28/31 @thebesociety August Blog Challenge -Addiction #besociety @beaugchallenge

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Addiction? Really.. Ha HA … I guess everyone is addicted to something to some sort of extent you know? Sometimes I think obsession and addiction can even blur together! I mean I am totally obsessed with panties and purses but I don’t guess that I am ADDICTED to them lol but then there are cases of where girls can be obsessed with a guy or whatever and people say that they are “addicted” to that person, so I don’t know if that came out right or not lol, but I was trying to say I think that people can maybe confuse the two, or blur them together.

I don’t think I am per se’ addicted to anything. I have things that I really enjoy doing and I do them in large amounts but I don’t think I do them in excessive amounts. I know that on things in the past that I thought I might have a addiction to /starting to have a problem with got cut back by far and I don’t feel like I have those sorts of problems anymore.

The only true addiction I can say that I would freak out with out is the internet and I think I have well driven that point home in the last month or so 🙂 I hate when I have to be with out it even for a few hours (which happens when I visit my grandma lol). Which now one of my cousins has internet there but I don’t know if it is dialup or what (we used to have dial up there that went a whopping 12 mbps.. which was better than nothing lol).