing mode but I did really need to go to the store so.. :) I will do some work on them today-weekend and I hope I have a few to pop up in the next few days! I have tons of emails I want to send out too.. :) Today I am up and going already because it is starting to be really light already at 6 a/m and well. .why not? I have beerfest this afternoon starting at 4 so I will have to get … [Read more...]

I lured myself into staying up with an early night going to bed, ravenswood and coffee :)

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Hey Everyone! This week sure has flew by! I cannot believe it is Friday already- and Friday of a long weekend at that!  Last night we went to bed REALLY early and when I woke up when David was getting ready for work, it was already so bright outside just like it was midday or something. Since I felt a tiny bit rested I lured myself into getting up by promising myself Ravenswood and coffee lol.  It is probably a good thing I got up because they are mowing and weed eating outside so I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep anyways! I am pretty discouraged on the home buying or even finding an place other than here to rent at this point! I spent all of yesterday calling and emailing and what not and it just seems like there isn't much hope. Stinkin' credit issues- even though we have always paid our Rent FIRST .. that is why there are credit issues lol. Eh- As far as rent there isn't anything even remotely cheaper than where we are that would be worth the hassle of packing up and … [Read more...]

Moving bug has bitten again- sort of- I kinda just want a place of our own at this point in life!

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Hey Everyone Well according to my weather app it is 89 degrees today... and I totally believe it from when I was out with Marley just a little bit ago. I saw some people going up to the pool but I didn't think that it was open yet - I know we haven't got a note that said anything about getting a pool pass or anything- last year they were these orange bracelet things and no one ever wore them. with this being totally different chicks in the office who even knows! I also know that we  got a note about signing a new lease back in march or april and I haven't saw one yet. I am not going to say that I will sign it but it would be nice to have because we have to let them know by like June 30 if we are planning to leave or not. Also, I don't want it to come down to where we do the month to month because rent goes up almost 200 bucks. We SERIOUSLY want to try to get a place of our own but with our credit we are not even sure that it is an option.We have considered going back into town to … [Read more...]

Can’t wait for the Elevation Cd Recording Concert!

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Hey Everyone! well the weekend came and went in a flash! I did manage to write on all 3 of the reviews I needed to work on over the weekend. I kind of tag teamed them and was writing on them all at one time- I know it sounds weird but it works for me :) I hope I can get them up on the blog in the next week or 2 :) David took Friday off, not that I am really sure why- all he did was play his war game on his phone. On Saturday his mom had invited herself over WEEKS ago for his birthday and all of a sudden it was like a family reunion up in my house. To top it all of EVERYONE including his DAD went to church with us. I think his mom liked it , she seemed into it but his dad got up at some point and went and sat at the back instead of coming back and sitting with all of us. I had found out BEFORE church started that the church is doing a big cd recording concert again this year. We missed the one last year by 2 weeks because we started going to church RIGHT after they had done it. … [Read more...]

Let’s hope for some blogging mojo through the weekend :)

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Hey there Everyone!  I was hoping to get really into some blogging today but .. let me back up to last night and maybe you will understand why I didn't so much! When we got back from eating I wasn't really feeling so awesome. I ended up going to bed about 8:45 by 10:15 I was up with weird cramps and nausea. I kinda was up and down and was playing on the tablet on The Social Blogging Society facebook group and even on different instagram collage/pic apps playing for most of the night because David was up playing his war game on the phone.  It was probably well after 2 before I even got to sleep- hence feeling drained most of the day I spent the biggest part of the day watching Pretty Little Liars and then took a huge nap!  This evening I have been playing around with my 3 reviews I want to get written so they can go up as needed for the last little while - all at one time! I kind of just write a little on each and kind of just keep going and before I know it they start all coming … [Read more...]