#BeSociety #30daysofpics Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Oh, What an interesting topic for me to write about!

BE Society

Dear______________ (refuse to even write a name here, because it wouldn’t be a nice thing that I could even begin to come up with)

It has been several months since everything went to heck and a handbasket, but I never knew then looking ahead, how much of a blessing that it would be! I get more paid posts, I get more review opps, I have more support than I ever had. I get more comments and interaction and have got to connect with people that I haven’t got to connect with in years, and even new people!I have my own network of gals who love me and support me in all that I do. I have learned exactly what to not do, and that is to try to be like you on any level!

Sure you hurt me more than I like to admit, but it’s seriously o.k. now. I have moved on and I am all the better for it! I don’t have to force myself to do the things that I was doing for you, now I do them for my self and i get so much more out of it!


Without really getting into details and such, that is what I came up with. I know the vast majority of the gals in my network know what this is about and this is the first time I really ever went out on a limb and wrote anything about it on my site even in a vauge matter. I would really appreciate that it stays here. The person that is in question is blocked from viewing my site permanently as well!


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    You know it is great to be able to get things off your chest, I might have to do one of these just to get somethings out and off my chest lol, no names on it just a rant and that be that. It makes you stronger and better to be able to get a positive from what sounds to be a negative situation. Good on you!

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    Well said! I think I does the world of good to write it all down – even if it a private post that no on sees (I have a few of those kicking about that have never been published! lol) and let it all out. =)

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    Its so cathartic to be able to express those feelings! You are doing an excellent job. Our group rocks & I thank you so much for making a great place to BE! Thanks so much for being you!

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    I have not a clue what this is about (I am always out of the loop, LOL) but I am glad you were able to write this letter. Even if that person doesn’t read this, you have gotten at least a little bit off your chest. You being able to turn a bad situation good just shows how strong you are!