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Last month we wrote about “Favorite Comfort Foods” which you can check out , and those are some of my favorite meals to eat but.. well there are others lol. Of course. .I love food!  I will be first to admit that I am not big on cooking though, mostly because I hate planning out meals or trying to go to the store and come up with new ideas.It is something that I would like to get more “into

” I totally plan to take some dreary fall days and go through some of my old magazines that I have collected (Rachael Ray and All You along with some others) as well as my huge cookbook collection (that my dad died laughing that I even had when we were moving- He was like “Seriously what was in this ” about the tub I had them in, and when I opened it up he was like “really?” LOL)and try to come up with some new ideas!

It is really a goal I have to be able to plan out at least 2 weeks or so of meals at a time and be able to go get the stuff at the store to make them with , that way I don’t have to be wondering what the heck are we gonna have for dinner. I think if i could could out the stress and come up with more ideas I wouldn’t have some negative cooking feelings!

Mainly if I can make it in a crockpot or it starts with the instructions “Start with a can of cream of——–” soup then I am in lol.

As far as other meals I really like they include:

Breakfast for dinner – Fried potatoes, biscuits, gravy and hamburger meat – I cannot cook this for crap .. well actually I can but it just isn’t as good as my moms when she makes it!

Beef Ribs with Rice- I REALLY love Beef Ribs but I don’t hardly ever get them! I know the last time I got them we had got meat from the processing place and they really cut the ribs fatty and I was so Sad. 🙁

Steak/potatoe/salad- Of course! I am a classic kind of gal!

Even though I am a picky eater(NOT lol) there are tons of things I  WILL eat 🙂 I just hit a few highlights 🙂