night time patio blogging

Hey everyone! well this week really didn't get any better. I woke up to missed calls and texts from david about did i know why my dad left work around 10 a/m on Thursday morning.. I was like um no but I will find out lol. I called and find out my mom is at the DR office having one of these "spells" … [Continue reading]

Things get scary when you can’t breathe :(

Hey Everyone !! The last few days I have been having some major coughing fits but really hadn't thought much about them because I figure it was allergies/colds and I still know that is atleast part of the problem I got going on.. stick with me lol I don't know if you remember when David and I … [Continue reading]

Electronics Fever. I has it…

Hello Everyone! Well yesterday I managed to find my 32gb flashdrive that was missing so that was nice! I had been looking for it pretty much all … [Continue reading]

Nichole’s 17 Herb Chicken is baking :)

I am making "Nicholes Famous 17 herb chicken" again. Of course i think it has more than 17 spices lol. Just in the italian spice I use the garlic and … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wed: Fall Afternoon on the Patio


Been spending lots of afternoons and evenings on the patio since the weather has been cooler! Very relaxing!  If we end up having a linky for BE … [Continue reading]

a late start even for me!

Hey Everyone! Yesterday was for the most part a pretty good day, even though I got a late start on things.. I am talking about a late start even … [Continue reading]