22/31-Aug Blog Writing Challenge w/@thebesociety- Summer Association #besociety #beaugchallenge


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I really am NOT a Summer person lol so I really had to think on this one. I am a fall person obviously and could give you tons of ideas on that subject!

I think really the things that would remind me of summer would be pool/beach smells like ocean water and chlorine water and sunscreen! I also know that smells of tanning lotion are something I associate with summer. Fresh Cut Grass, Watermelon..Grilled Food. Honeysuckle.

You know I hate when I can’t come up with a huge long post, but that is about all that is coming to mind for me! I could have possible adapted this into “things” that remind you of summer and came up with a longer list such as: Heat, Bright Sunshine, Fireworks, Kids out of school, etc 🙂

Longer post later <3