Oh the laundry never ends!

Hello Minions & Loyal Readers I hope everyone is doing well :) Things around my world are going great. I have been busy being domestic and working BE society! I was going to do some updating on Monday & yesterday but my server was having some sort of hiccup (It was almost like my own IP address … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wed April 23 2014- My Grandmeow Big Boy @TheBESOCIETY


There is my little doll baby Big-Boy! He is Shadow's Baby, so that makes him my grandmeow! He stays with my mom but I love him to pieces n bits! Check out the wordless wednesday linky and join in with the fun at blogging empire society! … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wedneseday LInky Week of April 22 2014 #BeSociety @thebesociety

Here is the linky for wordless wed this week! Be sure to check back for my actual post, and check out the rest of the posts that link up!  Be sure to … [Continue reading]

Tuesday 10- Week of April 21 2014 Celebrity Crushes(with Linky)

I am partcipating in the Tuesday Ten again this week that Fiona from Kinky-Cherries is hosting. This weeks Theme is Celebrity Crushes.  It looks like … [Continue reading]

Throwback Thursday


  Here is the link to the throwback thursday linky that I posted earlier!be sure to join in and link up your post! Can you tell I … [Continue reading]

Throwback Thursday Linky(First here at AR!)

My Lovely Miss Fiona, who I have known and adored for MANY years has also not only started the Tuesday 10 linky, but a throwback Thursday linky! I … [Continue reading]