25/31 @thebesociety august writing challenge- looking back or looking ahead #besociety @beaugchallenge


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I would probably go back in the past.. I mean I seemingly am stuck there anyways lol.  There are lots of cute moments that I would like to go back and visit like when I first met Jason and David and I would love to be able to see my Granny again and things like that. I guess I already know what happened in the past for the most part and it wasn’t that bad and I made it through.I guess I would really want to pick and choose which moments I went back and saw again though. There are a few that I could do without not ever seeing again, let alone thinking about again!

I think being able to see the future would really be a curse because you wouldn’t fully be able to live your life without anticipating when such and such event would take place. I think at that point you would have too much knowledge and insight and your life would be too predictable and therefore boring.  I like just taking things as they come along ..I also know there are things in the future that will happen that I wouldn’t at this point be able to handle at this point in my life!