27/31@thebesociety august blog challenge -Wasting Time #besociety #beaugchallenge

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Well We already wrote a post about procrastination which might tie into this quite nicely lol. I know that sometimes I think everything I do is a waste of time.. or I have had people tell me that blogging and social media is a waste of time, because they do not understand it at all!  To me getting reviews, meeting people, helping people, interacing with people and what not is NOT a waste of my time, and every minute that I spend on my blog(s) is an investment in my future so to speak and not a waste.

There are some people though that you cannot convince or explain this to, and a lot of them happen to be in my family..my dads family especially. But I won’t go on one of my rants about people not understanding that I am not just mooching off of David and what not lol.

I guess to say wasting my time in my mind is when I do something like sleep in (which I don’t do a lot of anymore) because I am thinking well I should have been up working on this that and the other. I even feel bad lately if I take a nap or something. I guess though resting shouldn’t be considered a waste of time though!

Honestly I don’t feel like I waste a lot of time now that I am in a better mood and my drama is behind me!  I think the only thing I might could consider is on the weekends sometimes when I have things planned out to do on the weekends and because David is home I end up doing random stuff or just sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing lol.