Nichole’s Tennessee Adventure September 2014-Sponsors Shoutout


I wanted to do a little something special for any of my wonderful sponsors for my trip to Tennessee this September, So anyone who sponsors me will get a special shout out here in this post, which will be pinned to the top of my blog until after the trip!  As I get new sponsors I will add to this … [Continue reading]

don’t mind me :)

Today has been fast and furious for sure. Now don't die from shock with an update (regular post) twice in one day lol. David came home at lunch to snag one of his inflamation pills. .I am not really sure what was bothering him. He had offered to get me lunch but my mom was supposed to have … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wed # with @thebesociety Fur babes on a saturday night!


check out BE Society by clicking here- BE Blog Community I am not finding our WW linky code right now but as soon as I do I will add it here :) I … [Continue reading]

wacky wed-catching up on this and that

Hey Everyone! I am noticing that in the mornings it seems to be a little darker when David leaves for work/ darker a bit longer which means it is … [Continue reading]

20/31-Aug Blog writing Challenge with @thebesociety- favorite meal #besociety #beaugchallenge


To Find out More about BE Society & Our Writing Challenge Check us out by clicking the above image! Last month we wrote about "Favorite Comfort … [Continue reading]

day 19/31-Aug @thebesociety blog writing challenge -10th Word #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come by and Visit The BE gals by clicking the image above. Join our community /writing challenges and more! Ok.. If i grabbed the actual book closest … [Continue reading]

18/31- August @TheBESociety Blog Writing Challenge -asking for help #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come Visit us at BE Society by clicking the banner above! For the most part I do try to rely on myself for most things, but sometimes there are … [Continue reading]