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Picking Website Names is one of the most annoying things ever for me!I have had 4 domains now and numerous sites over the years and coming up with the name is right up there with coming up with a layout/theme for them!Β  For fun, I will try and give you a little history of all for of the domains names.

Autumn-Rain.net – I like the Fall. The fall also reminds me of happy times when it comes to my past because of college and what not πŸ™‚ My original site tagline was “and we kissed while the autumn-rain fell” or something similar to that. I guess I just find the fall romantic and fall rains in Boone were always special to me.. because lord knows we didn’t get that many of them before the snow started to fly πŸ™‚ Fall in the mountains in general is an awesome time with the crisp air and the leaves. *sigh* I don’t think I can fully put into words what the site title really means to me.

GRITS reviews. This was my “Adult” blog and now Ashely owns it! I just needed somewhere to get the majority of my Adult reviews off of this blog (though you will still find Eden Fantasys Ambassador posts and a few reviews of adult nature really far back on this blog!) because I was getting turned down for so many opps because of them! GRITS originally stood for Girls Raised in the South because it was supposed to be a joint project with someone but it ended up just being me. The GRITS kind of fit better standing for girls really in to sex.Β  πŸ™‚

Southern-Belle… Well I am a Southern Belle, Obviously! I honestly couldn’t believe the domain was even available.. I would have thought it would have been snagged a long time ago! It was actually one of the simplest ones to come up with because I knew in my head I wanted a new southern based more family friendly(as in MY family lol) blog, I just wasn’t sure when I wanted to do it and what not and the name just came to me one day. When I checked and it was actually available I knew it was meant to be. I had orignally thought about something with appstate in the title ha ha.

Blogging Empire Society- Let’s put it this way Me, Gossip girl, coffee and an early morning are responsible for this one!Β  I already had the idea for BE in the works but coming up with the name.. ha ! I was watching the Episode of Gossip Girl where Chuck buys the Empire (his hotel) and I was like THAT IS IT! Plus Blair always has Minions and I am always calling my BE gals my Minions πŸ™‚

I am hopful I don’t have to come up with another blog name anytime soon. I do have an idea for a video series /fan site for Ravenswood and PLL but I am not sure just yet.. It will probably be a sub domain or something like that. It is funny because I started out with fansites and now I want to go back to them. It’s all full circle lol.