Thursday Already?


Hey Everyone Well.. That draft cleaning out was very interesting yesterday- it was kind of funny in a way, then some memories were not so good and .. yeah .. I am down in the 700's now and I think I might work on it more today after I send out a few pitches. There is one item in particular that I want and I am determined to get it somehow! I have pitched like 4 places for it lol - It is related to my MB trip and I am offering double feature between it and Holiday Gift Guide so we'll see- cross your fingers for me- it is something I actually really need and would be helpful even beyond the trip! I have a few more things to add to my guide, and I need to make a collage to share on instagram for my taffy too. I actually need to put pics on instagram of things I have got so far and send out some emails -I am planning to write in batches - the reviews so ..we shall see how that goes as well! I am still pitching for a few things though -though if this one thing I replied for comes … [Read more...]

Elderly Pet Care

Caring for an elderly pet Like humans, pets need special care as they age. Giving your older pet the best care that they can get will help them have a more comfortable journey to the end of their life. Make your home accessible Older pets have similar requirements to humans: as their bodies weaken, their living environment needs to become easier to navigate. Your pet will appreciate it if you keep their source of food in the same place and if you don’t make any changes to where they sleep. Try to declutter your home as far as possible so that it is easier for your pet to navigate around it – which is especially important if your pet is losing their sight. A small step ladder can help pets to access areas in the home that they like to go to but struggle with now. Keeping a light on at night is another accessibility option that many older pets will appreciate. Look after your pet’s diet Pet food is usually sold according to an age-related formula, and you should keep an … [Read more...]

Going through old drafts…


Hey Everyone Well.. yesterday evening David was almost 2 hours late getting off of work so that SUCKED.. His water truck has basically been down all summer (4 months now) and of course this is when he has the most work to be done with it being dry and the heat and all of that. Well he has basically been stuck in a crappy alternative truck- not that his is the best but it is the better out of all of his other options and he'd rather be in it than anything else. Well he had it back about 45 min yesterday and it messed up AGAIN ..something else went crazy. Now this water truck was not even a water truck to start with and it was converted into one. Oh and it is also 40 years old too! Whatever part it is that messed up they can't even get because the company doesn't make them anymore! So they are having to have it made! We had to run to walmart because last week - must have been on Friday ... I managed to loose my package opener somewhere and with everything coming in for HGG I really … [Read more...]

don’t think today is going to be an online type of day


Hey Everyone I can pretty much tell I am not going to get a whole lot done today - it is only 11 but it is so dark and dreary and we had a little bit of bad news on the family front so... yeah.. I am kinda having to be a ear for my mom a little bit about some things and that is o.k too. I am also trying to eat some left over wraps for a snack/lunch and I have some soup left over too so that is nice... though I bought sourdough bread and roast beef and I want a sandwich too lol. We had a God Awful storm yesterday evening /night and Marley spent most of it under the bed ... poor bug! We almost didn't get to take her out before bed but we got a break in the storm around 1030 or so thankfully! Then I was awake several times up and down and had just went back to sleep again when Sam threw up at like 2 a/m! Oy.. just when I got this sleep thing figured out. The one thing right now that is getting me is my left arm/shoulder/pinky goes numb/tingly sometimes and it takes forever to get it … [Read more...]

a little rambles in the evening!


Hey Everyone Well.. Today was busy as could be, especially since I last wrote! I got all the things done around the house, and got dinner all prepped, the soup made and took out marley- then I finished up the chicken wrap filling -we have ate, I have loaded up the dishwasher, and am currently sitting in the bed with David - Marley is under the bed because it is thundering and there is some lightening so that sucks. I hope that it won't get too bad and I won't have to turn off the computer.. I think for the most part it is just the thunder.. it isn't even raining just yet. I have been pre-writing on about 4 reviews today and I just got the pictures I was wanting for the one that is like pretty well finished. I am also backing them up in google docs just in case something goes whacky :)  I am hoping to finish the one up and work some more on them tomorrow and figure out a few things related.. Right now I am getting ready to switch gears a little bit and reorganize some bathroom … [Read more...]

a quick monday this one…


Hey Everyone well.. today is getting gone fast for a Monday! I am also making my P.F.chang copy cat recipes today and I usually hit the ground running with the prep of the veggies/sauce and crispy noodles and make my soup early on but all I have done so far is get the crispy noodles done lol. It is all good I have plenty of time, I just need to get to it before too long! I actually am starting writing on some of the gift guide reviews today believe it or not.. I already pretty much have one done, and one I am working on so I am excited about that too. I would like to work on a few others and then just schedule them out for this week and get some pics up to correspond on instagram so we'll see how it goes. I want to get these up before anything else comes in- which I have something coming tomorrow so.. yeah ha ha.I just want to get ahead because I have a few things confirmed for later, and then with my trip and everything... Fun stuff :) I am actually going through and making some … [Read more...]