I am a VERY proud Carowinds Caro-Blogger :) #luvcarowinds #caroblogger


    I am part of the carowinds caro bloggers program where I received 4 gold seasons passes in exchange for sharing related posts of events,visits and the like and my honest thoughts, ideas and experiences with my readers. This post is part of working with that program! All thoughts,ideas, experiences, etc are honest and my own. yours may vary. As a special side note the caro bloggers program website linked below is currently being worked on and as of 1:22 EST Friday July 10th I am not on the page just yet, just so you know! This year Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C decided to branch out and make a program for bloggers  and I was VERY excited when I got invited to apply back in May and even more excited when I got the email that told me I was accepted!  The program is the Carowinds Caro-Bloggers program and  it could not have came at a more perfect time for me, because I had been looking to branch out more into blogging about things to do /events instead of just … [Read more...]

Getting the blog flow back :)

Hey Everyone Well.. I think the site might have "stabilized" for now thankfully! I had to end up clearing my cache and such and now it is finally working and loading in both the browsers that I use.. I also have word from Jenn that she is changing the hosting tonight and we might be down around 2 a/m for about an hour but other than that smooth sailing from here on out we hope :) This weekend David starts not working half days on Saturday anymore so thats kind of nice..kinda gives me an extra full day for things that I might want to go visit/do and what not.. The main thing  I want to get done is print out a few things for my lawyer and finish a paper that I need to do.. that way I can turn my paperwork in a week early - that way if i need something else ,etc i have more time to nab it. Luckily all this will be filed by the 18th of Sept and then a court date for really nothing and DONE :) It is a stressful thing but at the same time I know it is really going to help in the end … [Read more...]

Hopefully Things will get Stable Blog /Hosting/Server wise :)

I haven't blogged in a week and I really really want to post some things /need to post some things but my lovely hostess Jenn and I have been PLAGUED with down time since SUNDAY NIGHT around 6 p/m EST and the first sign that I even had a site again was around 2/am this morning and it stayed up until maybe 8 or so and went back down and came back up around 10 or so.. So let's put it this way I really don't want to write anything big or major right now until things stabilize a bit- I am even holding back on pitching for holiday gift guide and an event I was interested in! In all honesty we have had trouble with hosting all year, and I know it isn't her (jenn's) fault- it is namecheap and they really need to get it together because i know well that she pays them a sizeable amount of money every month and it is not worth the service and support she has been receiving! Well I am gonna jump off of here and see what I can get done and if this is still hopping and up in a little bit I'll … [Read more...]

A day of home-not a bad thing :)

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone Phew.. this is the first day in I DO NOT KNOW WHEN that I have been at home ALL DAY and not had something going on- I have to say I kinda like it lol. I don't know it is kinda fun being out and about but I feel like I have so many things that need to be done at the house so- yeah. I just wish today was a more productive one for me- but it is kinda early so I might be able to get something going :) The weekend was busy as heck- I don't even feel like there was a weekend. My mom stopped by about noon on friday and we loaded up my yardsale stuff which I was shocked was actually pretty much a truck load full! I didn't think I had nearly that much so I was happy! I mean it was the little truck but still! We went to her house got everything unloaded and things put out and priced that needed it ( I tried to do it as I went through things) and then David and I ended up having dinner over there and when we got home I just crawled in bed and watched tv until I went to sleep. … [Read more...]

Add it to the mix

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Hey Everyone Well this week is just getting away from me fast! Yesterday I ended up being aggravated most of the day over lawyer paper work because to file an extension I have to have a paper that they don't have for the general public at the court house and I needed it from my lawyer and somewhere along the way the paper was lost/the office gal couldn't find it or whatever and yeah..I mean it honestly isn't a huge deal as long as I can get one and get it in by the 20th but.. you all know how I am not the most patient person in the world. Anyways I found it awesome that the lawyer herself emailed me after 11 p/m last night to tell me she had got the proper paper to her assistant to get to me via email today (even though it is 5 and I don't have the paper- at least we are on the right track lol) My mom had went by walmart for a few things and ended up bringing me a few things that she picked up for me including a pack of undies she found for me (13 pairs for 9 bucks sure why not!) … [Read more...]

Can’t wait for “Normal” for me times again :)

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Hey Everyone Well.. the weekend was kind of a bust all around but I will get into that probably in another post. I am actually planning to write my thoughts on the concert for Elevation Church on Southern-Belle I hope anyways lol. David took yesterday off work as well as Friday he had planned this originally a while back and we had considered going to virginia to visit my grandma but that didn't work out of course. After the fact I needed to take some papers to the courthouse by the 17th (or 20th I honest don't know which) So we went to get that taken care of and OF COURSE i get up there and don't have an extension paper so.. basically we wasted the time money and gas so that stinks :( Also the gal at the lawyers office couldn't find an extension paper when I called so I am still waiting to see if that is even an option. Honestly there is so much paperwork with this I just want to pull out my hair and I really need the extra time to come up with filing fees and stuff so here … [Read more...]

A long but entertaining week

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Hey Everyone Is it me or is this the LONGEST WEEK EVER? I don't know if it is because I am anticipating the Elevation concert on Friday so much or what but.. dude by the way I feel it should already be Saturday lol. I didn't plan to get up early this morning but Sam was being wild and crazy and ended up waking me back up right after David left/I went back to sleep so I finally just pushed through and got up. I have been working on getting various papers together for my lawyer and coming up with a list of questions a mile long at the same time of course. We will be filing this stuff on the 12th and after that I won't really have to be worried anymore thankfully :) like i say its nothing but a thing and it will be done and over in less than a months time so no biggie! Yesterday was kind of interesting I guess lol. I hit this sharp spot in the carpet in between our bedroom and bathroom and fell lol. it got me right in the soft spot of my foot. Thankfully no bruises or broken … [Read more...]