24/31 Aug Blog Challenge w/@thebesociety- cleaning #besociety #beaugchallenge


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I am all for being clean and organized but I am also fine with a “lived in” look for the house at the same time!  I used to be CRAZY obsessed with making sure my bed was made first thing in the morning. I try to still do it at some point in the day because from our living room you can see into the bedroom..If I know my mom is coming over in the day I make it more of a priority of getting that done. Sure I could just shut the door but Sam spends a lot of time in there.. The only time we shut the door and lock it is when we have Davids family over and that is another story lol.

For the most part things just have their place to go and I try to keep them in that place. I am most particular about any of my paper work for reviews and blogging! If I have it on my clipboard I don’t want anyone to mess with it lol.

David is a total obsessive compulsive cleaning person and it has really gotten worse since we moved! That is another story for another day though 🙂 It isn’t that I knock anyone for being clean but for example mopping every floor in the house every day I think might be a little uncalled for lol.

My closet in the guest bedroom is a total other story too.. It needs major loving that I hope to get to “one day” lol  It ended up being a combo of our closet under the stairs, my closet, random stuff ..and now it is just.. needing lovin’! but it is kind of out of sight out of mind too because I am hardly ever in that room so…