Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Information, Early Sponsors, Pitch Me Form (Sponsors Wanted) #holidaygiftguide

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Hey Everyone! I cannot believe that it is already time for Holiday Gift Guide 2016. I decided to start a bit earlier than usual this year, because I had already started to receive pitches!  I am thinking of starting in Mid August instead of October this year. This is my main post that will have all the information, my early sponsors (they get extra love and shoutouts) and of course a form to pitch me! My blog turned 6 years old in May and I had an AMAZING time doing my gift guide last winter! I am not in the reviewing for just whatever I can get for free, and I also write very in depth reviews and not just copy/pasted information from the products site or press release. I will totally update this as needed between now and the start of the guide, and then when the guide goes live I will have this post linked up to the guide which will be pinned to the top of the blog until the new year! What I am Looking For: Here is a general idea of what kind of things would fit in my gift … [Read more...]

Still being vague,moms silent migraines and i’m drained.

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Hey Everyone Seriously, I have NO OOMPH or get up and go and haven't in several weeks. I am thinking this whole month at least- now I basically have a one track mind and no matter how hard I try I can't get over thinking about this one thing - you know the one thing I have been vague about? I have no desire to really be online and especially not to blog /write reviews even though I am probably well behind on at least 2 of my reviews right now and if I could just get in that sort of mood I could knock them out in about a couple of hours! They aren't hard I just don't have that sort of mind set right now. So back to that vague thing- I currently have 2 options - one of which was basically off the table. Of course the one that was off the table and kind of presenting and issue is my #1 choice. However, time is of the essence and this is a slow go either way so I am basically giving this one to the end of the week to pan out or we are going to have to go with option #2 or just give … [Read more...]

Emotions are on a rollercoaster!

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Hey Everyone Well.. what I went to look at Friday night having to do with my "vague" part of my posts the last few days. We had plans to go look at something to do with it Saturday and we were gonna go with it- and then something else popped on the radar and now its in my eyes that one or something that would have to be equal to it and it is AWESOME but I am going through a range of emotions that is killing me! I have tried to not be really stoked over this from the get go because this has been something that we have tried for this in the past and not got very far and this time we are essentially going backwards and it is easier to get more excited over it when you legit don't even know that it is going to "pan out" as I always say. So from the get go I have been more excited about it than I should- and counter with finding the MECCA yesterday and basically getting pumped full of sunshine from my mom and another party involved + what I read online I was ESTATIC last night and … [Read more...]

First Lady Hair Infographic

Hair- It is the bane of my existance lol. As you well may know I Have naturally curly hair and I hate it (of course) and then my mom was a cosomotologist and she was always doing something crazy to my hair especially when I was a younger child! I actually did have hair at one point that I could sit on when it was wet! Now that I have gotten older I still don't want my hair to be more short than just above my shoulders- though in this heat it is something I do consider on hot days. Hair is really on my mind right now because it needs colored and cut -and I was supposed to get it done last week but I was sick and didn't want anyone messing around my head with a bad ear- oh did i mention my mom is still my stylist/hair color /hair cut lady? I have never had anyone other than her to cut my hair or color it! hopefully I can get it done tomorrow! First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA Created By: Ogle School … [Read more...]

First Ladies Of Style Infographic

First Ladies of Style Created By: Ogle School … [Read more...]

I’m getting better, I promise!

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Hey Everyone I just wanted to take a few minutes and check in with ya'll! I am still sick- I am almost positive I have a Peritonsillar Abscess but I was lucky enough to have some antibiotics and ear drops that seem to be knocking it down. I tend to have a knack for rare bacterial things so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if that isn't what this is. I have also always had some weird luck with sore throats and such so.. go figure.and no,  I don't go to the DR unless I am dying (ie, can't breath/asthma) I don't have insurance and generally they don't do anything for sore throats and such anyways so why waste time? I honestly think all of this is because I made fun of David having a sore throat a few weeks back and wanting to go to the Dr.. Friday- twinge in my ear and throat that I thought nothing of- figure it was allergies Saturday- I was having more pain- mostly in my throat and by late evening swallowing was difficult Sunday- throat was SO Sore- swallowing was nearly … [Read more...]

Sinus Infection(sore throat & earache) boo :(

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Hey Everyone Well.. this weekend has not went as planned! I had totally every intention of doing a ton of blogging and such but starting last Fri evening started having a bit of a sore throat/earache...well it evolved to where I have a sore throat and a earache but only on the left side and I feel like absolute death! I managed to go up to the pool party and eat before it got too awful yuck but after that it was full force, and this is sunday and it is just BLAH! I will likely be back in bed before long but I wanted to take a min and write a little bit while I had the chance. I am hopeful that this will be gone ASAP. I am pretty sure it is just some nasty sinus infection.. just pair that with the fact that I don't think I have actually been sick in about 4 years -well.. yeah. Oh and the heat just makes it so oppressive. I have had a low grade fever complete with chills and then those moments where you are on fire- but most part really cold and drained :( We were supposed to go … [Read more...]