Cervical Cancer

I am writting from off top of my head. I will edit details and clarity one day. i will do so by putting the extra stuff in italics.

I just want my story out there. If you have any questions, etc please feel free to put them here. I don’t want anyone to go through what I have.


On february 12th 2007 I finally had everything going right for me- and david had just proposed and I had said yes. little did I know that was about to change.

On friday feb 16, i went for my regular checkup. the only reason I went was they had quit refilling my perscription until I would come in for an exam

they found some kind of bacteria thing, gave it a fancy name and some antibiotics to me. I called it nothing more than a yeast infection and went on with life.

a few weeks pass. i am at work one day and i get a phone call about me having HPV. i had NO clue what that was, and since they told me it WASNT cancer and i wasn’ t going to die, i go on about my life.

then i started getting bills in the mail, when i had paid in full in cash that day because I didn’t have insurance. and then a certified letter came, which i couldn’t go pick up because i worked every day except sunday until 7 p.m.

I call to find out what is up with the certified letter, what it is about. keep in mind this is a phone call, and I am at work (I was working at the salvation army store, where my then fiance’ now husband also worked) I am just on a 10 minute break when I call to find out what is going on. I am like you told me I have hpv, so whats the deal. then they tell me that they never said that (like i would make up a disease that I didnt even know about ) then they flat out tell me that I have cancer. and then I start having a nervous break down.

before I go on, the reason I kept getting an outrageous bill is they decided on their own will, not asking me to run extra tests on my pap smear.

I am having a panic attack crying , calling my mom, and my mom is like “WHAT? you tell them to call and tell me that” so I had them call her. So i’m still in panic mode, and we had some temporary boss from you know where going “oh, well are u ok to work now? ” and i’m like no. everyone I worked with was taking turns comming back to talk to me to help calm me down. it was the worst feeling you can imagine.

when my mom calls me back she tells me that they tell her i made this whole thing up, that i only have a severe dysplasia (cell buildup). my mom tells them they are full of it, about them saying I made up having cancer. they are like “we were just trying to scare her” and my mom was like well shes prob gonna have a heart attack now.

I dont know exactly what month we are up to by this point. I am going to edit this for dates when I have time to look things up. I say we are at about april at this point.

I go to the health department for a second opinion. when my results come back two weeks latter, it shows a tiny bit of a abnormal cells/ cell buildup. they then want to do a procedure called a colposcopy. my mom got the letter about this before i did, and made the appointment for me before she even told me (which is fine, she was on my list to be able to make medical decisions, obtain info) when she told me about it I had another nervous breakdown. I had really hoped things would be ok.i remember crying and crying and my dad and david trying to get me to calm down.

david went with me when I had the colposcopy. that was one odd procedure. its basically like they scrape some cells off, and use some vinegar solution… its crazy.

when the results came back two weeks latter… it was looking worse. again crying and freaking out. I was so hopefull again.

the next step was something called a leep . i couldnt get an appointment for one for like 3 months. so for three more months i let this stuff linger inside of me.

the leep procedure was in august. at least i had gotten married, and seemed to be doing better with all the blood and nasty crap that was always comming out of me. it was like I was getting better. so i thought

The day of the leep procedure was one more dagone adventure let me tell you. keep in mind this is in august, and this started in february. all this time having this stuff growing in me. and not ever having a clear answer.

The leep procedure was at the most freaky freaky freaky place on earth. every where I had read about leeps were saying anesthesia, etc. these freaks werent even gonna numb me! I am laying there in the stirups, and they RUN OUT OF THE ROOM! I Kid you NOT. dont even tell me what is going on. noone stays. they all LEAVE ME THERE with the speculum in me!

they keep saying that my –area didnt match the one drew on the health dept thing. and then some freaky lookin guy who looked like freddy or something was all up in me lookin and i just want to run from the room naked because he was so freaky!

well luckily, the didnt do anything.seeing as how they had NO clue what they were doing, and I didnt need them wackin around in me . i mean i wanna have kids you know?

In middle sept. i found a local obgyn (shes like 4 min from my house lol) she accepted medicaid (and no i’m not scum becuz i get medicaid, you would be suprised to learn you can get that under a breast and cervical cancer program as well as financial need) I went there. got another opinon. she tells me I do have HPV, and that it is just a virus, etc.and that she would like to do a pap. so we do another of those.

when the results come back, well you know the story. I was having highly abnormal stuff showing up. and then they do a colposcopy, and thats when she found the cancer cells.

In october they did a leep procedure on me at the hospital. when the results came back it looked as though the cancer was more deep than they had expected.

in november they did a cone biopsy procedure on me at the hospital. when these results came back in the middle of december, i finally finally had ended my 11 month battle with this.

in april of this year i went for my checkup. i still have abnormal cells. i go back in august again to check things out.

//more latter