18/31- August @TheBESociety Blog Writing Challenge -asking for help #besociety #beaugchallenge


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For the most part I do try to rely on myself for most things, but sometimes there are things I have to have help with for various reasons!  The person /people that help me the most are my parents.. especially my mom!  There have been many times if it wasn’t for my mom we wouldn’t have had various things at different points in time. My mom supports me no matter what and she knows that we really do try so I think that is why she doesn’t mind helping me out when I truly need it. A lot of times it is just like she KNOWS and will randomly hand me money and tell me to use it for “Mad Money”

There have been times that David had to take a week off to qualify for unemployment and we were right up on it with out bills- – I Know one time we had EXACTLY enough for rent and power and nothing else and my mom paid our power bill and took me on a huge trip to the grocery store! My mom is really handy with helping me out with having what I need in the house especially since she coupons! I have major issues with grocery shopping anyways lol.. It totally stresses me out most of the times so it is nice to have her support when I need to go get food 🙂 She is also nice enough to extend me an invite to come eat at her house anytime because.. well she my mom of course!

Sometimes I have just simply needed a way to get out of the house and go somewhere /someone to talk to and my mom is good to help me with that as well.

There have been various times though I have needed help with things that weren’t money related…sometiems it is just needing someone to talk to and I have several online friends and minons that have helped me with making it through those times too!

I guess when it comes right down to it, i just know when not to stress and just ask someone to listen or help me out because  I have awesome people in my life that will help me through.