day 19/31-Aug @thebesociety blog writing challenge -10th Word #besociety @beaugchallenge

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Ok.. If i grabbed the actual book closest to be it would be the bible.. lol because I have one on my coffee table So.. lets see.. lol I wasn’t gonna actually use it as my basis for this but the 10th word was pretty cool 🙂 Plus Miss Lazy here didn’t have to get up and even see what the 10th word was because I just know the first passage of the bible.. lol you get the pic!

1. IN



4. God





9. the

10. EARTH…. We have a winner.. our 10th word is Earth. Thankfully. I mean .. some of those words would be pretty darn boring to come up with!

I don’t suppose I really need to look at a picture of the Earth either to write a little bit about what the image brings to mind 🙂  To me, earth is an image in my mind of a sphere shape with green and blues for the land and sea, and it is HOME to not only me but all of my friends online and my family as well! It is the land of life!  Other than that I really don’t know what to say about it 🙂