Fur Babes


sam wants olives


This is Sampson! We never really call him that, but that is his “real” name.  We got Sam in February 2010 off of craigslist. I was looking for a new cat since my Cat Shadow had dissappeared (long story short he got used to being outside and my moms and didn’t want to be inside when David and I moved back out on our own so I took him back and he ended up disappearing in a snow storm 🙁 ) I wanted an orange cat and they said he gave hugs so I was sold! He is actually evil in a fur coat lol but I love him to bits and pieces and his hugs are precious 🙂 He likes Green Olives.. ALOT and he is begging me for them in this picture!  His original name was PEACHES and I was like no.. that is NOT a name for a male cat that is that tough!



This is Marley! She is my little princess and I love her to bits. Marley has the most awesome story ever.. She used to be our neighbors dog and she used to hang out at our house more than her own. They always had her outside and tied up , but she was crafty and would break loose and come visit! I used to talk to her out the window and I even would feed her! She even has followed me and David before into the road when we would leave to go somewhere. David had picked her up and brought her home out of the main road where we used to live more than once!

They got evicted and we didn’t really know WHAT had happened to her. I was just so used to her being around and I missed her! It was weird to look outside and her not be there. Well.. David went to the shelter with his dad (randomly) and he called me saying that Marley was there! I was like oh.. I don’t want a dog again (we had one before that was just.. meh!) but by the next week when we picked her up at the animal hospital after the fixing/microchipping and shots I was sold!